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2003+ Saab 9-3 Cupholder Replacement

Main 2003+ Saab 9-3 Cupholder Replacement

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    Edward 86

    All this is just stupid work. I can remove it in 1 min. Saab has a tool for it.

    Juan M

    Great video. perfect explanation and pace. Thanks for posting. Now to find a replacement cupholder.


    How rattly is the interior on your Saab’s? And if so, have you thought of doing a video on removing them?


    fix your cd player next

    John Baldwin

    Hope you do one for the 'Radio Code' that shows up on your SID?
    Whether you need a Tech2 programming done or just to enter the factory 4 digit code to unlock the radio and/or the separate CD player in the trunk [ with a different SID message ] for either the 9-5 or 9-3?
    Depends on what generation of Saab due to the anti-theft prevention or that your battery was removed or died that caused the either SID message of Radio Lock or Radio Code?
    Married device and/or Divorced… the SID code can show up if you replaced your old radio module with another factory radio purchased online that may not match your vehicle because it was 'married' and have to pull another code to get it working after being 'divorced'?
    Have you ever ran into an issue when battery power was disconnected for a long period of time or have replaced your radio for another factory radio but getting the code error?

    J Nilsson-Acosta

    Have you seen the trailer for TENET? Looks like they wrecked a perfectly good SAAB NG 9.5!
    What's up with film makers crashing perfectly good and very rare SAABs?
    Sideways, and now TENET.

    Lance Friended

    Lol I didn't even think about removing the radio when i did my cupholder. I like you tip with the cards but I used a tiny pick to get the clips inside the vents and it was pretty easy last time I did it. First time was rough though.

    Jared Ubelhor

    That looks like a pain in the butt. Luckily both of mine still work, and are strictly off limits to avoid this. They're clearly not designed for American bucket sized drinks.

    Patrick Bolmeyer

    Common problem and you made it an easy DIY, even for those who aren't mechanically inclined. Nice job!

    Alan Funt

    The cupholder on the 9-5 was definitely a better design and it's as though the redesign for the 9-3 was really an exercise in just being clever. I can see why they end up breaking on the 9-3 as the action is much faster and they even sound more flimsy than on the 9-5. Luckily an easy swap!


    It should actually be slow smooth to pop out not aggressive put the drink in earthling!!! 😭🤣. Typical saab used part. Good to see tutorial tho


    Holds a 12oz beer real good

    Logan Kelly

    Love me some good Saab cup holder content 😉 How's the 3D printed one holding up?

    Toothless Bull Dog 2.0

    RIght on

    Sony H K

    Well done. Thanks


    The failed cupholder must have frustrated you to an extreme degree…… life can be so cruel. Hopefully you'll finally get a good night's sleep!


    Do u have aux in ur 2003 9-3?

    Malin Halldeberg

    Wish you have done this video befor!! When I had a 9-3 V6, with a broken cupholder😂😂🇸🇪🇸🇪


    Damn I thought you had found a better after market one 🙁

    Werner-Günter Schmidt

    LOL I have do it also so. But you have made scratches in the radio, dashboary and air vent with the cards :-(. You can also remove the air vent by pulling on the buttons.

    Alexandre Dionisio

    I hereby acuse you of making me buy 2004 2.0T aero. 🤟😅

    d mans

    thank you for the videos anyone with a 9-3 thanks you

    Nick Wolfe

    Been waiting for this since I saw the Instagram post.

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