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2019 Mazda3 Review | Why So Serious?

Main 2019 Mazda3 Review | Why So Serious?

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    We review the new Mazda3 AWD, FWD, Sedan and Hatchback in a technical video that focuses on quality over quantity. If you want to learn more about the …


    One of the best reviews for the Mazda 3… insane amount of details… down to how bushings affect ride quality? damn give me more!

    Tam Nguyen

    Great video!!!

    Chee Hoe, Foo


    Carlos Fragoso

    Not many reviews I've seen and read nails the sound system differences, where do you find those Mazda presentation sheets, the info seems interesting.


    I want one so badly, but rusting history stops me from doing so, where I live there is a decent amount of salt on roads during winters and I fear it will not hold up for long. Are there any improvements in this area?

    immanuel gulardi

    French kiss for the pedal?
    Wow….that's a new trend…

    Vince Fernandez

    Wow. This car seems PREMIUM. And not your garden variety premium. It's more of a PREMIUM kind of premium. The interior design looks very premium. The body design is also really premium looking. I can't wait to test drive this new Mazda 3. I have a feeling it will be …premium!

    ABC Garage

    Production quality wow


    Q would you rather have a multi-link rear we didn't bother to tune or a torsion bar we didn't need to tune?
    A Ummm No.

    Pyloric Man

    Man. I love the deep end.


    Mazda is the Anti-Tesla thesis of the automotive industry and I fucking love it. The quality, the engineering, the design etc… Kudos Mazda, still want an EV or hybrid type at some point though 😉

    Marco Sorio

    Refreshingly satisfying and immersive review complete with graphical illustrations. Keep it coming! Nice work 💯

    Kristian Hermann

    Come to Canada. We get lots of M/T options 😊

    Dat Guy
    William Hill

    all that detail minus reminding us how much horsepower and how much the hatchback weighs.

    Jesse Chao

    If the AWD is so good, will I sacrifice a lot of the driving dynamics if I go with FWD to have the manual?

    Steve Pro

    bummed that theres no manual awd…

    Jesse Chao

    I rode an emotional roller coaster when he said “…wide ass-pect ratio screen “


    Between this, the Forte and the Corolla, is this one your favorite? Would be cool to see a little comparison video of the three, you spoke so highly of each one.

    Steve Pro

    savagegeese is the only independent reviewer worth watching.

    CW Walker

    Wow, what quality review and video.

    Ravi Teja

    Went for a test drive today in the new Mazda 3 awd hatch…. Overall it's a good car but I felt it's a bit under powered… Other than that it's a really great car… Maybe if there was a turbo option with more hp, I would have gotten it right away

    Jesse Lox

    Oh god that goldfish needs like 5 times more space :/ great review tho

    Julian Liu

    Can you review the tesla model 3

    Joseph Young

    Can I subscribe twice?

    Guillermo Monroy

    Would you take a GTI over this?

    T W

    muy bueno!


    More detailed videos like this one would be great. I'm not a connoisseur and I enjoyed very much. Still waiting for the hats.

    Tim Z

    6:36 LOL. not what I thought I saw the first time .


    Man I hope you get paid very well for what you do cause this was by far the best car review I’ve ever seen. Definitely subscribing

    H W

    The engine sounds like my 2 liter. It still sounds like a Mazda. I am not sure the rest of the package sells me on it. Excellent video. Thank you.

    Antoine Maxima

    Even though it has no power, the fact that it is more refined makes it a better car. I would take a refined slow car over an unrefined fast car in a heartbeat.

    sayeed hossain

    tremendous review


    Thank you for this video. I am not a driving enthusiast, but am looking at trading on my Kia Soul+ for this car thanks to a recommendation from a friend. This looks like a great upgrade from what I am driving and the price for this sedan is very competitive. Your review was extensive and seemed to be coming from a unbiased point of view.


    It felt a bit like an infomercial at times, but I do appreciate the technical details and honesty… another big thumbs up from me!
    Oh btw can you have a word w/ them about that DAMN black gloss plastic in the highest traffic area!!!

    David W

    This feels like a 30 minute advertisement, regurgitating the entire Mazda press briefing.
    Are you afraid of losing your access to future releases if you criticise the car or question some of the “improvements”


    Good review. Nice camera work too.

    Ben With1N

    That snow performance is bonkers! If Mazda, keeps up this level of design and engineering I am highly likely to be a repeat customer when I'm ready to replace my 6.

    Rajat Dixit

    Premium Device..Lol I see what you did there!

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