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2005 Chrysler Sebring: Regular Car Reviews

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    It’s a luxury sports coupe! If Chrysler say so, it’s so! It’s full of black plastic and powered by an engine that MAKES NOISE. It’s a hand me down special. Merch: …

    Russ M

    Chrysler Sebring: The car for people who thought luxury was cloth interior, power windows and manual 5-way adjustable seating.

    Cosmin Banu

    Jeez…the last madeup story made me reflect way too much on my last relationship. You both know how to tear at my heartstrings.


    Back in the 90's I liked the convertible version of this car. I never got to sit in one though (outside of maybe at the Chicago auto show)

    Tiago Costa

    poor man's aston martin, is it not?

    at least with that grille

    A Mas.0

    What about the convertible version? That's a whole different story.


    Least it ainโ€™t a Concorde which I have two of those in my neighborhood both beaten up garbage ones

    Tom Wheeler

    The Stratus R/T was a pretty fun car.

    David McFern

    Weird angle: I really liked the layout of how y'all did this review. I normally prefer Regular because Roman just doesn't have the same innate charisma (even though I know he's definitely funny and articulate), but I'm really digging Regular and Roman teaming up for the narration.

    Josh Park

    now chrsler just makes the 300 and the pacifica, sad


    B E P I S

    Josh Park

    luxury lol

    Aaron Kravitz

    I would bet my house that headlight housing is an eBay special bought thanks to an unfortunate penetration incident.


    I like that the foliage you used at about 0:33 is an invasive plant called "Japanese Knot-weed"


    Correction. You don't keep knick knacks in an armoire, but a curio.


    And…you cut up the guy at the junction lol

    Philip Brucker

    At least my 2003 Neon does something when I stand on the right pedal. Chrysler didn't get it all wrong. My ex girlfriend had aSebring and it was a turd. It was a hole in the road to throw your money into.


    The 2 door Sebrings carried the Mitsubishi motors only, the 2.4L 4G64 and the 3.0L DOHC 6G72, while the 4 door Sebrings used Chryslerโ€™s motors, the 2.4L DOHC NA SRT4 Neon motor and the POS 2.7L V6. The 2 door was basically a Mitsubishi Eclipse of the time and the 4 door was a rebadged Dodge Stratus.

    Joj Cena

    The 1998 Chrysler Sebring lxi coupe is a nice car though. Too bad the Sebring name turned to crap.

    Shank Adams

    Someone in comments had one at one time๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


    This was honestly kinda creepy cause my names Ben and I've been asking myself the same questions about my relationship status.

    Tommy Siro

    Aunt Metamucil ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’€

    Ben drdisque

    Minor correction here: This is a second generation Sebring Coupe. The Sebring Coupe was not related to the Sebring Sedan. It was not related to the Cirrus or Stratus sedan either. This is a rebadged 3rd gen Mitsubishi Eclipse. It was also sold as the Dodge Stratus Coupe. The coupe was never offered with a 2.7. That was for the sedan. The optional engine on this car was the 6G72 3.0L, same as the 3rd Gen Eclipse. As far as Chrysler Corp products go, only the Sebring Coupe and Stratus Coupe got the 4G64 – the Sedans' base engines were punched out 2.4L neon engines. The First generation Sebring Coupe (the Dodge equivalent was the Avenger) was a rebadged 2G Eclipse, except instead of a turbo engine, the optional engine was a 2.5L Mitsubishi V6. Base 1G Sebring and Base Avengers both had the 420A (same as a 2G Eclipse RS/GS).

    Fun fact – both 4 cylinder and V6 2nd gen Sebring Coupes were offered with a manual transmission – because rebadged Eclipse.

    Matt Teter

    Smooth exterior with the bland Mitsubishi interior. My first car was a 2001 Eclipse – same door cards.

    Slick Fingarz

    I think I was once Ben, but with a metro instead of a Sebring


    @9:30 RCR: K-Drama Edition.



    Calvin H


    Joseph J

    lol! I love troll reviews. What a steaming pile of shit. Typical Chrysler life: Sold to high volume car rental company. After 20,000 miles, it's off to the "Buy here, Pay Here" lots. It's sold and repo'ed 1/2 a dozen times over the next 2 years and somehow manages to accumulate nearly 150,000 miles without a single oil change. It's finally found abandoned on the side of the freeway with 2 flat spare tires, all the outside door handles are broken, All the windows are taped to the roof because they wont stay up except for the right rear, that one is stuck down, the interior that started out tan is now nearly black, It's full of trash, rotting food, cigarette burns, the steering wheel is all worn and sticky, all the control knobs are broken. The tow driver sent to recover the car doesn't even both sending it to be pulled apart; straight to the crusher.

    Paul Stech

    Hits a little too close to home guys…



    carley northcoast

    these cars are better than you think at least the previous generation, they drive decently, 160 lbs of torque? it feels like 100

    Ryan Yoder

    I like the one man review.

    Tre da 5’9

    I dated a girl who drove the next revision of the Sebring, and I was floored when I got in it and the dash and interior were all exactly like my best friend's Eclipse (the one from the middle series not the cool looking old one nor the cool looking newer one)

    Laramie Jim

    Love the abandoned K Mart. We got one in Laramie. It's abandoned too.

    Erik Tomlinson

    I'm not sure if the Sebring Coupe generation in the video was ever sold in Canada. It doesn't look familiar… we may have only gotten the sedans and the later coupe/convertible (with the "special" 2.7L V6 that plugged its oil passages if you looked at it funny, requiring oil changes every six weeks.)

    Jeff Lee

    my gf had the coupe before this bodystyle. she had great big fake titties ((even though she wasnt a stripper)) and the car looked far better than this bodystyle. it was BMW M3 fast and looked incredible but i didnt like the seats


    Its actually C Brung. C is for Crysler and D is for Doge. I swear


    This seems like what Dave White might drive. Say, is he coming to this channel soon?

    Hondo Hooper

    The Sebring Coupe is in no way, shape, or form remotely similar to the Sedan or Convertible. They share zero parts. None. The coupe was NEVER available with the 2.7 V6. Only the 3.0 Mitsubishi 6G72. A far superior engine. Infact the Sebring Coupe and Stratus Coupe are actually just a Mitsubishi Eclipse with ass implants.

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