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2019 Honda Civic Hatchback: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | Winning Combo of Style & Space!

Main 2019 Honda Civic Hatchback: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | Winning Combo of Style & Space!

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    Is the 2019 Honda Civic Hatchback a more practical Civic?? Let’s find out in this IN-DEPTH REVIEW and TEST DRIVE of the 2019 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport …

    Troy Brown Entertainment

    You get no where close to 420 mile range of gas. The most you get is 300 mile range.

    Ryan Frisby

    Howdy, great review as always!

    John Hoye

    That car is so nice No to nissan

    Saul Ramirez

    You got yourself a new subscriber. I like the review, very detailed and informative. Information on the trims, varied information. Keep up the good work; seen about 3 reviews and each is spectacular 👍

    J High

    The YouTube Toyota Corolla fanboys will be emotionally scarred for life after the rave reviews Drew and Mason gave this Civic hatchback. So what if the Civic has much better powertrain performance, more interior passenger and cargo storage space, better driving and handling traits, multi-zone climate controls, a powered front passenger seat, Android Auto in addition to Apple CarPlay than their beloved Corolla. Oh yeah, reliability and resale value….blah-blah-blah.

    Le Juventino

    Nice detailed review guys , i hope u can reach 1 million subscribers

    Shafiq ud din

    Haron cheack must in reviews mason


    love the color…


    I want those wheels for my LX. Good video guys!

    Ameer Hamza

    Please review civic sedan LX and touring!


    you should start memorising your script instead of just reading off it, it's really unprofessional

    Charlie Montero

    Great review as always very detailed I don't like the sound of the engine when u accelerate too loud but this car has a lot of good features. Drew looking good in this sunny weather

    The unique channel

    That fan noise dude holy shitaki!

    The Car Crazy Guy

    Just purchased a Type R 🏁 🚗

    Ruth Balladares

    Yay Honda is making improvements!! Great video❤️👍🏽😃

    Ready For Pushback

    Love the car… but when you ask your brother to shoot footage while you are going over the door trim… he shouldn’t be doing it with a gun!!! 😂😂 #shootinginthebackground

    Raphah Shophar

    That's the Craziest engine I have even seen!🤯🧐

    George Nieves

    Was gonna get the sport. But since it's a base model with just a hatch. I based for a jetta r line. Same price and has more features

    Valjune G

    Great video gentleman!! That is good to hear ya'll thought the Honda CVT had less of a simulation feel compared some other CVT's. Have ya'll drove the Honda 2.0T Accord Sport w/10 speed transmission yet? The 2019 Accord Sport 2.0T w/10 speed transmission MSRPS at $31,630 but who pays MSRP so price can easily be talked down toward the cost of this fully loaded Civic touring hatch, especially toward end of year. More power about same price.😎😄🤑

    Logan Cotton

    awesome review guys keep up the good work


    I prefer 6 speed auto than CVT 🙁


    It seems to let a good bit of road noise through. I made this face when I heard the sunroof open 😬 I think it needs a visit to the service department before the customer takes delivery. I like the car a lot except the CVT. How do you think this compares to the Mazda3 hatch?

    Dom Jr

    Is it available with a manual transmission ???

    Miguel Ircontar

    I’m sorry but the back of the hatchback is over styled and busy
    The New corolla hatchback looks more tamed

    Kelvin Ng

    Bass seemed rather weak for an upgraded system


    “What’s going on youtubeeee” I don’t know why but that one liner hits the spot every time.

    The Eye Mixer

    Good informitive rebiew how old r u guys

    Maria Abundez

    5th or 4th love this channel

    Instant health Man

    Corolla hatch vs civic hatch

    Darrion Tunstall

    It looks alright, it sets low, I need something that sets higher because I’m 5’3 I wish I was 6’4!! I love the lane watch Camera.

    George R

    Nice car you're reviewing there I had the 2017 Civic hatchback with a CVT it was a pretty nice car but that transmission is garbage especially if things get a little hot from running it hard. Now I have the 2019 SI much more satisfied the 1.5 turbo motor is a beast ktuner it runs so much better I'm very happy with my purchase

    Piyush Meherchandani

    Hey y’all still waiting on the Volkswagen Tiguan SEL Premium R Line as I am considering that as a vehicle so hopefully you guys can do that for me! Thanks!

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