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    We review the new BMW Z4 to find out if there is life behind the badge. After years of build-up, the BMW/Toyota collaboration has concluded with two vehicles …

    Salty der Regenmacher

    50+ for that? oof


    The rear suspension is kind of disappointing. This must be the "Toyota quality improvements" (cost cutting) they were talking about.

    Devon Gee

    Looks too feminine unfortunately… On top of being significantly slower than Supra… Think it's a nah 🙁 shame. I want more obtainable convertibles that don't look like a girl's car like MX-5 does…


    Just got back from Munich where I saw quite a few new Z4s on the road already. The car looks so underwhelming in person (to my eye at least) that I'd say an ND Miata is more of a looker than this car. Heck… the outgoing gen of Z4 looks more attractive and dynamic to me.

    Plus: It really, REALLY needs a manual gearbox.

    wangbohai Wu

    beautiful intro

    Matthew Yang

    This is cool. Will there be an s version of the 4 banger? Will there be weight reduction in the M?


    Its a shame BMW doesn't make reliable cars that are built to last because they really are gorgeous


    Fast autox times could be helped by generous oem tire width, 255 up front 275 rear, see And as mention short wheel base, wide track also helps. I'm not into autox anymore though, curious how the car does on a circuit

    Joe Shmo

    Wish Toyota would colab again and make a RWD Corolla with this motor. Dooorrrriiiiiiiiiftoooo!!!!!

    max loyd

    So does it feel similar to the Supra ?

    max loyd

    But is it built as shitty as every bmw

    Łukasz Gruszka

    Great vid. Can you review Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce (280 bhp)?

    Bla Bla

    Z4 or C8 ?????????

    abraham G

    BMW says it does 0-60 in 5.2 seconds? What are yall recording?


    Is it just me or are those some of the largest panel gaps I've seen in a new car in a long time?

    Alvin Yap

    Geese, I got the NC thanks to your review. Now I really want the Z4 as my next car.

    j q

    Mr. Goose is BACK

    Kevin Norwood

    Can’t believe that UGLY dash that right there would keep me from buying this car. 🤮

    Affalterbach Brackley 1967

    7:54 is pure pornography. #underbody . #gooseview


    shave the trunk, and done. the 4cyl turbo (30i) should be just fine and the noise can be changed easy enough. Yeah, the 6 (40i) is faster, the Supra is faster, but the 30i should be just fine at the end of the day. I just wish I could row my own gears, even in a luxury convertible, but it is what it is. So, I guess I really just need a Boxster with the manual (or ND Miata) and be done if I want to actually drive a convertible. the 30i, proof power is not the end all be all…


    @7:08 " I couldn't care less" you mean. I used to say it wrong most my life too

    One man and a jack

    This guy likes to hate on bimmers and loves kias. I don't get it. This car is well engineered and well built. Bmw hater plus kia lover = bater kicker?


    Looks great from the back, shit from the front.

    Jesse Penner



    Finally SavageGeese makes a pun on his name in a video title.

    As for the Z4 I have a soft spot for the old hardtop as it seems like a solid cruiser and has depreciated massively.

    Daniel Han

    Nice supra

    AKC 96

    Love the hood mounted camera view dude, makes me miss driving and my car!


    Not sure why people would think the Z4 or Supra are bad… It uses the bones of the 2 series with a decent amount cut out of the wheel base.

    I have my issues with the Supra but it was always obvious it was going to be a solid performer.

    Cassette Walkman

    "You have drivers behind the seat…" Is that the Mother-in-law stereo option?

    Alec Murray

    Layers huh? I’m gonna call crummy bmw cars onions instead of lemons from now on.


    Can you get your hands on the z4 m coupe or roadster and review it? Highly over looked car in my opinion.

    David Weber

    While this is overpriced garbage (seriously, $50K base price?), the color combo you drove is amazing.

    Daniel G

    The dynamic range of the BRoll is absolutely stunning…

    RB inatorr

    Interesting. When i did the Porsche performance driving course years ago, the most fun was surprisingly doing the autocross in a base, automatic, boxster. I take your point

    M J

    The front end is butt ugly. What is BMW thinking….

    M J

    The front end is butt ugly. What is BMW thinking….

    Josh Plett

    Savagegeese is truly a premium experience. With a little bit more word-of-mouth this channel will get to 1M subs. Keep up the great work.


    That is just too much money for half a car. Nice review though. Cheers.

    Zachary Power

    Goose has finally learned to not capture the speedometer in any camera angle.

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