Wednesday, March 29, 2023

2019 Lexus IS 350 F-Sport – Clinging Onto The Past

Main 2019 Lexus IS 350 F-Sport – Clinging Onto The Past

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    Hope everyone had a great weekend! Stay tuned for some fun bloopers at the end of this video. There was also a slight audio hiccup at 17:37 where our main mic cuts out because the battery died but thankfully, our backup mic picks up the rest and only last for about 30 seconds. How would you like to see Lexus reinvent the Lexus IS for the next generation? We see this car using the twin-turbo 3.5L V6 from the LS 500 and 10-speed transmission. Hopefully, Lexus doesn't disappoint in the coming years whenever a new generation is introduced!

    eric yang

    i really wish the 350s came with just rwd. i would buy it in an instant

    Randy Summers

    Watch out for them VA state troopers. If you got out of state tags drive 1 MPH below the speed limit.


    It’s kinda sad you can get a Mazda that’s nicer for like 10k less…


    Everyone complaining about the car being out dated…sometimes old and simple is just better for daily functionality. These cars don’t need all that super fancy shit to make it a great vehicle. That’s what Lexus is all about imo

    C M

    Geez, who would buy this old thing? Talk about OLD

    chuck mak

    Which is worst Acura TSX or Lexus IS?


    only people drinking Toyota reliability kool-aid will buy this

    I Downvote All Ads

    Whoever approved those headlights and grille was on drugs.
    The rest of the car actually looks great and seems to be a great, fun vehicle.

    Chris Rock

    Needs a rear spoiler? Really. ill let you sleep on that one. The truck is shaped as a spoiler, and not a tiny one

    K M

    Had one for an Uber. Sardine back seat. Absolutely terrible value on the interior vs some lower car brands at the moment. Same w/ the UX.


    how the hell did they make the already not-so-great head light worst??


    Would rather have a Genesis G70 3.3T over this.

    Double__ De

    I hope they remain non turbo for the V6 and V8 we want cars to last


    ehh not a fan of the exterior

    Antti Valkama

    IS is overstyled and underpowered sports sedan. Sorry, Lexus, you must try harder

    Tyler Beeson

    My family had the GS350 AWD and it had the same Powertrain, infotainment, etc. I absolutely LOVED the engine, it sounds incredible and I beat the shit out of it with zero complaints. The transmission was the weakest link on performance. It shifted great, but it was spaced almost like a 4 Speed auto. If it had the 8 speed it would feel MUCH faster and more modern. The best 0-60 I could get on the 17’ AWD GS was about 5.7, brake boosting it to like 2500 rpm. The gap from first to second is terrible. The replacement car was a C300 AMG Line and the interior kills the Lexus. The transmission is MUCH better and so is the infotainment. But I miss the NA V6 linear power and noise. The C300 is a decent bit faster feeling though, despite being about the same rated.


    I’m really ok with boring. Lexus is downright reliable, dependable, and durable compared to any of its competitors.

    Pete N

    That lexus looks hot in red!!

    Ryan Wu

    Can you do the 2019 RC next?

    Jake Kennedy

    I was looking at these a couple years ago but there’s very few IS350s out there I noticed. The base engines just weren’t even interesting as base German engines

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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