Friday, March 24, 2023

2019 Chevy Blazer RS – The Reborn Camaro SUV?

Main 2019 Chevy Blazer RS – The Reborn Camaro SUV?

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    It has a big gaping grill like Lexus cars, but at least Chevy did a better job with making it look attractive.

    Ali Junaid

    Just hand splashing Chevy as they soon would be drowned by Korean twins mainly

    derrik tie

    50k?rather buy a lexus, or genisis gm cars are such junk and crap at best

    Todd Saeger

    A definite disgrace to the blazer name.


    Fuck your watch and your outfit. Hurry up and introduce the car.


    Sadly the Bronco will be a disappointment too.

    Perone Harris

    No turbo, no V8, no sports tuned suspension, no cutting edge interior, no sunroof?? Chevy is fucking bugging…

    Perone Harris

    Hold up 50k?! That can't be right…what were they thinking?? What on that vehicle makes it worth 50k WTF???

    Levi Littlefair

    Fucking gay!! Chevy has fucked up!! I had a blazer 00 S10 and it had a better look than this plastic piece of shit!

    Perone Harris

    What part of NY were you in?!


    Copy of Santa Fe from the front

    Kaneala Makaena

    Fiddy geezzz! Yikes!!! Nope 👎🏽


    I love watching your videos…so easy to comprehend 💪

    M FOX

    Stole look from Range Rover Evoque

    Wayne Brooks

    Cost too much and the interior and exterior is cheap materials. You get hit in American made vehicles and they will crumble. A Ford Focus hit the back of my Audi A4 and the Ford Focus bumper was totaled. My bumper didn’t even have a scratch.


    50k?! Thank you, next.

    Liam Schilter

    Auto up down windows on all four should be standard for a car this expensive. It’s a simple technology that is just way more convenient

    Bobby Crypto

    They copied Hyundai.

    Kevin Polidoro

    50K!!!! Are you freaking kidding me!!! This car has cheap interior with no moonroof. Chevy get you shit together!!!. For 50k you can get a much nicer SUV.


    Can u review the Malibu Premier.!

    B HM

    Headlights make it a nope.

    Ji Soo

    I wonder if GM will have the GMC Jimmy line

    D Spear

    Paint already swirled.

    Johnny Dwyer

    I get that Jeep was first to drop the headlights, but REALLY? Chevy stole the design cues from Jeep? Do a comparison between the Blazer and Jeep Cherokee and see if you see the slightest resemblance. Then do a comparison with the Blazer and Hyundai Santa Fe. Not only did Chevy take design cues, they actually COPIED the Santa Fe that they could look like identical Twins.

    Mike Normandy

    Leave to the American car brands to reuse an old muscle/classic car name and rebadge mall crawling SUVs & sedans!

    Brad Motors3

    170 mph speedo hahah I bet the limiter cuts it at 112 mph

    Carlos Castaneda, Jr.

    I got my 19 RDX A-SPEC for 47K and it looks better. Love it


    El Cheapo Santa Fe wanna-be.

    Carlos Castaneda, Jr.

    Looks great on the outside but so pricey and ugly interior.

    Loren Ingram

    $50k and no sunroof and 3k for awd…GM is out of their mind

    Jevon Springer

    Review the Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited X


    Car brands are screwing their SUV’s even further with their pricing. Ridiculous.

    Craig Chevalier

    The damage has been done, no GM allowed in my driveway. Also at that price, hilarious. You can all keep this Mexican made shitpile.


    Is hard touch plastic easier or harder to clean in the 2nd row?


    Acura and Lexus is your best choice for that price range.

    Javier Hernandez

    Trash pos car. At least the ford bronco is actually something.

    r gw

    50k for a Chevy SUV? Good luck with that!


    All but the front looks like Nissan

    sevan grigoryan

    I like Chevy but they really need to dial down on their pricing for what materials they use in their interiors and the options they offer us. Chevy is trying to be the apple of the car industry

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