Wednesday, March 29, 2023

2018 Mustang GT Owner Has HELLCAT Stolen from Driveway! *Events Prior*

Main 2018 Mustang GT Owner Has HELLCAT Stolen from Driveway! *Events Prior*

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    Damn, hope to catch you the next time you're in Michigan!!


    4 and a half people at the "meet" smh complete goober channels

    Roadrunner vape

    dont anyone live near him so they can do some drive bye to see if they can spot his car

    Roadrunner vape

    he is lying


    Lots of Burble Tunes out there…

    FilthyKat 918

    If this doesn't scream insurance fraud then you are blind.

    I slowed down watching your channel when you sold out offering answers on the tick because instead of delivering answers as you promised in one of your videos, you decided keeping your insider position with Ford for youtube content was more important than keeping your word to the very people that helped get you to that level in the first place.


    Calling bullshit, prick prolly faked it for views

    Howard Lazoff

    Good entertainment.
    I always enjoy a Stangmode video when I get home from work ( big brown truck )
    On a serious note, you talk about the video resolution. I watch on a Samsung Galaxy S5 and your content looks crisp and clean.
    I can easily see the stitching in your cap.
    I guess the resolution would be more impactful on a large screen.
    Thanks again.
    p.s. leaving for Galot Motorsports Park in 9 hours.

    Žydrūnas Savickas

    repo man got ya

    Jordan Course

    I came for the comments.


    Thanks for the love bro! I appreciate it 🙏🏾

    Chris Taylor

    I been a long time sub of Ron, AKA, Motortube, always been positive in my comments to him and his channel, if others hate, I will drop several positive comments in the section, Life is to short , no place for hate or time. If you don't have anything positive/cool to say, don't say anything, go on, the man puts put good content and always wishes the best to all watching dude man, leave hate out , Peace brother, I like the Black Mamba, Sweet Ride man👍👍👍💪

    Formula1 Fan

    Well if it is a keyless entry it is the most common system to be stolen at present. My neighbour had their Mercedes for about a month and I have seen with my own peepers the video of 2 blokes in hoodies pulled tight around their faces walk in to their drive scan for the key the lights come on the car they both get in and they are gone while the owners were in bed. It makes me sick you scrimp and save for the car and some low life takes it.

    Carl Jeremie

    i have no idea who this guy is.. i follow stang mode periodically but who is this guy?

    Tony M

    Who gives a shit about MotorTube, fuck that guy…

    jr kane

    🐎🐎🐎🔥🔥🔥pony power


    It probably got repoed.


    "This isn't just a car."
    Is in fact, just a car…..

    danny perkins

    DOESNT add a link in description for marsotv smh

    Daniel Roberson

    I think I saw one video of the guy who had his Hellcat stolen. I don't know much of him but I would be upset too if I had a Hellcat stolen. In my opinion, it's the best looking current Musclecar and I'm a Mustang Guy.

    Stephen Tucker

    F them HATERS love the video hope MotorTube get his Hellcat back

    GTcrime White2018

    They probably got bored and want more views. Came up with a brilliant idea to get clout!! Why it happen now and not before?

    D.T Nash

    Stangmode what's up. I would love to come to your next meet, I'm in NYC whipping the Stang of course.

    Mustang Man

    Clickbait desperation…. time to buy a new Supra for some fresh new content. LOL As the subs slowly turn towards the doors…

    Smurfeco 2.3

    If they really stole his car just forget it . This thing was stolen by professional thefts than know how to dismantle a car within a day if anything they pulling out that motor . And tranny

    divyansh singh

    Fnatic mode onn!!


    Horrible acting from the Dodge boy…

    Ancient Ruins Official

    Almost 60k subs😎😝🤘
    Motortube….gets so much hate😬😆🤣
    Hope he gets his Hellcat back.

    crazyboy 305

    Stang mode don’t associate with that kid he is a lier all he does is click bait and claims he does stocks when he definitely dosent he claims he is humble but always showing off what he got like that watch of his , another thing is hellcat goes missing when the gt500 coming out aint that fishy ? Definitely fraud

    Seth V

    Please don’t talk about this dude…. total tool and scam artist.


    You need to get a Foxbody with a new GT500 motor. Sound would be sick and it would be fast as hell. It's cheaper then a new GT500

    Street Slayers

    Somebody forgot their re up money

    Fury 550

    spend a few $$$ and get a CAR TRACKER. !!!

    Verny Mora

    I ❤️ motivation ☝🏻keep the good work stangbro !!!


    I can’t stand that guy and I just heard him right now.

    Kevin Skonieczny

    What happens when you roll near Yak Town…LOL

    Much love to Tube and hope he gets his Cat Back in one piece.

    anthony costa

    Keep revving with no load and float a piston.

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