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2019/2020 Toyota RAV4 Long Term Test | Smooth Sailing So Far

Main 2019/2020 Toyota RAV4 Long Term Test | Smooth Sailing So Far

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    Our RAV4 just got its first health checkup from the Toyota dealer, more on that in the next video, but it came through without any work being needed. 6K in our …

    Jon C

    Highway driving mpg at 30 while driving 75 mph would be a deal breaker for me. I do most of my driving on the freeways and I’d expect to get what the EPA rated this car at 37 mpg. That’s so frustrating because the fuel economy is what is so appealing about the RAV 4 Hybrid.

    Jank Paul

    Best YT Channel for car shoppers that actually wanna buy the car. None of that lease BS.

    Duc Ly

    I’ll wait for RAV4 prime. Car is perfect for my 5 ‘5 wife.

    heather blatchford

    I love my hybrid rav 4.
    Have had no problem filling the tank.
    Also perfect for 2 car seats.
    So much room for the kids, who can get up and walk to door.
    Love the dash, well thought out


    What's a Toda?

    Chris Sharpe

    My 2016 RAV4 Hybrid just in at 72,000 Kms. No problems, average gas consumption combined city and hwy is 7.0 liters per 100 Kms in warm weather and 7.4 liters per 100 Kms in cold Canadian winters. Very pleased with vehicle and hybrid. Still on original brake pads too, let the hybrid do a lot of the braking when safe to only feather the brakes and the electric motors generate and do a lot of the braking at the same time, being careful where to use this technique of course.

    Yuan Tronz
    Imran Ali Syed

    The moment Alex revealed his height 6ft, RAV4 started to look small infront of him.

    ralph girard

    I have 2019 RAV4 hybrid, and I also have the problem of the gas tank not filling all the way. I live in Chicago and have noticed my gas milage drops quite a bit when the temperature dips below freezing.

    joe TheBet

    Is regular hybrid better than plug-in hybrid?


    I drove my father’s 2019 rav4 le awd and sure didn’t find the driver’s seat cushion as comfortable as my 2018 Corolla se upgrade package seats with softex/cloth interior. Was wondering the cloth seats simply aren’t as firm/supportive and if higher trim rav’s, like the trail/adv, has not supportive seats. Anyone with a trail/adv version can weigh in.


    I always get 35-40 mpg in my gas 2019 RAV4 LE AWD on a trip. It also has start stop and gets 30 mpg in the city. I don’t see the need for a hybrid.

    Hao Tang
    Robert Shaw

    Alex, always enjoy your reviews, was part of my process when I bought my 2019 RAV4 Hybrid. I have been very satisfied with the car, but in regard to the gas tank issue the problem that many of us are experiencing is that when the gas gauge says empty there is four to six gallons left in the tank. This is not about the filler neck. It is the gauge. Not holding my breath for it to be addressed. Toyota has serious problems with other models.

    Chris H

    If you want an extended drive I can drive it 2300 miles


    We have put almost 29k miles on my gf's 2019 RAV4 in 10 months. All dealer services done every 5k-7k miles. It's the base model.

    The cloth seats are stain magnets. Only makor downside so far. I am 6'2", and the seats are decent. I have put 90% of the miles on it. Fuel economy has averaged 37mpg on highway and 29 in city on Eco mode. Sport mode drops it by 4-6 mpg, or more if either of us drops the hammer during traffic merging due to daily highway travel and crap traffic during "rush" hour.

    The kids enjoy the back seats, but have stated the seats in the 2014 Sienna are more comfy. There is minimal cabin noise. Heat and a/c perform admirably. Touch screen is responsive. Backup camera has the most clarity of any I have seen.

    Honestly, the cloth seats being stain magnets are my biggest complaint. While the interior is plastic as hell, it doesn't feel cheap. The textured dash is a mild annoyance in keeping clean, but keeping protectant on it minimizes the annoyance. Considering it's a base model, I am kind of shocked at how good it is. I do miss having a CD player, though.

    Bruce Hoult

    I arrived in the US in early April and was tempted by the 2019 RAV4 hybrid, but it wasn't readily available yet (and was going for more than MSRP). I ended up getting a 2017 2.5l Outback Touring with 36700 miles for $27500 (plus tax, title etc). So far in 10800 miles I've averaged (by the car's computer, which is how Alex does his) 33 MPG. I get around 24 to 28 MPG on short errands around Fremont. When I go into the office in San Mateo or take a run up to San Francisco etc I get around 32 to 35 MPG. I've done one trip each to Tahoe, Reno, Mojave, and LA and got 35 to 37 MPG on those. I've been setting the cruise to 65 MPH which is slower than most people but faster than the trucks and although it seems slow still gets me to the destination at almost exactly the google maps estimate time.

    So I'm getting considerably better highway fuel economy than this RAV4 hybrid. It may be that Alex and his friends are bombing along at 75. I did one trip to LA down 5 like that and got 29 MPG and it was only about 20 minutes quicker (not the theoretical 45 min) because you usually can't actually do 75 all the time.

    The top RAV4 Hybrid with a couple of options packages is $38500 to $39000 (plus destination) so I saved a good $12k for a car that is just as nice, just as roomy, and close enough in fuel economy (unless all your driving is in downtown SF) that you'd never make back the price difference.

    It will be a different matter once 2019 or later RAV4 Hybrid is available two or three years old, but the 2018 and earlier ones have terrible fuel economy for hybrid.

    Steve Consley

    I love the blue! Then again, I drive an Inferno Tacoma.

    Brandon Bell

    I know fuel economy is a huge difference, but what are your thoughts about this vs. the upcoming VW Atlas Cross Sport? Seems like it has much more interior room for about the same price point.

    Apache-Yaqui Brown

    I love that you had tall people drive this car. My 15 y.o. is 6'2" and growing, and we need input on what car would be comfortable. He likes the roominess of the Versa, but unfortunately, it's CVT is going out. He isn't comfortable in mom's Volvo S60. He is comfortable in the E430 backseat but not the driving position. Great update.

    Jay Moar

    6k miles is considered long term now? Especially on a Toyota?

    Jorge Navarro

    Hi Alex,

    I just purchased the 2020 Hybrid, the same color showing here, not my favorite color but my wife feels in love with this color and like the saying say Happy wife happy life. I should tell you I’m experimenting issue with the tank; the tank only gets 11 gallons. I made the tracking the first time because I heard about the issue but I thought the problem was only for the 2019 models, not 2020, wrong, mine is a 2020 and I’m very sure about. I already Had filled twice with the same results. Now you mentioned the problem may be the filler neck; How you think I should approach Toyota? And Have you hearted of any solution from them lately?

    Thanks for your video, always great!


    I'd hold off on any RAV4 purchase until the RAV4 Prime drops, that is going to be a monster

    Dennis W

    It is a TOYOTA. They are KNOWN for reliability. Yea I would have chose a different color too

    Mark Villano

    Alex; here's a question that I haven't seen either asked or answered:
    I am considering purchasing a plug-in hybrid. But due to the fact that I'm retired, and 95% of my daily travels are less than 5 miles, it is possible that I may go three or four months without ever exceeding the vehicle's electric range capability. As such, I worry that the gas in the tank will become stale over time and need to be either treated or drained. I am not willing to go with an all electric EV, as there are occasions that I take extended trips, and I'm unwilling to give up the gasoline engines ability to fuel up at any location. What are your opinions on this matter?

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