Tuesday, March 28, 2023

2019 Buick Regal GS – The Unexpected Sport Sedan?!

Main 2019 Buick Regal GS – The Unexpected Sport Sedan?!

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    I miss the verano turbo still


    Huh? At the end, you said it was too expensive but right after you said it was a good value when compared to the Stinger. Which one is it? Your ending sounded rushed and your commentary was all over the place. Not one of your best efforts.

    Jon B.

    Playspeed 2x. Lol

    Alix Allen

    600000 Subscribers Congratulations 😊😊


    No matter what when I see the Buick logo in NA I think of older people! This still doesn’t change that opinion.

    Jason Olvera

    It looks cheap

    Jason Olvera

    GM is so far behind on interior quality design and materials

    G S

    Back then when government didn't have budget for an A6 fleet or LC fleet, they went for Buick.

    Paul Anderson

    That engine note is depressing…

    Celo Mar

    comes with 18' alloy wheels blah blah blah…oh F*ck these are 19's? LOL


    It would be better if it had a full moon roof!!!!


    Buick needs to bring the Grand National back !

    Tyronne Hamilton

    550 hp

    Shank Adams

    It looks like a mazda😵


    Look from the side is Chrysler 200…I see VW CC…anyone??


    congrats on 600k subs I just saw it happen 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    Alex Spevak

    Might be the first Buick I seriously like. Great review thx!

    N. Simon Mishler

    What kind of car(s) do you own?

    Carlos Ayala

    This car should be
    $29,995.00 at Max…!!
    I rather buy honda or Lexus instead…!!
    Way way over prize…!!


    Upside-down Lexus tail lights


    Tbh that rear end is ugly af for me it just screams taxi cab

    Kevin bond

    Such a good looking car…it needs a bit more go.


    Bring back the Grand National!


    That’s a sexy car. I hope Buick does well and make a come back here in the US.

    Papa Dukes57

    I see you are not a GM fan!!

    dude dude

    Boyfriend material

    elliven twennisixx


    Austin Butler

    The TLX A-Spec still takes my vote…. nice Buick though.

    Antonio Bridgeforth


    The Angry German

    No, what's really dissapointing is the avenir trim on this car.

    bruce wayne

    No rwd= not a sports sedan.

    joseph bellucci

    Gotta love those American car companies that hate EPA fuel regulations. 9 gears and you can’t manage 30 MPG? That’s a waste.

    Max Polding

    No Thanks 👎👎


    Looks like opel

    Michael Reichert

    Looks like a Buick sonata

    Tony H

    Am I the only one that thinks the exhaust note sounds like a compressed air can?🤔

    Alex Hall

    That thing looks like it weighs two tons, no thank you.

Viewing 38 posts - 1 through 38 (of 38 total)
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