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2011-2015 Chevrolet GMC: Exhaust Fluid Low Message

Main 2011-2015 Chevrolet GMC: Exhaust Fluid Low Message

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    In this video I preform a DEF Level reset on this 2011 GMC. This is a fairly common issue on these trucks and a pretty easy fix. -Enjoy! Search for GM PIP4864P …

    James Baechle

    have a 2012 GMC 3500HD w/6.6. it takes 40 run cycles to clear that message on it own.

    Mike Chiodetti

    This was DEFinitely a very "fluid" repair! Watching on iATN when the diesel vehicles come up with problems in the DEF system, its amazing the costs associated with the parts needed to repair these systems. I guess like everything else, the early models are part of the engineering learning curve which the customer gets to pay for. I used to like the idea of owning a diesel……..not anymore!

    Ryan Hull

    Thanks GM for creating an issue..


    DEF problems. Anybody else want to say another government subsidized problem? Only you the customer are paying for it by the tank full?

    Duncan Mac

    What's the reason it doesn't reset after a fill up? You mentioned service bulletin
    Thanks and thanks for the video.

    Ray Dornbush

    Can't believe you want to drive around the newer diesels and have to deal with all the emissions crap personally… I'll be driving my older diesel for life… no question.

    G. P.

    I assume this is not a permanent fix right, anything to stop it from happening again?


    So one question, why doesnt this piece of shit do that on its own when he refilled the def tank. Just another way these engineers today are the biggest pieces of shit on the planet. I had their spot reserved for a long time for lawyers, but they have surpassed them. Doesnt make any sense whatsoever that you would need to plug in a scan tool to reset this. This is the exact reason why I am never buying another American made piece of shit vehicle again!

    D Sciarrino


    Jack Green

    What a bunch of crap to spend the money on an expensive truck and have little stuff like that to be an aggravation. Makes no sense. OK, I'm old and hard headed.

    William Fowler

    My wife rented a VW diesel to drive up north and back. The agency failed to top off the def fluid. Half way back she called me with that shutdown warning. I had never heard of this but learned quickly. I thought she was going to have to go to the AutoZone and get some to get home. Luckily she just made it back OK.


    Should of left the DEF systems in tractor trailer rigs…


    DEF is a scam more or less


    Almost thought this was a joke. Like "blinker fluid" Lol!


    You didn't have to add fluid to the mufkin? (Taryl Fixes All calls mufflers that)

    Prince Bumpkin

    Exhaust fluid? Is that what lubricates the muffler bearing?
    (I'm about sixth in the comments noticing this relationship.)


    I had a ford f250 with an international 6.9 diesel in it and didn't have any exhaust fluid crap to fool with guess those were the better days.  Diesels only emit soot nothing poisonous like a gas engine.


    "Change Blinker Fluid Soon"

    Its a Rome Thing Everyday

    Never heard of exhaust fluid before,weird

    joe polen

    how do you test and isolate a tire air pressure sensor?

    Mark Horton

    What if you exchange blinker fluid with ex. Fluid ? Will it set a code ?

    Jason Halverson

    when i saw 'exhaust fluid" i thought you were joking, maybe it was the same as blinker fluuid! though i wish you would've explained what exhaust fluid is


    Blinker Fluid reset in ridiculous expensive truck with ridiculous expensive scan tool, continue rusting away.

    Big DogCountry

    I want to see you fix "Blinker Fluid Low".

    a man of many parts

    US car maker makes a shitty diesel engine that chucks out more shit than a city of 20,000 people and the owner has to buy a fluid to inject into the exhaust to make it smell a little sweeter.

    How about making engines that don't pollute the environment, dummies? Of course that might cut into your board members' multi million dollar end of year bonuses, so forget about it and just churn out the same shit and make the consumer pay for it.

    Super Vitz

    Surprised to see so many Americans unfamiliar with this, we call it AdBlue fluid in the UK, you can pump it at the "gas station" lol.




    Gut It!!!

    Stephen Lutz

    Will the truck actually go into limp home mode, or is this a spurious message the driver can ignore?

    Roland Dunstan

    Bit late for April Fool's isn't it?


    Don't forget to recalibrate the kinewton valve.

    Jim Nesta

    Don't forget to check out the exhaust fluid filter while you're at it topping the fluid level off. A clogged filter might cause the exhaust fluid to overheat and that's nothing you want to mess around with.

    Rubble Johnstone

    His blinker fluid, however, was fine.

    joe barksdale

    got the same problem on a 2018 any thoughts? same process?

    Roscoe Someone

    For the DEF haters, I remember being at the Los Angeles airport back in the early 1970's it was afternoon and you could not see the sun due to the pollution. We've added 100 million more to the country since then. We've all seen the pollution in China. DEF is one of the ways to deal with an air quality problem. More people on the planet means more rules if we expect a decent quality of life.

    ivan Black

    That was weird. Lol

    Sample Text

    Its always a good idea to check and top up your exhaust fluid, you could spin a muffler bearing if you let it get too low. Still cant get over exhaust fluid being a real thing, whats next blinker fluid?


    wtf is exhaust fluid

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