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2019 Toyota Land Cruiser: FULL REVIEW | Is it Worth $90K?? ABSOLUTELY!

Main 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser: FULL REVIEW | Is it Worth $90K?? ABSOLUTELY!

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    Let’s REVIEW and DRIVE the 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser! This vehicle is an OFF ROAD LEGEND, but is it still a good choice for just cruising around town?

    Jan Dom

    Isn't this the 2018 land cruiser? This car looks familiar.

    florentino Ariza

    I love this SUV.

    Dody Cooli

    Where is the fuel tank capacity

    junior Bovell Aka legendary

    The best in the world lovely
    I'm so in love toyota land cruiser always the best


    Nice mpg figures

    Viacheslav Valin

    My lovest car!!!

    guy proulx

    The very best money can buy, it's worth every penny and will hold it's value much better than any domestic

    Andrew Langellier

    I get that Toyota doesn’t want to mess with icons but update it with leds and a new infotainment system

    Nobody Cares

    Best SUV in the world, and the real ones know this.

    ƛrslan ƛkhund

    Worth $85 k


    You have to pay monthly fees for those in BMW


    This is the do-it-all vehicle. Getting groceries and hauling kids? Check. Going literally anywhere? Check. Surviving the zombie apocalypse? Check.

    vida a plenitud

    I love land cruiset


    A cash cow for Toyota. No $ invested in upgrades. Charge max dollar because of its capabilities that were top notch when it came out years ago. Some are still superior. It'll last forever, but every repair will cost mega bucks.

    I would like one if it did have some modern touches, since it would be the last vehicle I'd ever need to buy.


    Sorry but materials looks cheap for a 90k car. I rather go for a Audi Q7 or Q8 (or even the LX) — better materials and better features (Infotainment, Nav, Cameras, Safety, Stereo, Power, etc.). And yes, I’ve been a Toyota owner for last 20+ years. But I’m being honest with what I see.

    Ethan Rolve

    intro soundtrack is fire


    Remember the scene in the movie Jurassic park when those tall and huge dinosaurs walked above the actors?
    🦕 This car is that dinosaur 🦕 You floor the gas pedal to show off and that’s $20 on gas right there lol. This car should come with a towable gas tank full of gas free of charge for the life of the vehicle… which will be forever. 👍🏻


    It should cost more.

    Ricky Logan Jr.

    That's a lot of SUV 👀, but this is another excellent review Drew and Mason. Land Cruiser is truly one of a few remaining body on frame SUVs, it'll be interesting to see what the 2020 or 2021 model will look like. Watching this review, I'm surprised a Land Cruiser is something people would buy. Drew, how's your car shopping going?

    Vương Hùng Vũ

    From Vietnam Landcruiser 5.7V8 have price 400.000$

    A.M.D. bike & Car

    Very very nice car. No talk. Just super car it.💓💜💚

    Rlph580 delga

    no apple car play out dated maps at that price point they should updated all that !!!!

    Justin Xu

    LOVE THE LAND CRUISER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST VEHICLE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jayden Stowe

    Love the new video! Love the new Toyota Highlander!! But I love Volvo’s!

    Andrei Bogatsky

    I head a rumor that the upcoming Land Cruiser may have a turbo or supercharged 6 cylinder. The biggest thing against the Land Cruiser other than the price is gas mileage.

    Console Peasant

    Looks like a jacked up 2009 Land Rover

    Bo Han

    Reliable? Yes absolutely but life is too short to be driving the same vehicle for 12+ years.  So for me it's not worth the $90K buying new.

    Humadee Saleh

    Since when does Toyota sell the land cruiser in America

    Jake Stoler

    Im a huge LC fan but Toyota needs to bring this vehicle into the 21st century. There’s NO reason why they can’t add apple carplay, heads up display, panoramic sunroof, multi-contour/massage seats, a more fuel efficient engine, fold flat 3rd row of seats, power running boards, digital dashboard, 5+ usb/usbc ports, one touch folding rear seats, fully powered split tail gate, and nicer trim than cheap silver plastic while still maintaining the legendary reliability and off road prowess. I also counted 4 blank switches which need to be eliminated. These things are expected on every other $85k vehicle – hell even expected on a most 55k vehicles

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