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2019 Mercedes-AMG C43 Wagon Review – Sorry America…

Main 2019 Mercedes-AMG C43 Wagon Review – Sorry America…

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    Sign the Petition – We go for a drive in the 2019 …


    Sign the petition!!!

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    Stephen Lane

    Guys you've got a lot of UK fans, play to them! Loving your channel = great content!

    David Kutschke

    That petition wouldn't work at all. This is 'Merica, if it ain't a big truck or big SUV people wont buy it. We barely get sedans any more.

    Jake Kennedy

    Jealous! That’s alright though, still rather be American 🇺🇸


    please come to germany and hit the autobahn 😀 i really want to see that faces of joy 😀


    OMG!!!!!! I love this Awesome rocket …

    Damian C

    Not a fan of Mercedes as of late, but this one really caught my eye at this year's Toronto auto show. Helps that it was in matte grey, which looks amazing. Good luck keeping it clean though.

    If my wife had no say in the matter, I'd get this as our next long term family car.


    Look like I will have to fly to Canada buy one and drive it back down to the US


    It’s a shame that only Europe gets the C63s Wagon … feel sorry for you in North America

    andrew yang

    1:55 did yuri just design the next generation Honda CR-Z

    Michal Klucz

    "Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!" (reference check?) now I want TWO C43.. one cabrio, with analogue displays, and one family wagon, for my family…


    Long live the long roof.


    That's just a longer ct200h

    Sic Semper Beats

    that sounds like a VQ i swear…anyway this is a hard pass, even though it costs twice as more im taking the e63 wagon, that shit is extreme

    Cervelo R5

    For 76k, Id rather get base E400 wagon. For using on public road I find my E400 wagon has more than enough power for use on public roads.

    ~simply scroll`

    That cracking sound❤️

    Malik Browning

    Why you violated the US like that 🥺

    David Kutschke

    I only wash with brushes. Touch-less never gets my car clean enough, a good well maintained soft touch does such a better job getting all the salt off.

    Forgotten Autos

    Sorry? We don't want this FakeMG anyways…

    A Polar Bear On Youtube

    Lmao at 2:32 the flags

    Jacques jr Roy

    This is not a real AMG, because I can afford it!

    Nick Yang

    What happened to Tim Hortons?

    Paul M

    Another lowrider super expensive ride. This channel is losing touch with reality. Get back to driving real trucks and SUVs. May be try a King Ranch or RAM big horn. So tired of all these irrelevant vehicles.

    Ralph Sarks

    Please review the Chrysler 300 some time. Or some dodges

    The Technical Panda

    Hey question for you guys , Mercedes Benz,bmw Audi what is your favorite

    Amin Haq

    AUDI are really missing the market by Not selling there RS4/RS6 in the Americas.


    What a great morning ! Thanks for the review , that’s how every Friday should start !


    0:22 oh Yuri nailed this one again (as always)😂😂

    Martin Allen

    A sorter suspension setup makes my cars feel more fluid and less crashy

    Eric Hampton

    If I were married with children, I would definitely join the fast car wagon movement! Hashtag this isn't your grandpa's station wagon.

    Artem R

    All dislikes are Americans pissed off

    Epic mediocrity

    Round tip here!

    Ho Lee Fok

    This V6's "AMG" is like M packed and S line. on competencia.

    m3 h

    Where was 0-60 time

    Tha Saw


    Adam Smith

    America always gets the crappy cars . almost makes me want to move to a country with out SUVs and trucks

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