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2019 Ram 2500 Review and First Drive – Better Than Ever? | Edmunds

Main 2019 Ram 2500 Review and First Drive – Better Than Ever? | Edmunds

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    Edmunds editor Travis Langness takes the new 2019 Ram 2500 out to see just what this rig has to offer. It has a fresh design, a high-tech user interface, and the …

    Jesus Guerra

    People are talking about ram being unreliable. But they don't mention what is unreliable about it.

    George GodMan

    I keep hearing how much the 3500 can tow and haul but never with the 2500, yes we know that it can tow 35,000 lbs or something like that but can the 2500 tow 35,000 lbs I'm looking on getting one but I don''t need a 3500 duelly.


    Where is the work truck with a manual transmission?

    chris calomino

    Does it have a teliscopic steering wheel like 1500?

    Bruce Springsteen

    Why the hell do you not want diesel clatter? Get a gasoline engine.

    Marco Renteria

    I can't wait to buy one..


    Did he just sayClanky diesel noise? Isn't that why we buy these trucks?? Lol any car guy wants to hear that whistle and clanky sound! Am I wrong?

    Mark El-Zawahery

    great truck but your review is very vague and not really helpful , you just spit words without going deeper , no numbers, no comparisons , no side by side figures, looks like you're just reading slides from their ads in front of you lol we need edmunds to be a car CRITIC all you say is "theyve upgraded this, theyve made that lighter, theyve worked on this , theyve made that better bla bla bla"
    No hate really i adore the truck but when i click on a car review i want a deeper understanding of how its better and overall precise details.


    The 2500 badge on the hood looks horrible.


    It looks awesome. As far as reliability we'll have to wait and see. I have heard about some problems with the 1500. I know that Cummins straight 6 will be indestructible though. Theres a reason the big rigs use straight 6 engines.

    Lino Vasquez

    Can’t wait till a sport option is available for this truck 🤙🏻

    Mopar Charger

    I don’t know why im watching this, can’t afford it lol.

    Spaz Austin

    By the time you can get one, the new 2020 fords will be on sale…..ram fail


    Uses the old cab structure, so not brand new

    WantSome Mor

    When do they go for sale??

    Jon Scott

    I wasn't into getting a truck until I took a look at this at the auto show.

    Jason Parham

    It’s an engine, not a motor… just saying.

    Neo Craft

    Reminds me of what Dodge did in 1994 with the all new Ram body style and interior. A home run hit out of the ballpark then and looks like one now again finally!! This is one sexy truck!


    Nice review, but someone tell Elaina we miss her!


    I keep waiting for someone to say you can cook with your slow cooker on the way home for the holidays as a joke. I’ve done that though 🙂

    Gustavo Angel Hernández Estrada

    The 1500 I am beautiful but this 2500 the exterior is orrible but even so it is my favorite for the size, capacity and interior!😎💪👌

    Turd Ferguson

    That's a beautiful truck, it's a shame that it's built by the most unreliable car company.

    wayne owen

    Nice review of a well engineered and designed truck. RAM has done a great job on this one, amd just because they use the older body/bed, it still is a great truck. 2020 will change all that, as the HD's will be manufactured in Detroit.

    Eric Sanchez

    370 HP is WACK!!!!!!


    I've always wondered if English was the first language for the person who decided "Limited" would be stamped everywhere on a truck that includes everything.

    Huy Do

    I absolutely love what FCA has done w/ Ram interiors. Didn't think they had it in them. It's a thing of beauty inside and out.
    And so is Travis! So fine.

    Bry Guy

    Better than ever but still a Chrysler ! A new Tundra will be released and put this unreliable junk out to pasture!!

    Paul Shultz

    Why won’t you just tell us the fuel economy you’re getting in the test??????

    Misael Guerrero

    You can fit an 18pack in the middle console

    grandpa5x Pulliam

    Can’t tell the difference between an engine and a motor, an engine runs on a source of fuel creating work, a motor runs on a external source of energy, I.e. electricity, pneumatic, hydraulics to do work. Another college educated idiot.

    Ron Dail

    Damn, that interior looks great.

    Leonard Rice

    Ive never trusted ram . They dont last ….those new trucks from GM however, are very interesting….
    I dont need or want that touch screen in a hd ram , it looks like future headaches waiting to happen.


    Flatten the back seat and you got a bed


    My dream truck for 2021. Lol But being a Toyota fan I'm waiting in suffering as I'm dreaming of a Toyota Tundra complete overhaul in 2021. I can wait couple years before deciding on a $60k+ truck. Hopefully Toyota will incorporate diff locks, some of the tech from the Land cruiser, does a nice interior along with 30mpg and we will have a winner.
    Nothing impressive is it? Just catching up to the competition.

    Big Bossman

    ram is kicking ass and taking names ram is taking over the world one truck at a time😎😎

    Vin Diesel’s Husband

    Oh my god he's fine 😍🤤


    When is RAM going to finally release a RCSB 1500? I don't want to pilot a cruise ship daily.. 😖

    Nik Man

    American useless pointless monsters!!

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