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    We review the new Volvo V60 T6 AWD Wagon, designed to bring luxury and practicality in a market littered with SUVs. The new Volvo is built fresh and has an …


    "Its a wagon not a crossover, therefore I wont buy it" -Americans

    elton john

    Bucket list: Fuck Toooddd. He is just so desperate, I must give him the mercy lay.

    Joshua Thomas

    I really like your reviews !

    Michael D Sims

    Savage geese, would you recommend the “base” V60, with it’s turbo only motor and plaid interior? Also, I really enjoy your videos and your take of the the vehicles you choose to review. Keep up the great work.

    Robin Smith

    The camera angle in the closing was pretty unique. The engine is interesting.

    Ryan Patterson

    They have wonderful new roads in Sweden.


    Volvo does the wagon thing better than almost every other brand. Such a nice looking and practical car.

    Anon Anon

    As if it couldn't get any better. Your audio review is outstanding!

    Prashanth Siddalingaiah

    If going over rough pavement is better than the Outback I’m driving now you can sign me up.


    To what point do I have to skip to hear about the transmission programming

    Prashanth Siddalingaiah

    Thank you for doing this review!!!! Been waiting for a review of the V60 by someone I trust


    Fix the American roads. Learn from the Germans, then you wont have any bumpy roads with potholes…

    Michael G

    Michigan and our Shit Roads getting a plug. Nice.

    The Otherside

    Volvo, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Buick and Subaru all make wagons. Theres a lot of options.

    Andrei Andrei

    for fucks sake dude, how hard can it be to add that a buyer can order the car with shifters on the steering wheel.

    James Nicholson

    6:46 – he's a wizard! :O


    savagegeese – hey! Great video as always. I would pay you good money to do a video serious explaining the underbodies of cars. I don't know the difference between a multilink and a wishbone suspension. I am illiterate in that capacity. I think people would watch.

    * $5 and a pack of Trident *


    I'm still absolutely in love with the production quality. Length of the videos makes it hard for me to watch it all in one go (thanks, ADHD), but I'm determined to watch these videos in full length, just out of respect for the sheer passion and effort that goes into making these videos.

    Billy Beheler

    I absolutely love wagons, I love the 2018 V60 I also like this new one but I would take the V90 cross country over this any day! I am American as well! Lol! My whole family loves hatchbacks, sport backs aka wagons!


    Mr Goose,
    Another really good review.
    Content and production are ‘premium plus’.
    I usually have no interest in wagons, but your videos are that good.
    I miss Scott’s contribution in the garage.


    I do not comprehend how a company like volvo greenlit a car with such a laggy system. They pride themselves in being safe but this lag is the opposite of safe. For that price it's absolutely unacceptable.


    Not my type of car, but interesting. Please review Veloster N😁 Looking into that one. Type R is just to much visually for me.


    mazda 3 2019 vs jetta 2019 please


    8:02 those arrows are very helpful


    SavageGeese – serious question. I test drove a 330i Wagon (because the new 3-series ain't happening for NA) and I was so disappointed by the power. Ya I can chip it and and whatever but stock i was yawning. I still think it looks amazing and it interior wise its fine even if it's outdated. I'm going to test this guy out eventually and I really want to like it. It looks the part, seems to be quick enough. Question is: Should i even bother waiting for the Polestar/T8 version to test? Chip the 3-series? or do i kiss my wagon loving ass goodbye and just get a used Macan S? Love the channel btw.

    Febo Nicu

    The seats look blue from jeans after just 8000 miles?
    My 250.000 miles beige leather seats are a bit dry and not as soft as they were 21 years ago, but not a spot of jeans color.

    Could there be something of with the leather quality of the V60?

    Vlad Yakubets

    How reliable are these new volvo's?


    You forgot to mention it is the most attractive car on the road. It always baffles me that Mericans don't like wagons, the format just lends itself to good looking cars. The truncated line from the roof to the trunk is where so many sedans stumble, and wagons can just carry on back with one line.

    Travis Andrews

    Not hyperbole, no buttons is a deal breaker.


    Very helpful video, I’ll be downsizing from my 2016 XC90 T6 in a few years and this is tops on my list. 🍺


    Excited for your upcoming audio reviews. Is it possible to also test the audio at hwy speed? We’ve had several cars w noisy hwy rides that render the upgraded audio system useless. Thanks

    Billy zane

    Been looking forward to a review of this one. Beautiful car!

    Right Lane Hog

    Dear Wealthy People, Please buy these high end wagons and start a trend so eventually there will be wagons for the rest of us. #Wagons


    tbh most all volvo have to do with all their cars is make the infotainment faster and tune the drivetrain better

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