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2019 BMW X5 Review – Traffic Jam Dream Machine

Main 2019 BMW X5 Review – Traffic Jam Dream Machine

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    We go for a drive in the 2019 BMW X5 Support us on Patreon: Become a YouTube Member!


    What do you think about the BMW X5? Would you buy it over a Cayenne? Too much tech? Just enough tech?

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    Mkv supra suv

    Pete Davis

    Yes Jacob is I’m fed up fed with the crazy stuff as well, but I am an old geezer, 68, so much so I am hanging on to my perfectly OK with my 25,000 mile 3 yr old Mercedes and not getting a new one for the first time for ages!

    Josh Aleru

    7:26 That moment when your white friends make you chuckle


    Fuck this generation is ugly!


    Synthwave 😎

    Michael Russo

    Buttons good. Voice commands and gestures not so much. Nice looking SUV though!

    Tyler Beeson

    BMW Multicontour seats are next to none that I’ve been in. With the active bolsters, thigh extender, separate shoulder rest adjustments etc. it’s just about perfect.

    Camilo Pianzola

    Yeah, I'm not about this modern tech crap. Gimme a car where everything is simple buttons. If you can't package all the options into a visually pleasing menu either try harder or make it functional and unpleasing to the eye. Never EVER should your solution to an awful menu be "it's okay, you can find stuff through voice controls". Voice controls are almost exclusively poor and will surely go down as a fad future generations mock in their parodies of the 2010s.

    Firas Alwakeel

    Jack ++


    Name of the intro song please. PLEASE!


    What a gimmick-mobile… laggy awkward hand gestures 🤦‍♂️. This generation of cars is going to age so poorly when autonomous driving hits in 5-10yrs.

    Matthew Hembree

    Ugh, that delay, that grill, the menus, the crappy gauges, all the garbage tech.. I do like the traffic jam assist and the parking assist, but I could do without it. A lot of cars these days are littered with "showroom features". Things that look great in the showroom, but suck in real life. The technology equivalent of piano black trim.

    If BMW re-released an e46, I would be so happy.


    Bahaha….if you only crashed because of tech…i would subscribe

    Thong Dinh

    How is the laser light?

    Glenn Corey

    Please do a new 3 series review but in Canada

    Craig Chevalier

    I hate all that crap too! It honestly makes picking a new car out next to impossible since all these pointless infotainment systems have flaws, regardless of which one is best. I wish we could just go back to CD player radios and knobs for everything.

    Tanvir Muhaimin

    Is that West Road in High Park!?

    Jamie Vidd

    Juri is dead on. 90% of the tech in this X5 is nauseating overkill and a recipe for distraction.

    To turn on my heated seats, I press a button. It takes about half a second. How exhausting!

    Nicholas Smith

    No talking to cars. Buttons FTW!

    Nicholas Smith

    The red rear indicator lights are an epic fail!


    They do have classes that teach you how to do all the tech stuff. I recently bought a BMW i3 and the dealership set up a 1 on 1 meeting with a "BMW genius" to teach me about the car and infotainment.


    I'm kinda thinking that gesture control was lobbied by the manicurist association cause mostly your impressed friends will be checking out your cuticles!!

    Jared Dukes

    I just felt it necessary to say that I work in the logistics planning department at the plant that makes these, I wonder if anybody else at the plant watches you guys 🤔. Either way keep up the good work, love your videos!


    I can plug in my Android system and get google maps in my '17 SXL ….Just sayin, not an Audi but 8" of map works great!!


    ridiculous tech rant, especially considering the owner will have the car more than a "month". And you have the choice, there is button everywhere…. If you have any problem with the screen in a tesla, you're dead. Again DUMB rant


    Stop making cars so dummy proof, that’s why so many people can’t drive on the street


    Jakubs right. And I'm a tech junky. Problem is they listen too much to focus groups and want to do EVERYTHING. Instead of what works.

    Jason Toth

    I also don’t like all this tech

    Azaan Ahmad Godinho

    do a review on a jeep gladiator rubicon


    big grill doesnt look good on X7
    but awesome review and great car. i hope the laser lights dont mess with my V1

    Uyi Osuan

    gents, another fabulous video. Jacob's comment on the tech though…

    Mario Ceballos

    What happened to just enjoying your drive…..I like the cooled and heated seat features in new cars but I'm with Jacob man I would be so freaking stressed out just trying to get things to work…..keep it simple and stop trying to one up everyone

    Bartosz Michta

    You guys are really fun to watch! Best car review channel.

    Ricardo Dao

    Every new tech will have its downs but that’s how the world innovates. Everything will have its own learning curb but not willing to learn and adapt with better technology is basically living in the past.


    are you ok Jakub? the last few videos I've watched, you look kind-of pissed off throughout most of it…totally agree with you about poor tech integration as well. I personally love all the tech they are coming up with for newer cars, but it needs to be sorted BEFORE it hits the market! half-baked, inconsistent application of complicated tech in vehicles (particularly at these price-points) is unacceptable.


    Oh brother the shifter area is just bad. So plastic-y…

    Zee Pooe

    I personally enjoy digging in my car's menu and settings just to find out what hidden secrets are there. Jakub, you sound like an old guy. You clearly are a Merc fan 😴


    7:15 What the actual heck, the visor test PASSED? NO WAY!

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