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2019 Cadillac XT4 | Cadillac Takes On The X1

Main 2019 Cadillac XT4 | Cadillac Takes On The X1

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    Cadillac’s latest crossovers are all FWD based vehicles, that can be seen as an issue for the larger XT5 and XT6 as they go head-to-head with European RWD …

    John Specht



    Is that test drive in Milpitas? Calaveras road?

    Brandon Yen

    It’s too short I’ll get a rav4 instead or X1

    Steven Joe


    The claimed 0-60 time of 7.5 seconds does not seem right. This car should get there between 6 and 7 seconds….

    Cory W.

    Thanks for the review Alex. I take delivery of my new XT4 sport on Monday. Mine is as well equipped as the tester you had, out the door I got it for $52,485. Quite in line price wise with the heavy hitters in this class. Overall I came away very pleased with the overall package, moreso than the others I sampled in the entry luxury crossover class. I'm coming from a Nissan Murano which was a nice vehicle but a total lemon. Hopefully I get good service from the XT4.

    E M1

    Alex, the cover photo of this video should be the blue model

    Bradley Cross

    They will sell a ton of these

    Rene Dorion

    I would buy a Xt4,run on regular gaz,cost of maintenance is going to be lower,je préfère Cadillac Xt4!


    I'm going to give the XT4 a look but for the money I may just get another XT5.  For the way I drive, I'm a big fan of the XT5's 3.6-liter V6.


    That would be way to much money fully loaded, I’d rather spend the money on the Lincoln MKC

    Jim Heck

    Alex, Great review…you are right on with the price – about 5k to 6k too much. I tried to get info on the emergency braking specs and other safety features and how they work. I searched everywhere. Even the dealer with his technical contacts at Cadillac could not answer the question on how the maximum speed that it would engage, etc. They finally guessed no higher than 25MPH. I believe Audi's works at over 50mph. Can you help answer these questions? Also what was the actual highway mpg you were able to achieve? Thanks


    a GM interior that I Like…I agree two tome brown/black would look rad

    minnie saab


    Reko Sri

    Wait for the discounts before signing

    Ted Ball

    Try the Lincoln MKC really good and priced right!


    This needs a bigger engine.

    Cyril Matthew

    Design is Unique & has all ingredients to stand apart

    Zed Lopez

    When will you test the new telluride?


    The Cadillac long term reliability is questionable, I've dealt with 4 customers who had around 3yr old ones and got annoyed with the demonically possessed electronics. Each Cadillac took me hours to figure out the issues of them using Autel obd diagnostic tool.

    Winston Del

    The XT4 looks like the Ford Edge


    The CUE infotainment system makes the Cadillac Cimarrron look fast. BMW quality has been on the rise too.


    That title is from old top gear!

    Arthur S

    That output is a bit low for 2019

    Mike Harris

    ok so buick can build the envision without all that plastic crap on the front of it, but cadillac has to load up the front of the xt4 with it

    Nutts Mahonie

    Great Review and Good looking suv. I think Gm is heading n the right direction although it seems like what ever they produce gets a bad rap. Jus sayin. 😏

    Jeff Mazzoni

    BMW X1 for me


    You forgot to mention jaguar e pace as a competitor.


    looks like a chevy! blah


    Saw this at the Detroit auto Show and very much impressed.. not a bad entry in this segment at all!

    Jake Kennedy

    How does it get worse MPGs than the larger AWD Q5 and X3?

    Car Craze

    Alex, your intro music could be better

    MJ DGI

    I hate all the gray plastic on the lower part of the vehicle. It will be okay if it was not a luxury vehicle.

    JaCory Cleveland

    Infotainment song always matches the car! 👍🏾

    Blake Swan

    Price is way too much. Crazy high for this. Needs to be at least $10k lower. XC40 has more power and a better interior for less. Not a fan of the Otterbox enclosed iPad looking display. This would be a quality Buick offering but not a Cadillac nor for the price they are asking. Pretty slow and no SuperCruise is lame. Also everything is faster than the Lexus UX. Thats not a compliment. Cadillac took the luxury of being last to this segment and they brought a very meh product. Very typical of Cadillac lately.

    Daniel Collin

    This is really great looking in my opinion. I think people like to complain about GM interior quality whether or not it’s warranted. My parents have a XT5, and the interior is really impressive.

    Chris Kellett

    Why do you always ignore Lincoln as a competitor? MKC/upcoming Corsair, Nautilus, and Navigator all are superior to the Cadillac.

    John Edmond

    Where is Alex getting pricing info on the new Q3? As far as I know, Audi is yet to announce US pricing or configurations


    I have said this in others' reviews as well, interior quality feels artificially luxurious, interior is loud for a luxury suv, too expensive compared with more renowned luxury brands, overall, it's not worth it. In Toronto, it's more expensive than XT5, around loaded Evoke's price

    Chris Thallemer

    Oh, look… A Cadillac Equinox!

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