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2019 BMW 330i xDrive – Has The King Returned?

Main 2019 BMW 330i xDrive – Has The King Returned?

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    We'd like to thank the midwest automotive media association for inviting us out to their Spring Rally event this week so we could get our hands earlier on the all-new BMW 3-series. It's been a long awaited request from you all so we hope you enjoy our first review on this very important car from BMW! Keep in mind, we will still be getting one in DC for a full week, so if there is anything that we missed in this video that you want answered in July, feel free to let us know below! Hopefully, we can get our hands on the m340i soon as well. Overall, we feel BMW has done a really great job of addressing the faults of the old model and whenever the new M3/M4 comes out, it should be a real treat for us enthusiasts!

    Michael Maier

    Front grill are a pair of sunglasses… silver-framed…


    Cant offer a flat floor in the back with rwd or awd lol.

    Kamil Zieba

    Those gauges and center stack are an exact opposite of what BMW has always done. Bland at the best. Could’ve done digital gauges with an analog style layout.

    P Wisc

    Wooohoo wow when I watch every single video about cars they are always but always California places, but this time really surprised me in an even better way, from my state Wisconsin!!


    They could have put some more design into those taillights…come on seriously!

    Dirk Curritzki

    Please note: that guy didnt laugh when accelerating.


    F30, not F10. F10 is for 5-series


    Failed to mention that there are some 3-series made in Mexico!

    bob wallace

    BMW is a big brand around here. There is a reason it is an automatic, 99% of all the BMW drivers I see are women. This is a woman's car.

    Moss Miller

    The interior of this 3 series looks somewhat like the new Jetta. But all that aluminum trim on the dash will be a problem on a sunny day. Before the mid-90s, everything on the dash in a Bimmer was black. And 9 out of 10 BMWs had a manual. Handling, while not as good as today, enabled the best ride quality of any small car. My last "Ultimate Driving Machine" was an '88 535is. RIP.


    Jesus. That exhaust growls like a lion. Wow !

    אייל שניידר

    paying for bmw only for 6 cly.

    Sanghoon Lee

    BMW exterior designs are thoroughly mediocre these days. This one will not age well either.

    Ness Rosenbrad

    Base engine? They stopped making 328's?


    The king of lemons

    Dennis Blair

    Why would you pay that much for a car , and get so little?
    Save your money, get a Genesis G70.

    Young Simba

    They nailed the look


    Does this have a fake exhaust sound?

    Colin Flaherty Videos Daily

    car manufactures are getting away from fake dashboard stitching. its tacky anyway and only belongs in cars like the S class, rolls, bently, etc..


    Who searched sports sedan after he said it?

    Bill Bolduc

    I’ll stick with my 2017 Audi A4. You can’t beat the Audi virtual cockpit and it’s a great blend of comfort with enough sport. The dual clutch in Dynamic mode also feels faster off the line.

    Billy Danz

    The idiots with money will continue to accept the cheap cost-cutting build materials just to say they own a german "luxury" car, so the manufacturers will continue to push the envelope on using cheap materials….and why shouldn't they if people keep buying them???…..


    BMW badges on Hyundai sonata.

    Tōjō Hideki



    didn't spin the wheels on the launch, is that because the launch control is that good or 295 lb ft of torque isn't enough to cause the tires to break free? Seems like it should have slipped more.

    Payton Chalstrom

    For this price I’d just buy a g70

    Shawn Childs

    I went and test drove one of these when they first were released and I liked it. I had a f30 at the time and compared to that, the quality is much better. But I work at a vw dealership and we’re starting to get the new arteon’s and in my honest opinion, I think the arteon is a much more exciting car to own. It’s not as fun to drive but it sure does give the 3 series a run for its money value wise and look wise

    Don Aaron

    To me looks like they just copy a Lexus is250 😂 but hey I guess

    Undr Grnd

    "European bank vault sound"


    BBD Design

    A 330i is not the base model in the 3 series "line-up." this reviewer sounds like he just makes stuff up as he goes along. LoL

    J High

    The Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class aren't the only competitors to this 3 series. I would add the Genesis G70, Volvo S60, and Infiniti Q50 as well.

    VipER_INstiNct 011

    Can’t spell milwaukee without a L


    why would anyone pay this price when you can get the same performance without paying for gas in a tesla model 3 standard range plus

    R PM

    Man you are little that looks like a 5 series with you standing next to it. Great video keep em coming !!!!

    Marcus fuller

    😧Interior looks so cheap

    Anh Nguyen

    Put this engine in the Supra and sell it for $40k!

    Smile Receive

    A 2 liter 330i. What next? A 1 liter 320i?


    While that looks nice, I'll get a fully loaded Genesis G70 for less than that price, a lot of that tech coming standard and not in a $5k option package.

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