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2019 Honda Passport vs. Chevy Blazer — Which Should Be Your Next Family SUV?

Main 2019 Honda Passport vs. Chevy Blazer — Which Should Be Your Next Family SUV?

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    The rugged 2019 Honda Passport and sporty 2019 Chevrolet Blazer are two new intriguing SUVs that seem ripe for people looking for fun vehicles but have …

    Paul M

    Chevy marketing must be high to price this thing thousands higher than a Honda Passport. Honda has a reputation for reliability with one of the best V6 engines in existence. Not to mention Honda’s material quality is so much better. Passport should top at 35k for it most loaded V6 to have a prayer. Even then I take Passport. Only things that let pPassport down are lack of shift level, and that nine speed transmission which I hope is better in this implementation.


    RDX Settled


    You have take into consideration that A lot of people these days who drive have a hard time turning their heads looking over their shoulders. So I am glad to see the cameras.

    Enrique Ruiz

    Neither!!!!! Passport is for grandparents and the Blazer is overpriced


    50k for a blazer? LOL Those things are going to be deeply discounted, for 50k go get a X3 or discounted X5 or something along those lines, not a Chevy…


    the real test should be which one will last the longest after the warranty is over , which makes the Honda Passport the clear winner

    James Scott

    That's a Blazer?!? Only by the label. Take it out and roll it in a swamp. Wait, don't pollute the swamp. Just take it to a crusher.

    Panos DX

    Why there is a reviewer with a British accent reviewing 2 vehicles exclusively designed for the US market? Did Edmunds run out of American reviewers? And yes we want to see more reviews and subscribe etc but we also don't want to listen and read between the lines of what is said. Come on Edmunds. (And no, this is not a pro-much-american MAGA comment). I simply want to understand clearly what is been said about 2 vehicles intended for the US market.


    “The fact that you …” called it the Pilot at 19:51 tells you how forgettable the car really was. These two are absolutely biased. No wonder you do not see them on film too often. Elana where are you?

    Vel Boone

    The Honda looks bland an cheap… I'll take the Blazer.


    Chevy tarnishing the Blazer name…

    Amtrak 2523

    Chevy blew it with this SUV. Too expensive and not very good.😡 I bought a Pilot.

    Skatman John

    "Ask Porsche". Yes ask them about the vehicle that saved their company and is what ultimately led to this sport SUV segment. This guy is retarded


    low beltline and large glass windows is a feature i hope all suvs go back to like the mid 90’s – makes the suvs look so cool – no one wants to sit in a bunker with no outward visibility.

    Ivan Vojt

    Blazer – 29K to 50K+ and Made In Mexico
    Passport – That POS ZF 9 Speed

    Better off with a Pilot but stop at the EX-L.

    Edward Cullen

    SUV = Suddenly Upsidedown Vehicle. I will say it just one more time YOU DON'T NEED AN SUV! My wife and I raised a family and never had anything but compact sedans. Lame sauce.

    Devin Bender

    2021 Ford Bronco II ST!

    Joal Blo

    You called the passport the pilot


    Honda gives you peace of mind. GM gives you piece of sh*t. I want to like GM product…great options, good MPG, comfortable (at first)…but they don't hold up well and will leave you stranded and frustrated at some point. This price point is a no-go right from the start though…terrible.


    I love the comparison of the dip and left hand turn. The Passport is nearly thrown into the K-rail, yet they state that the Blazer is less stable.

    Sure . . .

    Diego Montoya

    I think realistically, the KIA Sorento and Mazda CX-9 are closer to these vehicles than other three row crossovers. If you disagree with that statement, I would invite you to sit in the third row of either of those vehicles for more than 20 minutes. So that being said, they are direct competition to these vehicles. Which means interior build quality and materials quality are being measured by those standards as well. Honda seemed to get the memo on that and Chevrolet did not.


    Holy cow, that Chevrolet Blazer interior is disgusting, what was gm thinking? I knew they were cutting costs when they fired their American workers and closed down the US manufacturing factories to send them to Mexico and China, I didn’t think they fired their interior design team too.

    Both prices for the SUVs are still pretty high, but at least the Passport is easier to stomach.

    So long as the Honda Passport is still being made in America and employing US citizens with well-paying full time jobs it takes the win. Are you out of a job yet?

    Nicholas Smith

    Passport all day every day. It's better engineered, has a nice honest design inside and out, is more practical and user-friendly and gets the details right.

    J Garza

    A better comparison to the Blazer would have been a Mazda CX 9. And you know who would easily win that comparison. That being said, I used to have a Honda Pilot for 3 years that was an excellent vehicle, zero problems. I'm sure the Passport is just as good. Chevy on the other hand, doesn't seem to make great mid or small SUVs anymore.


    $50k for the Blazer is absolutely laughable. Granted prices of cars just keep increasing. But for that money There are tons of better options available.

    Darkivaz – AAA

    50K? I rather get the Santa Fe or the Lexus RX over this POS called GM blazer


    Chevy (and GM more broadly) ALWAYS cheaps out on the trunk area (often the load floor is literally a piece of cardboard), under seat areas, seat rails, etc. You can literally SEE the accountants screaming for each of the program managers to reduce another $0.03 per vehicle (yes, they actually care down to the penny) every time you open the trunk or hatch. SMDH.

    Kenny Bunker

    Cannot buy any Government Motors (GM) products since they closed USA plants and make Mexican vehicles. Honda Passport is a clear winner!


    I’m not a fan of either. The blazer is simply overpriced for what you get. The passport is incredible generic and is laughable for an off-road vehicle.


    Let's see… No and oh hell No (on the blazer). Why are we doing this to ourselves? Why are we playing into the hands of the manufacturer whom now refuse to give great choices and alternatives and hamstring us in to these things. The Passport is mostly acceptable, the blazer is not.

    Josh Miller

    The blazer is nice looking and interior is pretty nice, but that price will need to come down. I still would stay with the passport for the family SUV and I am not a honda fan, so don't think I would take the popular choice. Just me without the family, I would go Blazer with a discounted price.

    Tellie Smith

    It's funny motor trend did the same comparo and the blazer won. they just shitted all over the blazer I would take the blazer blacked out fire

    Norm T

    "…The Blazer is the family vehicle that actually appeals to the whole family, and for that reason it upsets the Honda(Passport)on its home court." 

    I think the Motor Trend staff was weeping when they wrote that!

    Ryan Knight

    So we’re not going to talk about the fact that the Passport has cloth seats and plastic everywhere? I’d rather have the Blazer

    edit: the passport doesn’t have cloth seats, they just look extremely cheap I guess

    A White

    the passport took that bump better ??? im sorry watch again and he honda is heading off to the road to the right and has to be jerked back to save it but hey my grandmother, step mother, lunch lady and church organist love theres so i gotta get in on that and cant get out of chevy dealer not paying sticker but numbers are facts feel is opinon but hey thank god for choices


    BLAZER 🔥


    The Blazer interior is hideous! What is Chevy/GM doing? And $50k?! Almost comical.


    $50k? I'd rather get a Lexus RX

    Brandon Blair

    Either one

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