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2019 Lexus LC500 V8 | Split Personality Disorder

Main 2019 Lexus LC500 V8 | Split Personality Disorder

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    We do a quick review and follow up on the new 2019 Lexus LC500 to see if the subtle improvements from our last tests made the car better or worse. The market …

    Cyril Matthew


    michael efferson

    Its seems like in your relatively recent reviews, you've mentioned things along the lines of "best car I've ever driven" (obviously I'm paraphrasing). Those recent reviews were the M2 and Toyota Supra, and now you've said it about the LC500. I know you're not just saying it just to say it because you're not that kind of reviewer. Do you truly think some manufactures are finally just getting it right?….engineers are putting forth more effort?….the only manufactures left making cars are the ones that actually care about them so they'll be trying hard to make it right anyways?…..etc?

    Chris D

    Hey i was actually contemplating getting this car.


    This car must certainly make the driver feel special or something. Every single one I’ve seen on the road has been driven like it’s been stolen.

    Crypto King

    4 commercials in 4 minutes you got to be kidding me unsubscribe


    God I do love the LC500, well aside from that curb weight it's such a small car when you see it in person how it weighs 4400lbs is just beyond me.
    If it weighed 3500-3700lbs it would have been an amazing car by ever metric.


    This is no match compared to the Geo Metro Cabriolet


    More of this guy pls. Excellent reviewer.

    Logan Waddell

    “It really tickles my rectum”

    Christopher James Manalili

    Are they the same person?


    damn that is one big laptop at the end there

    Reto ‘Aadiyat

    LC500 for suit & tie moments.
    A90 for all out moments.
    GT86 for daily.


    Idk for some reason, I keep thinking this was the kind of car Supra could've been. Albeit this one is bigger with a V8 instead of an I6.

    André Lima

    This car is nasty man
    For the price….it's the best luxury gt.


    I suppose Lexus could have solved the shift logic by letting me decide- with a manual shift option- see, problem solved. Still, there's no way in hell, I'm spending 100K on any car. ever. Too many other great used options out there. thanks for the post!

    Shaiheim McRae

    I love the titles and channel style. You should make a tv show, and not just for cars I’m serious lol


    My dream car

    Healy Chen

    Solid job, Jack! You've got a good voice for narration, too, should that be a thing in the future on this channel.


    Man, if it isn't stunning to look at though. Gorgeous!

    wayne h < love the look of this Lexus lc 500

    Hong Situ

    If you have $100k to spend and wants and likes the car, why does need to "fit" or justify itself? If you want it you want it. No one "needs" a $100k car so lets be real here.

    James Hart

    does it come with Turbowski approved diapers


    What the ft1 was based on and what should have been the platform for the new supra, just like the sc300 and the a80 .


    No feedback from a lexus steering? That's weird…

    john doe

    Superb editing!… as usual. I'm a fan of your work. You Sir, with your honesty and down to earth comentary, are a breeze of fresh air in this era of giant companies and equally giant buys/bribes. Hats off to you, SIr. Greetings from Portugal.


    Jack Singapore is a great speaker and reviewer like Mark and everyone else from the channel. No muss, no fuss, just honest opinions

    Bo Han

    Having seat massage option on this car IS outrageous.  Come on man…..


    So Toyota could afford to make this low volume car in house, yet they could not make the Supra in house due to low volume???? F—K you Toyota! You had a chance to make a legend and you blew it!


    where is scott turbowski?


    wait wait wait, what is the gearbox made again?

    james sisoutham

    They make seem like 500 hp is not enough . What car they driving. If you want more hp then you pay more money. And can also upgrade the eganie

    Purple Giraffe

    Why do people think its a sports car?


    Lexus out Aston Martined Aston martin.

    Peter Green

    new BMW 340i is better in almost everything. (except reliability and sound)

    Derrick Medina

    After about 10 years you won't be wishing for the other car. In fact you'll be glad that you have had this car all of that time. We still have our 02 SC430. It is still as sporty, luxurious, and comfortable as day one. It still works as it did on day one. I know someone who lasted 8 months in a Corvette. The shifting, the rattling, the bumps, and everything else…for 10 years? I think not.

    Andie the Lab

    what a great review! I can't wait for us to get this to Lab Mom test!

    zachary paris

    i can’t believe this car doesn’t have rectum ticklers in the seats. i’m out.


    I like this idea of follow up reviews. To revisit a car and see if your experience has changed your view or if you still think the same of it

    Kevin S

    Jack Singapore is literally Asian Mark. Can we call him Asian Mark?

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