Monday, March 27, 2023

2020 2500HD Gets a 2.5” Level Kit!!

Main 2020 2500HD Gets a 2.5” Level Kit!!

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    First truck mods! Thanks Ring for sponsoring todays video! Get started with your own Welcome kit here: HUGE Shoutout to Icon for …

    Jeff Rea

    Looks like a damn nice truck tho

    Cesare Cheba

    She needs some pipes

    Jonathan Chunglo

    Guess the @THROTL video going on in the background LOL 😀


    11:20 THANK. YOU.

    Benjamin Vasquez

    The parts you installed are supporting “mods” for adjusting the torsion bars. The UCAs will help correct some of the angles when the torsion keys are cranked and the shock will help it to ride marginally better than without.


    level kits eat ball joints, maybe check BDS is u want a good street "LIFT" kit. From stock you don't get alot of precise adjustment, alignment wise. Most BDS kits come with good beefy eccentric lower arm adjustment bolts, much nicer then pushing loose uppers.

    chris siano

    It's the twenty-first century TJ,should have used power tools. LOL.

    JotaJota STI

    I feel like each video Teej has a new tattoo. Soon he will have a full sleave!

    Joe Pelanconi

    T.J has too many sponsors……he's like Rickey Bobby

    Mike’s Garage

    The level of stupidity on this channel 🤣

    The Jersey Ninja

    Wait hold on. This is like a shock replacement. Not a leveling kit. A leveling kit is like a plate that gets added to raise the front end up I’m pretty sure. My dad has a 2018 Silverado and he had that done and when he was looking at it I’m pretty sure that’s what it was. He didn’t replace his shocks

    The Jersey Ninja

    Please keep calling it a car 😂. It IS a car, it’s also a truck. And if you aren’t a truck guy then calling it a car is totally fine because by definition it is a car. Even the government thinks it’s easier to classify them as cars. Just look at those divided highways that have dividers for 2 sets of lanes in one direction that say trucks and busses need to be over on this side, they aren’t talking about pickups. Same with rest stops that have a separate drive around for cars and trucks where the sign says trucks and busses this way, they aren’t talking about pickups. I, as a car guy, think it’s hilarious to refer to a truck as a car in front of truck guys. They try to act like they’re in some special group or something and that their vehicle is too “entitled” to be classified with our lowly “cars” when in reality it’s still a car. So is an SUV, and so is a minivan. They’re all cars, then you have the breakdown after, trucks, SUV’s, vans, sedans, coupes. Don’t change your vocabulary for those whiny truck guys that get butthurt because you call it a car lol

    Anthony korran


    Pilot Lawrence Robinson

    What happened to Sabrino-tage of the videos???

    Arnold G.

    Please do a truck build!

    Alex Lau

    Calvin sounds is nice sounds eh !

    eric figueroa

    Anyone els have a car channel like me LIKE THIS COMMENT


    Ring who also sell your data owned by facebook…..


    All you did was upgrade the shocks.

    R Ro

    That truck looks sick Tj has to put a sicker on the back sayn "Hunt Mode activated " since that truck is a BEAST. Thanks for the change in uploads. Variety=Gold 👍

    Jeb Clarke

    Anyone else wondering why people like Emilea Hartford and cleetus have gotten access to the new corvette and have documented it over 2 days with uploads and TJ hasn’t been seen there? Did he go to it or not get invited claims to be the first in cali but wouldn’t they ask him to be there too?

    Frank Frank

    You need to paint match all the black moulding watch legend gio youtube video

    David Aames

    I want the black flannel long sleeve! When is it making a comeback?


    If Dewayne 'the rock' Johnson had a mistress in Hawaii and had a son that he didn't know about….. 3:15

    You need more hair Cal lol

    Aaron Rekker

    Out of all the trucks ever, in my opinion this is easily ugliest…

    trist moren


    Lance Perron

    Dual straights???

    keegan benjamin

    10:55 nut in the hole


    You should do a full build on the Dura max

    Hipolito Rivas#5

    Calvin looking fresh finally got a real hair cut

    Martel 125

    11:17 Well boys he did it again


    What’s TJ seatgeek code 😂


    The stiffness in the last setup came from the pucks that were place on the struts to give you the level. They are a cheap way to lift but ride quality suffers.


    Gotta do a prerunner build player

    K.C. Aggson

    How to properly lift a heavy duty truck: not like that

    jorge ferro

    does emily still work on the designs of your clothing drops? Haven't seen her in a while


    I swear if I hear "I'm sorry, I didn't film it guys" one more time I'm un-subscribing 😂 😂 😂 like TJ! tripod! Head mount! Chest mount! There's sooooooo many solutions! Figure it out! 😂


    I’m not to big of a truck guy but when you call it a car it kinda triggers me I’m not gonna lie sorry

    Anthony Carrillo

    We need higher!

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