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2019 Audi Q3: FULL REVIEW | Only $35,000 for THIS Much Style & Tech??

Main 2019 Audi Q3: FULL REVIEW | Only $35,000 for THIS Much Style & Tech??

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    Let’s REVIEW and DRIVE the NEW 2019 Audi Q3! Finally, the Q3 is deserving of its Audi badge, but is it the right decision for you or your family? Would you be …

    Anthony C Brown

    Thank you Drew and Mason for providing one of the best YouTube channels for auto reviews. Your relaxed and paced style of reviews is much appreciated and it is amazing how much detail you cover in your reviews. While I don't recall you mentioning it, it is clear many hours are spent in pre-production and post-production work to deliver a consistently high quality product.

    I hope you are taking time to enjoy this moment in your careers as it is clear this is just the beginning of greater opportunities that await you in the future. All the best…..


    I honestly regret getting the 2018 Audi A4! I didn't realize the Q3 was going to be this nice of a redesign!!!!!

    Tony Attard

    How old are U guys. I was hoping to hear something about the performance of the engine. What size is it? etc. Did this particular model come with a turbo V6?

    Antonio Castillo

    What color is this q3? So the orange is al cantera in the front and microfiber inserts in the back? Also I believe this is NOT a base model, it is the entry level sub compact. I’m pretty sure I heard one of you say this is the premium plus, that does not make it a base model.

    colby moore

    Great car, but the Lincoln Corsair is so much better outside and inside

    Andrew Langellier

    Now that the 2020 insight is out can u do the ex


    Great review! Hope you hit 100,000 soon.

    Jack Veech

    Awesome review as always! Really like the Q3 now. Can't wait to see you guys hit 100K! Best car reviewers out there.

    It’s BrownBoy

    35000$ are you joking,? This beauty worth 40000€ alaround 47000$, layer


    Nice detailed review, however it’s really strange that even in the topmost spec trim , there are no memory seats for driver, no brake hold, no ventilated seats, no HUD ?

    Ryan Frisby

    Howdy, great review as always!😸😻😸

    A.M.D. bike & Car

    Super Audi car👌💖💚👏


    I'm waiting for the RSQ3 😉


    Love the colour and the wheels. Good job guys. 😀

    Josh McQueen

    Audi does entry level vehicles the best in the luxury brand segment. As far as standard equipment, nice luxury options, and not pricing it up too much for most options as well.


    damn audi…why recycle those old old remote key

    Le Juventino

    Thank u for the complete review.. always 💪. In diesel this will cost more

    Charlie Montero

    So many options so many SUV`s which is the best for you depends on what you preferences are.

    Gary S

    Wish it had a bit more power, test drove one decided to go with a a3. Here in Canada a fully loaded technik q3 costs $57 grand includes taxes freight fees….

    Jeremy SantaAna

    The All-New 2019 Audi Q3 looks a lot better than the previous generation and the new generation has more horsepower and torque than the outgoing model and I love it though 😍🥰❤️


    It’s kind of disappointing that the gas mileage didn’t improve, but got worse! I don’t care if the car has all the new tech. It’s sad that a car this size gets worse mileage than the Q5.

    Christian Callejas

    Wow ..
    amazing design..
    Love it…


    Great Review Guys. I must say. This car impressed me much more than I expected. I certainly appreciate that it has a spare tire and more importantly that it runs on regular gas.


    I don’t like how the mirrors look imo


    I love these wheels! The interior space is surprisingly generous. I don't understand why Audi chose to copy Volvo with these bright orange inserts, though. Then there are those fake vents. Audi has been obsessed with them lately. It's designing them now. Rather than do that, they could have designed some nice fog lights for the space.

    Kelly Dy Santini

    $35,000 for this? This is the sport model? What about the base model? Do they have automatic for base model?

    Mario Mantica

    All good except epa and that old key fob.

    Jardel Afiune

    it's not just only $35,000 here in Orlando the Sline prestige is over $43,000, but I do like the car. Q3 is awesome and high tech. Great video. Peace.

    Joey Chitwood

    Great review guys as always!

    Darrion Tunstall

    I love the 2019 Audi Q 3 , it’s very nice, I love the gray and Orange Interior!

    Matt Garcia

    got better stuff than model 3

    Stuart Little is now called lil Stuart

    This thing is going to sell like hotcakes

    An affordable audi is just what the brand needs

    Konstantin Kennedy

    3 quick corrections. Adaptive cruise control is standard on Prestige trim and is optional on Premium Plus. And there is no option for CD/DVD player, what is shown in the glove compartment is dual slot SD card media player. Also the higher floor cover position is to store the privacy cover which is standard on all trims and is removable and you can put it right under the floor cover. Other things worth mentioning is that there is no option to have driver seat memory regardless of trim; touch screen does not have heptic feedback like on a6,7,8 and q8 and is more similar to how it is on your phones and pads; and voice commands are limited to much less preset commands as well, unlike on the above mentioned models. And finally worth mentioning that interior LED lighting feature standard on Premium plus only adds two 6" strips along sides of cup holders.

    Hans Pierre

    333rd view, 40th like and 14th comment! Audis just have awesome style!!🔥

    bess lee

    I still prefer my Lexus NX 300 with the premium package. Even if it doesn't have genuine leather seats. However I paid a hell of lot more than 35000 here in Cali

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