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2019 Audi SQ5 – The Modern Day Sport Sedan?

Main 2019 Audi SQ5 – The Modern Day Sport Sedan?

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    Morning guys! We are inclined to call this SUV a "Sports Sedan" because these performance crossovers are what manufacturers are seeing a lot of consumers trade in their traditional sports sedans for. While we may not like it, you can't argue with the increased practicality these SUV's give you while not losing too much in terms of driving fun. You could even call this 2019 SQ5 a bargain Porsche Macan S for a lot less money. Thanks for watching as always! Oh… and before someone else asks… we're leaving for Lake Tahoe in a week to drive and film the 2019 Mazda3 so stay tuned for that video soon!

    Nuld Nuldenegger

    Good review. However that is a 2018 not a 2019. 2019s are de badged of the “V6T” on the front fenders. This car is also missing the Audi phone box wireless charging which is standard on the ‘19 Premium Plus & Prestige trims. The manual rear door sunshades come with the Warm Weather Package not the Cold Weather Package.

    Nuld Nuldenegger

    Good review. But that is a 2018 not a 2019 model. 2019s are de badged with he “V6T” on the front fender. It’s also missing the Audi phone box which is standard on the Premium Plus & Prestige trims. The manual rear sunshades come with the Warm Weather Package not the Cold Weather Package.


    Such a boring looking car. Looks like it was designed by a middle-aged cardigan wearing librarian spinster.


    taillights just sells me on it


    I realize it's a luxury car but man, 70 grand is a lot to spend for something that's only going to be awesome for a few years.

    Justin Fontaine

    I'm having a hard time understanding why people want to drive a large piece of machinery with their hands off the wheel.


    Another Mexican build quality German car lol


    For the same price What would you guys rather get the Audi SQ5 or Audi S5 Sportback?

    bend over


    Christopher B

    Anybody going to talk about why they bumped the horsepower down from 354 to 349

    Uncut The Urbanite

    I'm sick of the fake exhaust who even thought that was was a good design choice??

    Hassaan Mahmood

    Yo review the new Mazda 3 there in dealerships now

    Billy Ahn

    If he laughs, it's a good car.
    If he doesn't, you know it…..

    Bill Bolduc

    I have a 2012 Q5 and honestly, I’m not a huge fan of the new interior. It feels like Audi has cheapened it. A notable exception is the tech – love the virtual cockpit. The exterior looks nearly the same as the 2012 model I have, though it’s more angular. In contrast, I really love the design of the A5/S5 Sportback and considering the cargo space and reduced weight, that may be my next car.

    Mitchell Pritsker

    Come on Audi stop putting fake exhaust tips.


    Lowered HP rating?
    The X3 M40i has more power, lighter, louder, quicker, better weight balanced, better MPG, real exhaust and probably cheaper.



    do you?


    Audi still can't figure out a better way to tack on that hideous tablet screen?

    Redouane Boumendjel

    I was just inside one of these recently and found there is too much hard plastics in this car.


    nope, try stinger gt.

    HellKitty 101

    Audi used to be a benchmark on interior style, fit/finish, and features. Now they just come off as Volkswagens with an option package. The dash on this model in particular, doesn't appear to be all that different up top than a Tiguan.

    Most egregious is the fake exhaust seemingly affecting all new Audis. It comes off as cost-cutting…in a luxury brand. The Volvo XC60, GLC, and even some iterations of the X3(40i) just seem to have a bit more polish.

    Jonathan Norris

    The Audi SUV lineup has never done it for me. The Q7 is ugly and the Q5 and Q3 are tall, round and dorky looking. The tech is nice, but I can't help but think that it all sounds like a bunch of stuff that will break, given that this is a Volkswagen product.


    fake exhaust… and on the sport trim? The hell Audi? And who wouldn't want the pano roof?


    I see no leather at all on the dash yet no one hates on Audi stop hating on Acura


    You've already reviewed the Audi SQ5……. do the Q8 buddy! Some of us are intently waiting on your review on this car.

    Norm T

    The Q5 outsold the 2018 and 2019 Acura RDX(Honda combined their sales to set a record) and Lexus NX.

    Jojo Floflo

    Telluride!!! We need to see the Telluride!

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