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$20,000 for a Fully Loaded Car? The 2020 Nissan Versa SR.

Main $20,000 for a Fully Loaded Car? The 2020 Nissan Versa SR.

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    The new 2020 Nissan Versa is stuffed with safety tech. Even when optioned up with premium paint and every option package, the MSRP on the top trim SR is …


    If I'm going entry level, for $19k I'm going Fit Ex 6spd or $23k for Crosstrek Premium 6spd. Wow, I cannot believe Nissan is pedaling this SR for $20k. Despite it not being for enthusiasts, ppl still need to enjoy driving the car they buy and I can't see that in this car; but I guess it has all of the "non-driving" features ppl care about more (like shown in the Kicks commercial). So, what you are saying is the $20k Versa SR got more development money and updates than the (10yo) $35k+ 370Z. In my book, Nissan/Infiniti has not be relevant for at least the last 8 years…


    It's a versa so it's not that surprising

    Daniel Gross

    Versa looks SOOOOOO much better. Just wish I had more confidence is that Janky Jatco CVT transmission with its horrendous reliability record. 😕

    Great review Tom. Appreciate the reviews of the lower end vehicles.


    There’s still a warranty on used cars if you shop correctly. VW until recently had 6 year warranties. I do take your point overall though.

    J Y

    I thought "design language" wad bad enough of an overused jargon… "design DNA"? WTF does that mean? Doesn't even make sense.


    Hyundai did the same thing with the Vue. The Vue is basically the new Accent hatch. It just looks like a CUV now. So Nissan has the Versa sedan and the Kicks CUV. And Hyundai has the Accent sedan and the Vue CUV.

    Daniel Collin

    Looks great and has a good standard features list, but no front arm rest? It my sound like nitpicking, but I don’t think I could live with that.

    Lloyd Mildon

    99-thousand! And counting !! 😃


    I just automatically click "Like" with Tom's videos at this point …


    My bet is that they are taking Versa upmarket a bit in anticipation of Sentra going away.


    Great review Tom. Hope you had time in my city (Nashville) to see some historical places. It looked like you were in Skulls Rainbow Room for the event, a very historic place which was where the original Nashville newspaper was printed in the early century and which was later Skulls where Elvis, Dylan, Cash, and hundreds others played in their early years. The current owner renovated it in 2015 and I have had lunch several times there, the lamb burgers are awesome. Keep up the great work.

    Chris Freemesser

    So whatcha think is the better choice Tom…a base model Versa vs. a base model Accent, both with manual transmission?


    Good for my 93 year old dad

    Artur Eff

    0:52 she looks great…..oh nissan forget it

    Evad Enri

    Wtf does Fully Loaded mean? Is this Hyundai and Mitsu Fully Loaded, is it Lexus / infinity Fully Loaded, or MB / BMW fully loaded?
    I'm sorry, Nissan isn't that far outta the Crap Car woods… for a $20k econo matchbox sized car – to be considered for Grand Standing.
    Girth, weight, length, interior space… Not much here to be throwing around the $20k price -as if it's the shit.
    Imo, manufactures need to get their heads outta their asses… Wanna shock your watchers?
    $how them what this car, loaded and all, actually cost to make. Not the dealer cost…but what it cost to MAKE!
    Im the kind of shithead that stopped buying from Domino Pizza Co. when it came out that their LARGE pepperoni pizza boxed & hot… cost them $2.00, but they get how much at sale? Bull Shit!
    People – do your research… Find out what this booger sized blip on the new car radar – will be worth in one year after you sign on that dotted line. The most unfunny joke you've prolly heard in years.


    Made in China? 😀
    Needs Tariff! 😫


    Why can't they give us a manual, cvt and a choice of a 6-speed auto?

    Miguel Ircontar

    These are gonna sell like hot cakes

    Jay Tubbs

    Hence, Nissan's Net Income dropped 95% Q2 2019. NINETY FIVE FREAKING PERCENT.


    You feel you need to apologize for the existence of a $20K car.


    Must say it's a good looker…….

    Chris Smith

    Can we stop acting like a rear view camera is a feature that they are "throwing in" on base model cars now. Its a federal law now.

    james ferrer

    This makes sense. Thnx for a great info.


