Thursday, March 23, 2023

2019 Honda CR-V vs 2019 Toyota RAV4

Main 2019 Honda CR-V vs 2019 Toyota RAV4

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    2019 Honda CR-V Base MSRP range $24150 – $34050 Performance The 2019 Honda CR-V pairs competent acceleration and handling with a luxury-grade …

    morgan williams

    Thought this was a versus video, looked more like a promo video of both vehicles


    RAV4 = much better looking car!


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    Sasha JU

    Video about nothing 😎

    valeri lobjanidze


    Izzan Hachiroku

    Honda please Shut Down

    Izzan Hachiroku

    Toyota is more expensive and more better from Honda

    Giant Regent

    What did Toyota try to invent? There must be crap !! Honda numbers and facts and modern in everything, especially fuel economy technology
    Security is much better and there is no compromise
    Honda has a better future

    Jonny Joe

    Toyota rav 4 is a cocktail of Honda CR-V and Volkswagen Tiguan and Ford escape


    Lexus VIN

    Ibrahim Ansari

    Toyota is the boss here. HANDS DOWN!

    peter luna


    JW Piranesi

    Rav4 so handsome


    rav4 wins in styling

    Y. S. ZALA

    Toyota best

    Raul Garcia

    Hermosas las dos, pero gana la Honda CR V por el motor turbo!!!


    I don't still get it, why RAV4 didn't exist in Indonesia…

    Али Саийад

    Yes rav 4 you’re the best


    Elegan vs sporty

    Soichiro K.

    That Rav4 looks badass. I like it.

    Kelvin Zhang

    Excuse me ,what is the BGM?Thanks!

    Mashriq Afroze Alam

    Honda 😍😍♥️😘



    Waqas Ahmad


    Baba Kurd


Viewing 28 posts - 1 through 28 (of 28 total)
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