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2003+ Saab 9-3 2.0T Oil Change!

Main 2003+ Saab 9-3 2.0T Oil Change!

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    Kristjan Madalvee

    I use Castrol Magna Tech 5W40 C3

    K. Gordon Raphael


    Lance Friended

    I use Amazon basic oil because of project farms comparison. It's a very cool video if you haven't seen it you should check it out.

    Entillon shadow

    i just did the oil on my 07 i HATE these filters pain in the ass to get them out its actually been sitting because my 32 socket just slips for some damn reason so im gonna have to wait and get the time to pick another out and go back to it my 96 900 was a breeze to get out and change no issues im confused because thats the same 1/2 socket i used to change it before and POOF it slips good thing i have the 900 or the uh .. 09 dodge caravan to drive lmao

    Sebastian Wilkey

    Oh great…the 20,000th Saab oil change YouTube video…Snore

    Richard Olsen

    A couple extra tricks I use myself.. I run the engine warm and then let it sit for let's say 30 minutes with the oil cap open. Helps the oil run out when its warm. And having the oil cap open while draining helps avoid a vacuum in the valve cover that's keeping all oil from running out. Often when doing an oil change you can notice if the cap wasn't open that when you open it, the oil starts running a bit again.


    Im using 5-30 from GM.

    Jared Cooper

    I personally use Rotella T6 5w40 in my car. Excellent oil for the price!

    Luke Mallory

    Now I feel like buying a 9-3 SS just for the oil change experience, i.e. that top-loading filter!

    Adrian T

    Bought some denso spark plugs about 15k miles ago. Acceleration was stuttering thought I sucked water in after a heavy rain. Ordered some laser NGKs at auto parts and boom like new. Just lucky it wasn’t my coilpacks


    I use Genuine GM / Saab 5W-30 dexos2 oil, I dont know if that's available in US though


    What were the results of the paint/ or not paint/ and or wrap, for this car?


    I've always used 5w30 shell helix ultra professional ag dexos 2

    Andrey Sazonov

    Was just about to do my oils change for the first time

    Tony C.

    I used Mobil 1 0w30 last time, the fuel efficiency one. No change in fuel efficiency so far. Going with Castrol Edge Euro 0w40 next time. Not a fan of the reformulated Mobil 1 0w40 Euro that is not the same formula as recommended by Saab.


    I have been thinking about changing my oil on my 2010 9-3 myself for a while. Never knew the filter is accessed on top. Interesting that you seemed to remove the filter BEFORE draining the oil. I would have thought you would have oil leaking out all over the place doing it that way??

    Getaway Driver 750

    awesome, thanks for sharing

    Tha 1st Alchemist

    Vader breathez heavy 5w-30 n 10w30 royal purple… ppl r skepticz bout tha oil but i have had better performance on hotter Florida dayz wit it than mobile 1. Vader breathez heavy

    paul sehstedt

    Oil change is also new oil on the gearbox – too often forgotten. Saab recommands to use a new drain plugg to avoid leaking. Did the 32mm socket come out after you changed the oil filter??? ;-)) nice video!


    I’ve always used k&n oil filters with mobile one 5w30 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Saab Rider

    Online I was recommended on Saab forums to use 5W-30 which is what I’ve been using on mine


    It looked like your ratchet and extension came back up without the socket. Still down there, is it?


    why not use the factory recommended oil :O..


    Nice video man

    conner smith

    “Oil 1”

    Noah Thompson


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