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2004 Volvo S60R Review – Better Than My Turbo X?

Main 2004 Volvo S60R Review – Better Than My Turbo X?

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    Should I do a comparison video with this and my Turbo X in the future? Let me know! Check out my new shirts here: …

    Auto Autopsy

    Possible compassion video between this and my Turbo X in the future??

    Ryan Cunningham

    The Turbo X will cost less to own, in the short+long run lol


    I was actually looking for the wagon version


    I think 9-3s with an exhaust and the turbo x still sound a lot better but I mean it’s Swedish better than most manufacturers so I like both but saab always has had my go to pick

    Noel Richetti

    Groovy but I like the Turbo X !


    Doesn’t the R have dual exhausts..?


    I've always enjoyed the sound from their 5 cylinder engines. However.. The TurboX sounds even better! 😉

    William Awwad Dababneh

    is it Better than the Turbo X?

    fuck no

    William Awwad Dababneh

    if i was the owner of this volvo s60R I would send it to the junkyard

    William Awwad Dababneh

    Volvo sucks ass saab4life


    Yeye, P2 Volvos are nice, i've had a few. Really great for making you sleepy. Nothing like a Saab.

    Omar Zowila

    A YouTuber named itsjusta6 has a RARE Volvo S60 which he put a dual exhaust and it sounded like a viper


    “Better than my Turbo X?”

    Hahahaha NO


    Only now are you begining to understand the power of the dark side!


    Saab and volvo come on swedish sensible we like both. Both brands if you can get decent example get one, rare. Parts though 🤔same as saab. But when do you see theses cars on the road. They don't make cars this good looking anymore. 👍👌

    Kerim Ullman Önener

    Like the format of the video, the music and review 😉 Was brought up “on” Volvos..hey Swedish brand and being from Sweden, what you’d expect? Haha! Love the cars just so sad they where so late in to the performance scene. With Polestar not really being included in the brand like Hirsch for Saab or M for BMW, AMG for Mercedes and so on…

    Jacob timmerman

    I have a Saab 9-3 and a xc90 v8, I just wish the Volvo transmission didn’t suck!

    Charles Chauffe

    Almost bought a newer S60 R about 6 months ago, but held off, came to my senses, and instead, added two more 9-3's!


    But them on a line !

    Batting Wattle

    Nice. I'm on my 2nd S60R, and it's got 230,000 miles on the odometer.


    OK, now you've got my attention. I love this car, but there's a better choice. The S60 T5 of the same generation has a stronger engine block (the R blocks liked to crack), and iPd – Volvo's tuning kings – can take the 256hp and dial it up to 350 with stock turbocharger…… and they can do it online right in your driveway. I love these S60s…… so understated and have THE most comfortable seats in any car ever made. Drawbacks are the massive turning radius and the extremely puny rear legroom.

    Euro Tuning


Viewing 23 posts - 1 through 23 (of 23 total)
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