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2019 Mercedes-AMG E53 Coupe Review – Is it a Real AMG? Does it Even Matter?

Main 2019 Mercedes-AMG E53 Coupe Review – Is it a Real AMG? Does it Even Matter?

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    We go for a drive in the 2019 Mercedes-AMG E53 Coupe Support us on Patreon: Become a YouTube Member!


    So is it a real amg? Does it matter? Worth it over the E400?


    You guys got to review the E63 wagon again for shits and giggle.

    J Segal

    I dislike the 3rd window on the side, and the only time i open the window is at Burger King. The DLO is way overdesigned and makes the coupe look like a stubby sedan.

    Abdulla Ali

    So Mercedes actually know that this two doors sporty car is “Coupe”, then why are they calling their weird GLC and big 4 doors “coupes” too.


    You have to fog out the Tim Horton's now? What? Also great review. Was looking at this car as a replacement for my Camaro SS


    Why did they blur that Tim Horton's cup? Very un-Canadian .

    Leonardo Caycho

    It not hand built? Ew


    I like the in between cars as long as you go into it knowing what you are getting. They seem easier to live with daily and cost less.


    only 8 hp more than a 45s…. with 50% more cylinders, amg is weird


    Review the Lamborghini Aventador Jakub gonna go insane in that

    EZCompany Collectibles

    Guess it's for the more frugal…amg… drivers? To me it's all about that c63s amg

    Marcus Palao

    Personally love the sound of a straight 6 over a V6


    Im not even going to lie, i have been watching your reviews for a long time and didn’t even know i wasn’t subscribed. Well i am now and keep up the good work guys.

    Also can you get your hands on a fully loaded Ram 1500 limited and some of the new updated 2500’s?

    Jan Stephan

    The lights inside look like you would image a vietnamese brothel.


    Why was the tim hortons cup blurred?

    Piotr Myszkorowski

    Price tag is honestly ridiculous – the Mercedes mark-up is way to high and the fake exhaust is pathetic.

    Antoine Gagnon

    Review the chevrolet line-up, Bolt,Volt, Spark

    Mon’o Force

    No its not…

    Mark Day

    I like the black interior. Wheels are also nice, I'll never understand the all black wheels. They just look like NOTHING in the wheel wells, just my old man thoughts.

    Felipe MauTei

    Like for a world with more "b-pilarless" cars


    They need to make an e63s coupe


    You guys are killing it, really glad i found your channel, two car guys driving and sharing their experience in a fun way. keep up the good work. Thank you.

    Peter Maduoma

    The Bentley Conti GT does not have a B-pillar

    Mr. Reese

    Ah yes, pillarless E-Class coupe with fully disappearing windows, that reminds me of…my '93 E-Class coupe! 😀 And don't forget the very important belt delivery system.

    I don't like the tall body lines of newer vehicles, it looks so bulky instead of sleek.

    Samuel Fernandes

    Pretty unnecessary car. It exists only to cash in on appeal and exclusivity of the AMG brand. The long term affect is pretty much that no one will bat an eye seeing an “AMG” car anymore since practically every car will be AMG no matter what the specs

    Billy Hughes

    Black on Black — love it! "Always bet on black!!" Meh with this car — I'll take a Golf R thanks.

    Geert Wilders

    Pressed STRAIGHT away

    Pedro Monteiro

    Recent research as proven no B pillar is the ultimate kind of flex

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