Monday, March 20, 2023

$200 Polaris ATV | Will it Start?

Main $200 Polaris ATV | Will it Start?

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    We just bought this 4WD Polaris 4 wheeler for $200. This 4 wheeler is ROUGH. One of the front axles are broken, the intake has been off the engine, and rain …


    It has compression. Fix it. The lawn mower/generator style engines are getting boring. "Today we bought something interesting. Now lets make it exactly the same as all our other projects" just saying.

    will hull

    Make the smallest go kart or mini bike possible

    Hayden Eckert

    A predator engine would just straight up ruin the whole idea of a four wheeler

    Peter McMullin

    Ike is awesome!


    Shoehorn in a 670 please

    Jack Zimmermann

    Naaa, some of the new ones don't even start


    Please don’t put a predator on this too. Getting repetitive at this point


    Gonna be a super cool ride.

    john drury

    Seen a lot of your videos now, I’m curious why always mini bikes? why not little 50cc motorcycles? Is there a big difference between the two. Have you or are you willing to do a side by side mini bike Vs. 50cc pit bike? Maybe even a restoration vid of a little pit bike


    Put the Ducati in it.

    Claryssa Oswald


    Stuart Harris

    Probably has a neutral safety switch so you don't start it in gear. That'll cut the spark.

    Pilot Porkins

    I wonder if Ike's feelings are still hurt since the 50$ go kart live axle swap


    kill switch on the handle bars left side

    Hillbilly Noma

    Word of advice, pour some ATF into the cylinder to loosen up stuck pistons and rings. Also swap the 4wd stuff under the lifted go kart it needs it so bad


    Stock 420= electric start=good

    Muthler’s VW

    That front axle setup needs to be put on the lifted cart

    Edgars Lacis-S

    I like how your channel is called cars and cameras but you don’t make car projects

    Sean’s Garage

    REBUILD THE ORIGINAL ENGINE! Y'all are great but you need to branch out to different engines/projects.

    Aiden Caldwell

    You know how y'all don't the tiny quad ps put the Ducati cart motor on in.

    Pat Spohn

    that should be a 455cc engine

    Pat Spohn

    that quad should either be a late 2007 or 2008 or 2009. I would know because I had one of them and it was a 2008. just letting you know all the bolts on that frame are 10mm,13mm and or 15mm


    If you don't want that Polaris engine you can send it my way I could use another go kart project. Or if you nerd it rebuilt I specialize in Polaris engines and drivetrain


    Just 670 swap it


    Put a snowmobile motor in it

    William Hussey

    Y’all should do a rebuild on the quad engine and put it on the golf cart


    Rebuild the polaris engine. Its not stuck so lots of cleaning, new valves, pistonrings, machine cylinder, new bearings and seals. It doesnt have gearbox so it is easy like predator. Pls. Im not the only one who is tired to predator builds. Or at least put 670 in it if you go full predator. 🙂

    Logan Ford

    Why the 420cc when you have the Ducati engine

    Andrew H

    Lets put the ducati engine on it

    Louisiana Flippin & Pitchin

    if thats a sportsman 400 h.o. the displacement is closer to a 450cc

    Brenda Jackson

    I give you $1,500 a grand

    Brenda Jackson

    Can I buy that four-wheeler

    Devlin Tomzcak

    4wd drivetrain on the lifted go cart

    Jurriën De witt

    Put the drag lawnmower 670cc engine on it 4×4 plus that engine it gonna be a absolute monster

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