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2004-2008 Acura TL Rear Strut Replacement

Main 2004-2008 Acura TL Rear Strut Replacement

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    This video covers the entire process of replacing the rear struts on a 2004-2008 Acura TL. This procedure is also very similar to the 2003-2008 Honda Accord.

    Brandon Chauvin

    If going with aftermarket stuff Ive had good luck with KYB brand

    Andrew The Mechanic

    Removing seats to get to struts……I’ll stick to my Chevy Dude! More money for you though!

    Ryan Buckley

    It's an ETCG revival. Acura repair videos for the win!

    PurpleRanger69 24

    I thought you died bro. Welcome back !
    What happened ??


    Hey Eric, My 2015 Corolla 100k miles has front struts that are super firm. I thought when struts failed, the car became bouncy and without dampening. If I press down on the front of the car, it barely moves at all. Is this likely to be the struts?

    Adam Lewellen

    Now do it without the fancy spring compressor… Not recommended…. If doing this in the driveway just get loaded struts.

    Aaron Wood

    so I just dealt with my trans oil cooler split and turned my coolant into a chocolate milkshake. I guess a good show idea if you like transmission fluid up to your armpits.

    Sean Yunt

    Great video series. I have a 2006 TL that I bought 4 years back. It's proven fairly reliable and affordable to maintain so far.
    I don't "need" new rear shocks at 120K miles, but it's on my longer term to-do list. I was a little dismayed to see how expensive the completed assemblies cost.
    Apparently 2006 is a different part number, costing $400 each!?

    I mean, it's cheaper than paying someone else, but boo hoo for the 2006 part costing more.

    kevin mc cabe

    Soooooo little rust

    Acura Addicted

    I counted no less than five arms on one side in the back! Together with the full damper this must be one smooth riding vehicle!

    Acura Addicted

    Who are the losers disliking a DIY video that is meant to help people do the same if they need to? For the love of me, I could never understand those people.

    Acura Addicted

    I have no idea why Honda doesn't make a full size nut on the links instead of a rounded piece to make it easy to remove. 9/10 times the allen key hole will be rounded and you might need a torch…


    still seems viable . looks like I won;t have to replace it. ……………………… Maybe you will, if you actually are a mechanic.


    Are these Acuras just an accord? I’m In the eu.

    Stan’s Auto Repair

    Ben a couple years since I watched! Nicely done Eric!


    Thanks for the previous notice about the Haynes manuals. I got Christmas presents for the family that make sense.

    RL Jakovasaur

    I believe when I did my rear struts on my old 2002 Camry, it was somewhat similar to this process


    Ah I love these videos. I don’t even have an Acura TL. 😌

    Donald Burton

    KYB struts work well on Honda vehicles

    Breauk En

    I've missed videos like this.. thank you sir

    Silas Marner

    Duckbills rule ("needlenosed vice grips")

    Frederick Grasic

    Very detailed just like the old repair videos!!!!

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