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2019 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn Review – The Mercedes S Class for Cowboys

Main 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn Review – The Mercedes S Class for Cowboys

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    Download the Kijiji Autos app: We go for a drive in the 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn Support us on Patreon: …


    Is this one of the nicest interiors in a truck? Or just one of the nicest interiors ever?

    Ross Peeler

    When soyboys review man vehicles.

    SoCal W212

    My Dads new S Class was over 150k. Please don’t compare the interior of a cheap Ram to it. Thank you

    Camilo Pianzola

    I don't know why they didn't mention this but the infotainment on this gen of Ram has this really annoying voice that talks to you to inform you on certain things. It's probably not the worst in most cases but working my valet job we park trucks in a closed off garage. It's not underground or even that sealed (theres some barred off windows) but every time I pull one of these trucks in it goes "GPS signal lost" I can imagine hearing that every day on a commute that happens to go through a tunnel could get frustrating. I also recall one guest's Ram for some reason barking the same alert every 15 seconds and that got really annoying really fast. If you're not a fan of infotainments with built in voices this truck might give you a headache unless you can turn the voice off which I'm sure you can.

    Ken Liew

    Toyota Tundra 1974 edition?

    Jacob B Walters

    Volvo has Yachting editions for some of its vehicles- the XC40 I know for sure offers it as a package

    Tony Clifton

    Hobby? Its a way of life


    "Ramcharger". Yeah, up to speed reference 😂

    Rocko Maserati

    Wow! I'm in love!

    M. Beltrán

    The king ranch you dumb asses

    Furness Prime

    Generic; lol, so damn generic.


    I'll take my RAM to the ole town road and drive till I can't no more…..

    B 747

    HEY be more pro a rolls Royce ???? By the way as usual yogi is looks like he just woke up !!!!!

    Ace of Spades

    The Free Candy Pedo box van is a "hobby" vehicle of sorts.

    Aidan Kindall

    This is your grandpa's truck.

    Daniel Colucci

    If my legacy is modded to go to the track, and has a bunch of parts to make it go fast at the track, does that mean its got a theme? Asking the real questions lol


    But is it reliable? Nop it is not. They are geniuse by hiding the unreliability of their engines with all this fancy tech. I have yet to see a car review channel point out the reliability of the vehicle overall 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ nice interior but what's the point if at 50k to 60k miles the vehicle won't run.

    Charles Stevens

    Ford ranger “splash”

    Jacob Rolls

    The next trim up is the Limited which is exactly a long horn interior but all black and or a choice with creamy white seats, also pretty sure in the limited the roof is suede. And boys you forgot to mention the 19 speaker harmon kardon sound system, it’s disturbingly nice.

    Kolin Martz

    Y’all forgetting about the surfer themed new beetle?

    David Taylor

    The tire and wheel combo are horrible but I'm sure that can be fixed.
    Cwboyee is now a word.

    Muzzammal Alvi

    Yuri's plan to improve Maserati interiors is pasta

    FCA take notes.

    Jack Rotter

    3 things… 1. I'd take this over an S class for good enough luxury and way more practicality, 2 you guys are right, every one says "Its still FCA" and now it's like no S#!% its FCA but just look at that, its better than what you got lol. And 3, Jeep wranglers had a bunch of specific special editions with the JK model, such as the Call of Duty edition(gamers) polar and backcountry edition(winter sports athletes) chief and islander editions(beach/retro lifestyle).

    Shae Robert

    The Pontiac Stinger concept was the first thing that came to mind when it comes to themed cars. The thing was supposed to come with 2 vacuum cleaners, a portable radio, coolers in the door panels, a hose, portable stove, etc. Basically everything you could ever need for a beach trip. Great video once again boys!


    VW Polo Harlequin for all the clowns in here =O)

    Jacob Gordon

    There was a beach themed jk Jeep Wrangler. It was light blue

    Logan Knighten

    The eco light is the Hemi's MDS (Multi Displacement System). Mostly only comes on during highway cruising, deactivating 4 cylinders to save fuel. In the last gen with the 6 speed auto you could actually hear when it switched.

    Jesús Chaidez

    My big if, is the reliability

    Thugz Angel

    I wish the could build a 7-8 seater full size SUV base on this platform and we will have a full size SUV way batter than Cadillac Escalade.

    Mitch Ward

    What about the Hyundai Kona Iron Man edition? It does come with exclusive interior stuff and a believe a change in the gauge cluster, shoutout Hyundai UK for letting me have a look around

    Jack Laskowski

    This truck uses all these real materials, wood, metals etc… and yet a Sierra or F150 are still using plastic garbage. I hate my Suburban interior with all its fake wood


    What's the percentage of these that will actually be used for hauling anything but groceries

    K Clark

    It's probably the best for a truck but I struggle with the Sclass comparo just because there are levels of leather in the Mercedes and you can't tell me that's Exclusive Nappa level leather in that truck. It goes to show that the Americans can put together a great interior but it'll cost ya. Interesting how this 48v system has been introduced heavily in German lux vehicles and now suddenly in a Ram? Still a hotline between Mercedes and Chrysler?

    jordan shaw

    review a one wheel

    Jordan Graf

    Cowboy is a hobby? Lol

    Seth K Johnson

    People think the Ram 1500 Lamamie Longhorn is big. It's a full size but not big. A 3500 is a little bigger. The guy who plows my driveway has an F350. You should Google Ford SuperCruiser Truck. I Dare You😂😂😂😂 It's kinda Big.

    Roman Chyshkevych

    Can y'all explain why you have to blur out the logo now? Did they threaten you?

    Adam Ibrahim

    the gauges remind me of a cowboy themed pinball machine, and the numbers on the gauges look like GTA 5 font

    Peter S

    Eco mode has nothing to do with the mild hybrid. It's the MDS system that ram has had for years. Not sure if it's on the v6

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