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2018 Porsche Macan Sport Edition – The Fancy Audi?

Main 2018 Porsche Macan Sport Edition – The Fancy Audi?

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    Redline Reviews

    Hey all! We realize this is a review on the “old” 2018 model and a new one is already out, but since we hadn’t posted a review on a Porsche Macan yet, we figured we’d just do a video on this 2018 model and hopefully get our hands on the refreshed 2019 model later so we can reference this for that video.

    Also, some of you probably noticed that the video on the Model 3 update was taken down, we will plan to repost it at another time but we hopped on a plane to Seattle early this morning for a few days and plan to film a TON of content to be posted later. Be sure to follow us on Instagram (redline_reviews) and Facebook (liketheredline) for a sneak peak at all the cars we will be filming while in Seattle! Thanks for watching guys!

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    I'm with the vast majority of comments. I'd much rather get a cx-5 turbo over this. CX-5 looks better, has more power, and more torque.

    Fmart Mart

    It's 2019. Why are skinny jeans still a thing

    Mae Mae

    People still buy this pissed crap car with ugly design and being expensive.

    YanLin Zhu

    8:08 for the door shutting review


    I always thought dealers would give you mid-tier or top trim loaners to try and entice you to trade in your current car and get a higher trim model on your next purchase.

    coalie roller

    Its a Macan GTI, thats what it is. What is the point on getting a slow porsche


    Why did you have to take down the video with the Model 3 update?


    dude, the musical interludes are painful.

    Pip Pipster

    That is one ugly car

    Ameer K

    All these people comment bad things about the car like they could afford it
    This car is cheap it has Bose surround system and it’s a luxury brand

    Dashcam Dumbasses

    Just buy a used Audi Q5 if you want a decent smaller SUV that drives and handles nicely. Pay $25k for a used Q5, throw on an extended warranty and throw the rest of the money you would have spent on this Macan in an education fund for your kids (or any other million sensible things you can put your money towards).


    When it first came out you people loved it now you hate it. Make up your mind


    holy shit, 65k for that?? For around the same price or even less, I'd much rather get an X3 M40i. Way nicer interior, much better infotainment, better performance (100 more hp), and great handling. Plus it'll still be way cheaper than the V6 models. Even the base 4cyl X3 would be a better buy than the base macan


    Meet the new Porsche suv, same as the old Porsche from 5 years ago. This car is worth at least $27k, with badge taken into consideration.

    Edward Enterline

    So basically the Porsche is just a fancier Audi which is a fancier Volkswagen.

    Mitchell Pritsker

    Why the 2018 Porsche Macan? Can you review the 2019 Porsche Macan?

    JoOnDy Bapaylo

    my infiniti fx35 2009 looks amazing inside and outside and reliable for 14k$ 55kmiles and u tell me this stupid interior design 4cylindre engine cost 65k and not even full package pahahaha im done who ever buy this vehicule need a slap 😭 im joking but 65k cmon wtf

    Dominik Reisenbauer

    if ya‘ll wanna see a better review of the new one: https://youtu.be/rSxaECDzwx0

    ryan lieberman

    This is a much nicer car than a CX-5 Turbo (they aren’t in the same price class) and noticeably quicker, but when you properly compare it to what you get in an Audi SQ5 for the same price, the base Macan is pointless. The SQ5 is much more of basically the same car, including much better performance and more storage space. Only reason to get the Macan is for the badge.

    Paul M

    Look Porsche, RAV-4 gives us standard LEDs. Shame on you for charging extra for charging for LEDs extra.


    I love that the reviews from the home base are on the roads I drove on in high school. I-66. Georgetown Pike. etc. Shout out to NOVA and DC!


    Whoa, Porsche didn't just deliver a brand spanking new Macan to your house for you to play with? You made do like a champ.

    Gunguy 83

    100 thousand sold a year? Have never seen 1 on the road. I live in Las Vegas and Florida. Only people who need to show off would wast money on this 4 cylinder 30 thousand dollar car.

    Renier Christian Corona

    Pls review the new range rover evoque


    Just saying Stock Chrysler Pacifica has 287Hp.The Macan has 252.ANd this is a (Sports Vehicle )???




    I'm not sure why, but I thought about the 2020 Ford Escape when I saw the Thumbnail….


    She hasn't aged well. 😒

    derrik tie

    65k for that fugly money pit peice of crap???This comes off more as a SNL joke….would rather buy a lexus

    T L

    The dude is doing a review of a loaner given for an oil change. Seems like no money available for the monthly payment. Just sayin'.

    Harry li

    yes Porsche is crazy about options, that's why u should never purchase a "base" model Porsche. I mean if u only have 65k budget, don't even consider a Porsche, because a bmw/audi/benz will be a better choice, I think 65k u can get a sq5. people say the interior is not premium enough, yes its not, but I love thatbutton cluster, sadly they replaced it with the new one, but I still like it, it looks more high-end. if you have over 80k budget, maybe consider the macan s or gts, u can get a decently equipped one with ur personalization. btw any chance for reviewing a new Porsche cayenne turbo coupe? looking forward to that cuz its a possible replacement for my x6m right now, my local dealer doesn't have it.


    Audi SQ5 better choice.

    Eric Fortune Jr.

    13:36 Oh Goody Gumdrops! Felt..😂 But on serious note, it looks like Porsche just wanted to piece together something to fill that empty slot in their lineup. They make phenomenal cars but their CUVs seem to lag behind most competitors in build quality and especially especially especially reliability.. Even short term.

    Jake Kennedy

    65k for that wow. SQ5 and X3 M40 is less and you’re dead in X5 money with its turbo I6 which is nicer car.

    Jake Kennedy

    Looks more like a VW than an Audi oddly

    Marcus .Danc3

    besides a prius i find porsche to look unappealing…

    roar pal

    doesn't sound like porsche….they shouldn't change the sound

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