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2019 VW GTI Review – DSG vs Manual, GTI vs Everything

Main 2019 VW GTI Review – DSG vs Manual, GTI vs Everything

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    We go for a drive in the 2019 VW GTI Rabbit Support us on Patreon: The insta 360 camera that we used: …


    Correction: The DSG GTI does indeed have launch control. We did try to use it but it didn't work for some reason. But it does have it, as we confirmed with Volkswagen Canada


    I liked Jacob more than yuri but after finding out Yuri has a rabbit I like him more now. What's up fellow rabbit dad

    Lenwood Cruze

    DSG all day.

    Schroedinger’s Cat

    4:01 that's some slick editing. Very nice!

    mirk pro


    Where is it 0 100 , or drag race , or time on track ? .

    Pyotr Tchaikovsky

    With this review i am starting to hate your channel. ..

    Pyotr Tchaikovsky

    I wonder if car reviewers are doing it for the public or for themselves…

    J Li

    Manual GTI. DSG R. The manual transmission of golf r is shit.

    William Mackay

    “Deckle?” Seriously? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

    I have to say, I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the Golf, but I can’t imagine getting a Veloster N over the Golf even with the added performance. Honestly, as time goes on, I agree with the opinions on this show less and less. Yuri’s determination to complain was a little annoying in this video, but I can get over individual videos with opinions I don’t like. The general trend, though, has been more and more dislike of late.

    Please stop doing the 360 camera shots. They’re so crunchy and ugly compared to the incredibly good shots you get otherwise. It’s like mixing RED footage with GoPro clips. Go back to the good stuff.

    ForeignBorn Patriot

    How did they shoot that pan at 11:17? Was it a drone?


    DO THE JETTA ALREADY!!! THE GLI! Please i'd love it you guys! I'm surprised you ahven't done it yet!

    jesse nolan

    i love seeing my favorite roads in the videos guys, keep up the great work

    Giovanni Cruz

    To many VW fanboys that’s why they chose the GTI over the N


    Eco mode? Did you know the GTI has a Sport mode? 😂 Eco mode is garbage

    Will Valentine

    Throw on a ECU tune, DSG tune, and street tires and you will roast it. Have fun and drive safely!


    Veloster N 275hp: 1/4 mile 14.3 sec
    GTI DSG 228hp: 1/4 mile 14.5 sec

    Also GTI weighs about 150 pounds more. Something wrong with that picture. GTI has more power than 228hp or Veloster has less than 275hp or the gearing just sucks in the Veloster.

    Rick M.

    Your hatred for the Edge ST always makes me wonder if you would have hated the Edge Sport. I own a 2015 Edge Sport and many of the things you hate about it don't exist in the 15-18 Sport. Normal shifter, "Sport Mode" doesn't change the pumped in audio, 6-speed acts like a normal transmission as opposed to the odd 8-speed. I like the updated exterior appearance of the refresh, but the interior did not change at all. Just some food for thought. Keep up the great work.


    I bought a GTI with the Manual. The clutch started slipping at 34k miles with no mods. I drove a manual RSX Type-S for 7 years with no clutch slip, so clutch slip was not caused by me. VW refused to fix despite being under warranty.

    So I traded it for a DSG, because clutch failure that early in a stock car was unacceptable. I ended up loving the DSG better. Its more fun to me because its faster and because launch mode. Plus its less likely to fail.

    CONCLUSION: Do not buy a manual GTI unless you're okay with having to putting a higher performing clutch, many others have had clutch failure early in the GTI too. The stock clutch in the GTI are too weak for the power this car has, but the stock DSG is nearly indestructible with being able to handle over 450 lbs of torque.

    Bad Hombre

    GTI's best for tuning

    Akseli Sillanpää

    Do Polo GTI


    From someone who has owned both a Manual and DSG MK7 GTI…

    1.) The DSG is faster than the manual in the GTI, not just the Golf R. They are wrong.
    2.) Yuri has no idea what he is talking about saying DSG is boring… while he is ECO mode. That automatically invalidates his opinion of the DSG.
    3.) Jacob is wrong. The DSG does also have launch control. At least in the US it does.

    Really annoying they are giving out so much inaccurate information.

    Eric Sabol

    I’m thinking about getting a rabbit. Lowest price near me is 26k.


    rip to hyundai's N-Line, basically Veloster N or nothing xD


    Totally disagree on the fake noise. I had a big problem with it, and unplugging the stupid Soundaktor to get rid of it (Eco only reduces it to like 25%) was a huge improvement to my GTI. Wish I had waited until 2019 for a Rabbit, but I love my '18 S manual, and I got a great deal on it.

    Craig Chevalier

    Honestly I don't care how good the Hyundai is, the VW is such a nice car, I drove a 2016 GTI a few years ago, great place to be (the interior) I would take the GTI over the N.

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