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2019 Hyundai Tucson – The Forgotten Option

Main 2019 Hyundai Tucson – The Forgotten Option

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    ryan Mosey

    Love the reviews but HATE how many damn times he smacks his lips in the video. So annoying!

    Driving in Arizona

    Surprisingly a lot of people own a Tucson here in Tucson, AZ. What a wonderful place to own one. 😉


    The 2.4 was available before on select trims.

    Jared Jackson

    The piece of plastic on the front right of the grill makes in asymmetrical… What's up with that?

    Richard Taitt

    1.6 Turbo much more fun to drive…dual clutch is not perfect but when it's on it's smooth….i have to say i love my 2017 SE 1.6 Turbo

    William Allen

    I prefer the looks of the pre-refreshed version, especially the rims and the turbo. IDK why but it seems that Hyundai is really making their cars boring looking..but that's just me.


    It sounds like any Hyundai Tucson N would basically be the existing Kia Sportage SX Turbo which retains a turbo 2.0Liter and outperforms the Mazda CX-5 with a 0-60 time of 6.3sec yet gets over 30 mpg on the highway. The 2020 Kia Sportage added adaptive cruise control and is really fun to drive.


    The front kinda looks like a 2019 Ford Edge tbh.

    Dre Wright

    This the only good looking crossover SUV that's left besides the mazda cx-5 reminds me of the 2010 ford escape

    King of sting

    If Hyundai is going to drop the turbo engine, they should of gone with a more charismatic n/a engine. Maybe like 200hp? 7000 rpm redline? Nice sounds? I know people in this segment don't care about that, but would they really notice the 7000 rpm redline though, and the 200 hp, and the nice sounds? So I think they should of put an engine like that in there because most people won't notice but the ones that do will love it.

    Saad Malik

    Hyundai and kia is better than toyota mazda nissan and honda dont get me wrong i still love honda and toyota but look hyundai has better warrantee better design and better futures and better sound system


    Hyundai went with 18" alloy wheels on their Ultimate model this year, a downgrade from 2018. You only get the 19' alloy wheels with a lower trim the Sport model….Very curious and sad move.

    John Holst

    We get much better options in Korea. A 1.6 Turbo gas or diesel with the 7 speed DCT or a monstrous 2L diesel which pumps out 325 ft/lbs of torque mated to their 8 speed. Really wicked power for this size of vehicle.

    Josh Shipman

    audio was weird in the beginning but love i love your reviews long time viewer


    any chance youll look at the rav4 hybrid or mitsubishi phev 2019 models

    Mai Nguyễn

    Very nice I wish the car to go to Vietnam as soon as possible 🙂

    Keith Hogan

    The Lane Keep Assist is on the Value Package and up (just one step up from the base) not the limited and up

    Ongkon Deb

    Im not looking for any small mid sized SUV, im just a dude that likes cars

    Remy D

    There's too much hard plastic than I would like

    ryan fonacier

    hyundai and kia?! nahhh thanks but no thanks!

    Clous von

    Why would you ever buy this over a Camry Accord or Altima , they are more comfortable, better looking, get better mpgs, nicer interiors and quicker ….

    Clous von

    Que the "Hyundai have come along way" comments

    Stevie Wanderer

    Why does almost every journalist have to compare something like this to a sports car. They act like everything has to be sporty in order to be good.

    SWATS 214

    The problem with most compact suvs is the 4 cylinder is too underpowered. Please put 6 cylinders engines in them instead of turbo. I miss my V6 engine that was in my Tribute. I now have a 2018 CX5 which has a weaker engine in comparison.

    Stevie Wanderer


    Kaan Erdem

    Didnt like the refresh, it lost his sharpness

    Gavin Nash

    No this is still top of my list.

    Jorge Tamacas

    I like the Tucson, but mileage could be better if a smaller turbo engine was used 1.6L or 2.0L for example

    Herbert Garcia

    first time i've seen a car with the rear reflectors going from the bumper to the tailgate, making up a total of 4 pieces. cool design.

    Edwin Alfredo

    I think the sorento and santa fe with base engines are faster than this

    Arnulfo Amaris Pumarejo

    But but its just a Hyundai!!! Just kidding, making fun of people. Great review as always

    Daniel Crown

    "There's a very small 3 1/2 mm screen"
    -Sofyan 2019

    He said mm instead of inches

    Joey Takach

    I have the 2016 model and after five months, the transmission went to sh*t’s. This was a major issue with the New redesign 2016 Tucson. After Hyundai replaced the transmission, it has been a good suv. That being said, I’m happy that I have the 1.6 turbo but wish Hyundai would’ve put all these tech updates they put in this 2019 model into the 2016 one. It’s not like this tech update wasn’t available three years ago. Probably just another way for Hyundai to make more money. 🤷🏻‍♂️


    LED interior lighting is actually a huge negative if it is proprietary. It is laughably trivial to swap normal incandescent interior bulbs with YOUR CHOICE of LED bulbs.
    For example, I put extremely warm tinted (phosphor-based amber) for the interior, so the light is usable but does not attract bugs.

    Things get slightly messy for brake bulbs, but it's generally not a huge deal.

    Now, turn signals, can be a bigger mess, due to the decades old per-side (as opposed to per-bulb) dead-bulb detection mechanism, leading to hyper-flashing.

    Brandyn Fowler

    Love your reviews sofyan! I don’t know if it’s me or what but the audio sounds very weird. Also too loud or too close to your mouth? Haha

    Ivan Vojt

    A '19 CR-V AWD Touring is 3,512 lbs. and has more power.


    Hyundai/Kia doesn’t do the kick to open hatch’s, you stand next to it with your key in your pocket for a few seconds and it’ll open automatically.

    Justin Xu

    The RAV4 looks so much nicer! I have the 2019 RAV4 XSE Hybrid! Love it in white! It had the best mpg! I’m getting more than suggested!

    Samuel Chatham

    The Smart Tailgate doesn't involve waving your foot. It's not some shitty Ford. Just stand there. It'll open.

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