Wednesday, March 29, 2023

2019 Audi A7 Sportback: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | Same Sexy, New Tech!

Main 2019 Audi A7 Sportback: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | Same Sexy, New Tech!

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    Is the 2019 Audi A7 the flagship A8 in a sexier body?? Let’s find out in this IN-DEPTH REVIEW and TEST DRIVE of the 2019 Audi A7 Prestige Sportback! The A7 …

    Mason Lilienthal

    Can you do a Rolls Royce??? Please???

    Skai R

    Can't wait for the S and RS models.

    Nalin Nguyen

    Panoramic moon roof?

    Weilin Liu

    Audi is not the first and neither the only one having the 3D camera view, check again.


    Nice sexy review ! 😉🤗


    When are you going to review the Land Rover Range Rover Velar? My daughter wants one and I am considering it.


    Car Confections
    > saabkyle04.
    Excelent reviews!


    I went to the auto show the other day and I have to say the new duel screens system from Audi are really high resolution. Look really good in person. Great review!

    Beautiful Sinner

    The front grille is terrible

    Sulman Ali

    2019 Audi A7 is the best sedan every one is waiting for this review what a review dear good job………👍👍👍

    Juan Carlos A

    Great review the front is all plastic looks bad the back looks better prefer an A6 Intake plastic no fuction gril plastic awful

    Ryan Frisby

    Y’all are awesome!


    역시 GERMANY

    kbw rvwhntr

    Another great Audi and another review knocked out of the park! Hope you all are hanging in there with all this rain. It's been rough here in NC as well

    Miguel Ircontar

    It looks iight I’ve seen better and all those electronics seem to much and gimmicky its a disaster waiting to Happen

    Gen McCardell

    Can you guys review the final edition of the VW beetle??

    Jay Mac

    A7 is a favorite of mine. It’s both practical and stylish, two things Mercedes and BMW have yet to combine, though they’re getting there with the 6 series GT and the AMG GT 4 door

    Ben McKeown

    My wife left me

    Misan Sop

    Thanks for your video but sorry A7 your center display too low of the road sights.


    very nice video nice car ….

    Are you ready to take a kia k900 video?

    Darrion Tunstall

    Great video guys!!! I love the 2019 Audi A 7, it’s very sexy and nice ! Don’t forget to review 2019 audi e- ton it’s a cool Electric car.

    alex saftyuk

    can you review Mercedes cls and e class

    Chris Porsche 911

    Please do lamborghini urus?

    Chris Porsche 911

    Do they have a7 in Europe?

    Ashwin Jogaratnam

    Nice review


    Great video guys as always …Pretty nice looking vehicle..keep those awesome reviews coming!!!!😃👍

    Holy Business

    Just beautiful without too much makeup! I would like to buy the S7 model one day.

    Gašper Ajdnik

    2019 audi a7

    The Slow Lane

    Have you guys ever reviewed a car you disliked?



    To like my own comment….

    Hik Gutierrez

    Best car if you have money to buy it.

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