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2019 Toyota RAV4 Vs 2019 Mazda CX-5 – Which One Is The BEST?

Main 2019 Toyota RAV4 Vs 2019 Mazda CX-5 – Which One Is The BEST?

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    mazda all the way. the only thing the mazda needs is a pano sunroof option


    What you think I rap for?? To push a fucking a RAV4?! -Kanye


    That was a dope intro shot

    Vianne :p

    toyota thought they could get away with the prices

    shame on you toyota!

    Phuong Hua

    lake background looks amazing.

    sol man

    "The Mazda feels like something special that an enthusiast would like. The Toyota is like an Appliance" . Lol Lol Lol Lol


    Why is he just saying how good it is to drive it? How come he doesn't say about the cars reliability and durability. All he saying is the icing on the cake.

    Scizz Ayo

    I have a '19 Rav4 and I love it. But, if the town I lived in had a Mazda dealership I probably would have bought one. Both are great vehicles in my opinion.

    Luke, I’m your father!

    No I would never invest $30,000 on a Mazda. We had two and they were junks. Now I invest in Toyotas the last 40 years. Yes I test drove the RAV4 and I thought it was too noisy but that's because I'm 50 years old and I just bought a brand new 2018 Highlander. You know how nice and quiet the Highlander is… right? Yes if you're young you'll pick the Mazda too like my two stupid nephews

    Rlph580 delga

    great review are you gonna review the xc90 ?

    Mike Adams

    Nice video. CX-5 you can choose beep, rumble, or steering wheel vibration for the lane departure warning.

    Lincoln Guy

    Mazda all the way!!!

    Shawn MacLeod

    Mazdas are Garbage . Poorly made , rubbish transmissions , they do not deserve to be reviewed . Especially against anything from Toyota .

    Martin Zwicker

    Apparently you are a bit too young to catch that the white roof on the Rav is a "nod" or "homage" to the most recent generation FJ.

    Mahmoud Hassan

    Toyota is trying to imitate the funkiness of the Volvo XC-40 with the RAV-4! Good that they trying to change thier boring designs and driving characteristics though!


    I want to see these cars base trim since most are buying that or mid level. How many want to pay Toyota $500 for a white top lolol… I'll take the mazda

    dong o

    Wish you did a rav4 2019 comparison against the crv 2019 great job regardless

    Sise Esan

    The Toyota RAV4 Limited version looks cleaner than the Adventure and the Mazda has borderline luxury good looks . Toyota has reliability hands down with practicality, Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 with availability of Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa and the Mazda has style , handling , performance, luxury like interior also with advanced safety features

    da jo

    And Toyota need to get on board with the Android auto

    da jo

    You only like the performances of fast vehicles

    Sergio Ayon

    If you value your money, you will buy the Toyota RAV4. It's reliable, it holds it value really well, and it's great on gas. Toyotas will last you for more than 20 years without major problems with giving them their proper maintenance.


    When comparing the cargo space, I know the Toyota has a trunk floor that can be lowered. Do you know whether the cargo for the the Toyota's is calculated with the floor in the lowered position or at regular level like the mazda

    Dennis Canfield

    Right, a 40k family, everyday driver SUV. How does a couple with kids afford these vehicles? The car market has gotten totally out of hand. Oh, and a Panoramic Sunroof for only another grand or so!

    Supa D

    I'm 6'3" 380 lbs and thought I could easily fit in the RAV4 Hybrid; not so much. So, i tried out the Highlander Hybrid — worse…I'm going to hold out for a '19 X3 in 2020 or an '17 or '18 7 series next year as well.

    Adrian Rimann

    Hi I have a RAV4 trail now I enjoy driving it. Engine have lots of power the 8 spid transmission is smooth. Runs nice araund the curves it is sporty enough for me .the towing capacity 3500lbs is great this is one reason I got one.
    I live in the country and drive lots of gravel roads. The RAV4 trail is a great car for me to drive.

    Jerry McAfee

    I was with Sofyan until he said a fully-loaded '19 RAV4 hybrid would run $42K. Not to nit-pick, but a top-of-the-line '19 RAV4 Limited Hybrid NEVER reaches $42! I ordered one at under $40K and my dealer got it down to $38,500. Still pricey, but not $42K.

    Edward Enterline

    Sorry but the rav 4 looks hideous with that big mouth.

    jp ch

    The Rav4 is far larger and more practical,Toyota seems to be learning from their previous mistakes, however Mazda is still 10x better to drive and handles better. For me personally I would pay the same amount of money and buy a Volkswagen Tiguan that way I would not compromise driving or practicality.

    Henry Schecker

    Old Rav4 looked better. Modern Rav4 looks like a tonka truck. I hate it

    Young Jun Kwon

    I love the fact of how practical the RAV4 is: better visibility and more spacious cargo area.

    Brian Currie

    Good review. Thanks for stating your opinions or own personal preferences as such, vs. what come off as facts (as some other reviewers do). As you imply, it comes down to preferences and the RAV4 (But the hybrid) is mine.

    Billy Beheler

    If I was suv shopping I would need to take a vote before purchasing one of these SUVs. I absolutely love both of the Mazda but the new rav4 has found a place in my heart(just the adventure trim)! Great video Sofyan you never disappoint me sir!!

    brett o

    Mazda may be more fun to drive on road but the back seat looks to tight and the infotainment is boring and dated. Use the radial instead of touch screen while the car is in drive, are you kidding me? that seems way more dangerous. If i was forced to pick between these two it would be the Rav4. But both are way to expensive, for the 40k range get a top of the line Kia Telluride or a Volvo XC40 which blow both of these cars away in features and comfort. If you want to spend less get a Forester, if you want to spend more go upsegment and get a Middle-Upper range Highlander for the same price. If you're only desire is to go off-road Toyota then just buy a 4Runner Off-Road Premium for the same price. These compacts that are seriously lacking in features/power shouldn't be in the same price range as the bigger SUVs that offer so much more, that's the point of going down a segment.

    WB Wayne

    What do you consider the better drive between the Mazda 6 Signature vs the CX5 Signature edition? I realize they don't compete in the same class, just personally curious. If anyone else has driven both, feel free to chime in.

    WB Wayne

    Sofyan, you mentioned that Mazda recommends premium fuel in the 2.5T engine. This isn't necessarily true. Mazda states that at lower octane, the hp is rated at 227, despite the 310 lbs ft of torque remaining the same. At higher octane that figure jumps to a maximum of 250hp. Mazda has never said that premium is recommended or necessary, as some turbocharged engines from other manufacturers require. I know you know this however, as I have heard you state it on other reviews of this engine. Outstanding comparison review by the way.

    Christopher James Manalili

    Sofyan is like the toast with margarine of car reviewers.


    I wish Toyota would just move all there engines down a level. Bring the 3.5 from the Tacoma to the rav, bring the 4.6 option from the tundra to the Tacoma and 4Runner retiring the 4runners old 4.0, and the tundra keep its 5.7

    Naeem Nizami

    Mazda bby <3 <3 <3 Zoom Zoom Zoom


    I hope when my lease is over with my CX5, Mazda has brought in their CX8 in America.

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