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2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Review – Is Steve McQueen Still Relevant?

Main 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Review – Is Steve McQueen Still Relevant?

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    What do you think of the Bullitt? Worth it over the Mustang GT?

    Easton Michelli

    how is it that I'm only 16 and I still love the simplicity of older movies/tv shows and appreciate how iconic bullitt is and what it did for the car world. Steve McQueen is a legend there will never be another person as influential in the car and movie world as him. He was a world class race driver and an iconic movie star. The bullitt mustang is one car i want to be able to own at one point in my life. i recommend you all watch the movie, even if it seems boring at first, just keep watching. i still love the newer movies like f&f (never watched gone in 60 sec or transformers) but there is something nostalgic about watching steve mcqueen chase the guy in the charger through the streets of San Francisco. trust me you wont regret it

    Forrest Slater

    If Ford really wants to capitalize on movie cars, release an Eleanor variant of the GT500. Build 500 of them and charge $500k a piece. Guaranteed they will all sale out on pre-order.

    The Man

    That intro was weak 😂 come on guys shake up before a review! Love yall!


    This episode was a cultural faux pas.

    Jeff McClain

    Oh look, it's another millennial group giving their opinion about something that they: 1. Don't know anything about, other than having heard someone else talk about it, and 2. Are far too lazy to actually research. Wouldn't you think if you're going to talk about a movie-inspired car… you would actually watch the movie?? You don't understand the allure of Steve McQueen because you couldn't be bothered to actually learn anything about him.
    Also. Can you maybe stop bringing up other, lesser, car movies that have nothing to do with the movie that is the focus here?
    Really enjoyed watching two idiots drive a car around and discuss traction control and other things they have no clue about.


    If you don't like the movie then you are not a car guy(s) – instant unsubscribe…..

    Tony Murillo

    A sports car with a manuel transmission is a real car!!!

    Sean Carr

    I thought I might want one but that's the worst sounding mustang ever and it completely ruins it.

    Simon Tallboy

    Steve McQueen in Bullitt is so much better than Nick Cage in Gone in 60 Seconds and all of the Fast and Furious movies. Good review.

    Narcizo Leal

    The face of this car looks disgusting.

    Jesse James

    Guys can you please do a review on a GT350?

    Roger Sanchez

    50k sounds like a good price to y’all wtf


    Yuri ur my guy choosing the 370 over the GT !

    Jamie Meadows

    Shame on you sirs. Bullitt is a movie for every generation

    Ryan C.

    Is there anything that says "Idiot Ego" than two people in their 20s, RIDING IN A CAR BUILT BY A MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY ABOUT A 50 YEAR OLD MOVIE, and their default setting is "Not that good."

    97% Tomato meter. But hey…Youtube clips.

    Disrespecting the past doesn't make you edgy. It makes you an idiot.


    Can you do a review on a Camaro ZL1 please

    Richard Michael

    “18 km to empty”. Did you guys run the car on fumes during your test? 😄

    Nick F

    It just looks like a green mustang

    sinjin K

    Not for nothing guys, just send it.


    Haha you like Cage over McQueen, you dudes are lame. And im still in my 30's.

    Jack Z

    That exhaust note needs some work, damn it sounds weird

    Jarrel Fitts

    They should make an Eleanor trim

    Robert Henley

    You'll want to watch the original Vanishing Point movie with the white Challenger if you like Challengers. Of course, McQueen was the man–the king of cool.

    Frank DePasquale

    171K views and 900+ comments in a few hours, for yet another Mustang, that isn't a new model year, I think you have the answer to McQueen and Bullitt's relevance haha He's certainly no longer a pop icon, despite a revival around 2008, but as a Car Guy (trademark), he's still rank and file. Acting was a means to survive, driving was his life for about two decades. And that's why his name still resonates today, even for this 35 year old. Watch 3 movies of him in a row though, and you will also see why he rose to fame so quickly, in a decade already filled with pretty blond actors. superstars like him, would still be instantly famous if they were discovered today.

    Combless Man

    There's a special hell for those who dis Steve McQueen. That bug, it was sent by Satan to vex you. Now for the rest of your life that bug will always be with you. Praise Steve.
    I'm old, the tall gears thrill me, they're something I could annoy the neighbors with. I like this car because of the tall gears and I like it because it isn't that fast. The sound is amazing.

    SGH Powell

    4:53 🐐Uzi

    Sheldon Moser

    You guys should work on your exterior exhaust sound recordings. This mustang, and a lot of other cars you've been recording, sound terrible compared to what they sound like in real life. Criticism over, keep up the good work boys

    Cosmic Fatty

    There is only one machine that deserves the name bullet and its the Royal Enfield Bullet.

    E P

    Neither one of you have seen the movie? I thought you were car guys!!!!

    Canadian RS3

    I am a Mustang owner and the new cars don't sound good to me at all.

    David Luo

    Reviewing GT4 anytime soon?


    Learning time. It’s not Vac in HG but the vacuum measured in inches of mercury (inHG).

    Bruce Tumblin Jr

    Hopefully I have a shadow black bullitt in a few months

    Brent Bartley

    Preferring Nic Cage and Gone in 60 Seconds over Steve McQueen and Bullitt. You guys just lost all petrolhead credibility. Maybe you should review scooters or golf carts.

    Mustang Chef
    The DC adventures

    Watch the damn movie you hacks!

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