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2019 VW Golf GTI Performance REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL

Main 2019 VW Golf GTI Performance REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL

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    michalina gajewska


    Ash Cosmo

    Typical Golf. Made for people who want to go fast but don't want the theatre and sound that a performance car brings. I test drove a Golf R and it was easily the most boring performance car I've driven. No intake noise, exhaust note that was quieter than my farts. You wouldn't even know that these cars were turbo unless you were told.

    Getting to 100 in 4.7 seconds means nothing when it's such a boring car to drive. Completely Soulless.

    Graham Reid

    "Balanced chassis" you are driving in a straight line. 🙄

    Finnian Fitzsimons

    Would love to see a video of the manual GTI. Also how does it compare to the other hot-hatches on the market?

    Rangel dias

    Carro do meus sonhos golf GTI ☝️

    André from Brazil

    Good vídeo !
    Golf GTI its always a perfect car for a normal human that loves VWs…

    Ádám Majoros

    Grass/plants = Frozen stuff 😂

    Dan USA

    Nicolas Maduro ?

    Automotive Mike

    Can't wait for the VW Golf 8 GTI with 300+hp!

    Al T

    Hi Max, ca ask you something? Last time you tested the Polo GTI and confronted with the regular Golf GTI (the one with 230 hp), you said that you found the Polo a little bit more envolving, do you think the same about this one with the performance pack?

    Helle GTI TCR

    Can't wait to see you testing the TCR.


    No dsg farts

    Sander Holst

    Make a Sound rewiew of this car please!

    Mille Vanille

    Sport mode: Obviously 😍

    felix guti

    En España por autopista velocidad máxima 120km.teneis suerte del límite nosotros no tenemos esa suerte.

    Brahim Bouzidi


    Besnik Shala

    Good review very nice car i love vw golf !

    Ra OUF 09

    We have golf 7 gtd with 184 hp 2.0 tdi nice car

    Johnny Hai

    My GTI has upshift delays in M mode,anyone same?


    Those seats are the basic ones and you can get all leather full electrical seat as option. Yes, I find these seats more appealing than the old ones.

    P Kkk

    What was your fastest car?

    Radu Danila

    Nice review as always! Still waiting for the Megane RS 😀


    Mechanical limited slip?! In Canada for mk7.5 we have the electronically controlled, clutch locking front differential. (Not the xds which every golf has that you are explaining at 6:00)


    it needs a is38 turbo swap to enhance the power at around 380-400hp

    Ben Stroud

    Tesla Model S P100D will thrash this boy racer car

    Photography Bram

    doe eens een skoda rs !! 🙂


    give me ur money so i can buy this car


    Why not testing in Germany in stead of speeding in NL?


    its only vw nothing more… just a car

    LPdanik 01

    Hey Max can you drive please some day a seat ibiza cupra 1.4 or 1.8 tsi

    Zangw pro

    Nice Audi A Sorry Nice VW


    those are option seats, you can still get clark as standard.



    Gareth Jones

    It is very cold, maybe on warm tarmac it would get decent traction..? I would like to see you do another video with the MK7.5 GTi Performance when its summer please Max 🙂

    mate boda

    Very nice car!

    Nicolas Boyer

    No wonder why I got destroyed racing this with my Fiat Stilo 1.8 hahahaha


    3:19 that's why I don't understand those high hp FWD cars. I'm driving a 230 hp GTI 7 right now and you have wheelspin all the time. Everything above 200 hp should have AWD imo.

    Cyril Matthew

    its same flavor … why the hell do they not put the 2.5 5 cyl engine in their epic cult car

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