    Sadly it will fall apart soon after the warranty is over, if not earlier. Check the reliability ratings = Buy a Honda FIT if you value your money

    Wes K

    The press event speaker is like a human brochure/salesman. They gotta liven it up, maybe hire a comedian or someone that sounds like Michael Buffer to do the presentation. It'll make the press more excited when they drive an entry level car


    Just needs a sunroof and a automatic rear view mirror. Small things but they don’t cost that much.


    Infotainment system that slow would be frustrating

    ozgur demirhan

    There is a 2018 infiniti Q70 3.7L luxe awd for 24.500 usd with carfax warranty, 1 owner history and 30.000ish milage
    Just sayin😎

    Ivan Vojt

    Rental Fleets will be flooded with these so resale will be horrible. Rent to Buy for a couple of days, have a Dealer do a PPI & take it to a Collision Repair Shop since Rental companies "self report" accidents. I'm sure Tom is tempted to dump that ELR & get one of these!

    Joe Spittle

    I love how when you started it the speedo sweep only went to 110mph 😂😂

    Nicholas Gauthier

    Quite nice for such a small car. Soon, the Sentra will be redesigned to resemble a shrunken Maxima or is it discontinued

    Humberto Salles

    Nice car for a ride in Uber X

    Craigslist Seller

    THANK YOU Tom!!! Your reviews are much better than others'.
    I absolutely LOVE my Versas!!!! I've owned 4 Versas, including a current 2007 6-speed manual transmission (6MT) with INTELLIGENT (proximity) KEY. Nissan was way ahead of the game, offering the Intelligent Key in many models back then, including its entry-level, sub-$15K Versa! Most luxury brands (Acura, Audi, Mercedes, Lincoln, Cadillac, etc.) DID NOT even offer this technology at the time, even in their most expensive models. They took many years to catch up. The Fit, Yaris, Corolla, Accent, Rio, etc. took over 6-7 years to even offer Intelligent/Smart/proximity key technology — if even available, as some still don't even offer it in 2019! My Versas (with their MR18DE and HR16DE engines) have been EXTREMELY PRACTICAL, DURABLE, ULTRA RELIABLE, SUPER SPACIOUS and have VERY, VERY COMFORTABLE seats. Beyond routine recommended maintainence (engine oil changes every 3-6K miles, transmission fluid exchanges every 40-60K miles, ignition coils every 100-120K miles, A/C system servicing), I've NEVER had ANY major problems with my Versas. They have NEVER left me stranded or inconvenienced me. The Versa's top IIHS safety ratings (in 2006 and thereafter) and best/least cost-of-ownership rankings have easily proven themselves true with my experience over the past 13 years. A month ago, a careless driver darted in front of me to make a right turn from the left-turn lane on a 4-lane boulevard. I hardly felt a thing at the moment of impact. The designed impact absorption was amazing. I did not experience any physical pain or discomfort at the time or thereafter. My 2008 Versa dutifully did its job protecting me. In the end, it was sadly declared a total loss. I'm not so sure my Versa's contemporaries (Yaris, Fit, Accent, Scion) would've protected me as well. I will regrettably miss the gobs of headroom in my older Versas, but this all-new Versa looks so much more upscale inside/out. When compared to even the current batch of mid-size sedans, with their lowered roofs/window cowls and diminished headroom (Accord, Camry, Altima, etc.), the older Versas excel. Regardless, I love the new Versa's new "little brother to Maxima/Altima" DNA/design language! It rocks! The attention to detail is also amazing for its' class! I love the stylish and dedicated floating roof black plastic trim piece on the C-pillar (also found on the Altima, Maxima, etc.). Nissan spent the engineering money to design and manufacture it, rather than going the cost-cutting (read: cheaper) route of using only different paint colors to delineate its floating roof, such as found on the $34-36K+ Camry XSE 4/6-cylinder. Job well-done Nissan! I'm hoping this new N18 Versa will keep its' virtues! Long live the Versa/Tiida/Almera/Latio!!!


    I’d get a cpo Honda Fit or Ford Fiesta

    David Wolf

    I did, indeed, enjoy this video, Tom. Your honesty and candor on this and all other makes & models are always appreciated.


    You get all that stuff for free included, meanwhile the assholes at BMW are trying to charge you $80 a year for Apple CarPlay. smh


    Wearing a Nismo Shirt, and no performance in sight lol.

    Norwall Music

    Such a cool channel you have here.


    100K is just around the corner! Woohoo.

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