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2019 Kia K900: Understated, underrated

Main 2019 Kia K900: Understated, underrated

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    Kia’s large sedan doesn’t just fly under the radar, it’s all but unknown in the luxury automotive space. However, it’s certainly worth your attention, with all-wheel …


    Worst name plate ever….k900? Stupid


    And outdated. ICE cars are history.

    U WUT M8?

    IT'S THE BADGE! the badge will always (say it with me) it will ALWAYS make the car look cheap

    Zak Forte


    Ryan’s Rides

    Awesome looking car inside and out. I can’t wait to buy it in 10 years when it’s worth a quarter of what it is priced at now.


    Man … wear something more appropriate for the videos .. “luxury car” then maybe a shirt instead of this


    I’m glad Antuan shaved his beard.

    Christopher Leamons

    I like the handheld tablet docking capability; front & center of the dashboard.

    Alex B

    Good review Twan.

    J CR

    When they killed the V8 they also killed the already paltry sales. I leased a 2015 for that reason alone. Never again. The horrible dealership experience is enough to keep upscale consumers away FOREVER!

    yahir resendiz

    Hate when car reviewers have a lisp

    aj X

    I bought a G90 for me and a K900 for my wife.


    This car is meant as an advertisement for the Kia brand. They sell very well in Asia/Middle East/Russia, it costs very little to apply for sales license here in USA and ship a few hundred in a month, they don't expect to outsell the S-class. Especially to badge-snob Americans.

    Paul M

    Looks good but I never see these in the wild. They should use this platform and make a Tahoe competitor, bet then they can sell. People don’t buy these low riders when they can get a Tahoe or Suburban.

    Charles Duran

    Not selling in the U.S. , But I would buy one if it had a optional V8

    Miguel Angel Medina Rise

    Didn't they only sell like 800 of these last year ?


    Kia needs to improve their dealership experience, it's a horror show.

    Abdullah Senani

    No mileage and pricing?




    Its luxury and comfort combined with reliability. Germans usually don't hit all three in full.

    Reginald Sharma

    60k for a kia….

    Kuya Arbee

    But Kia dealers are crap! Utter trash’ save your money and get the Genesis cousin instead!

    Naveen Kumar

    This pile of junk will never be able to hold a candle to Lexus when it comes to reliability.

    D D

    I'll buy one in a year for $20'000 lol

    The Real Cigar Jefe

    responsible for the 100th like…


    I'll get one in about 3 years when it cost about half…nice car though.

    ilqar ilyasov

    Basically a Mercedes replica

    toufik lebcir algeria

    Nice video 👍👍💚

    Dhruba Dasgupta

    Probably not NSA, lmao


    2015-2016 K900 used are about 20-30k. Great deal if you can get one with V8 and extended warranties.


    Chauffeur option seems a little unnecessary; I mean if you are paying a chauffeur you aren't riding in a Kia.

    Random Videos

    U lispy bastard but we love ya anyways ☺️


    I love it


    0:28 that's an understatement. I like to think I've got a pretty good map on what's going on in the automotive industry, and I thought kia had stopped making this car.

    Ryan Travers

    I commented on one of your other videos I think you do an amazing job thank you very much it's in entertaining to watch you work you are real and people can see it


    That thing is ugly as all hell, leave the luxury cars to the Germans.


    Resale value drops like a Stuka dive bomber. Great deals used 😆

    Bong Lim

    Nice but this won't sell in the SUV obsessed American market Good review

    Everett Kim

    Looks nicer than the a8 and 7 series tbh

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