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2020 Acura RDX A-Spec Puts The “Sport” into SUV!

Main 2020 Acura RDX A-Spec Puts The “Sport” into SUV!

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    Crossovers have become all things to all buyers. Looking for something on the sporty side? The RDX is up to the task. Equipped with active torque vectoring …


    Thanks Martin!! You’re giving up your Saturday mornings for a good cause!! 🤙💪

    Ian Abbott

    wish subaru would do this with the Sport forester

    Eugene X

    I love my 2019 RDX Advanced. The crossover drives like a much smaller car. However, the infortainment is difficult to use and the lane keep assist is as good as nothing.

    David Street

    I think the styling is solid, and the size is probably right about perfect. The infotainment just makes me think, "why?" Overall I just can't help thinking that a 2.3 motor making like 310-330 hp is what this car should have. But for the middle of the SUV marked that appreciates a bit more style and lux in an SUV I'm sure this is selling well. But it's a little bit pose. And fake suede = yuck. Great review as always, though.

    Mario Seoul

    The Brothers look lovely at 3:12 😀 Nice cinematography. Look forward to a snowy day review if you recorded one this week… if it was feasible. Safety first! Keep up the good work ^^

    Lance Guilin

    Hi Tom. We bought a 2020 RDX Advance back in August of 2019 when it was first released. Acura really must want to sell some A-Spec models as every one of you YouTube auto reviewer have been given an A-Spec to show off. I have not seen one of you do a review on the 2020 RDX Advance. Well I'm very happy with out Advance model. Coming from a Subaru Forester 2016, I can't believe the on-road handling of the RDX. IMO, the RDX performs even better than most sedans. It's just crazy. I can't believe I'm driving a crossover with 8.1" of ground clearance. To be sure, it's not perfect. It's a bit on a the small side — I feel cramped inside, even compared to my Forester — and the lack of an electronic tilt steering column adjust is just downright repugnant at this price point. But overall I'm exceedingly happy with the on-road driving performance of the RDX. Simply amazing crossover!


    this thing is SLOW, also the infotament system is needlessly complicated and super annoying to use, the car is spacious and AWD is awesome but the infotament is a huge pass! Honda Accord has a better system than this (that HAS to hurt for Acura)


    Great review, but something just seems off about this vehicle. Perhaps because it is trying to be all things to all people. Well, except for those controls in the center console stack, which mimic those of a boom box I had in the 90`s

    Sean Lee

    Hate that they don't have the adaptive suspension and HUD as an option for the A-Spec trim, or the Advance trim with the A-Spec looks! Hopefully they hear what all these reviews have to say and change the trim options a little in a refresh for their 2022 model bc I doubt they'll make any crazy changes. Other than that, I love everything else about this car!

    Soumyajit Halder

    This is a good vehicle as long as you keep the german brands off comparison

    Samuel Moss

    I recently purchased the Advance model. Its my third RDX and by far the best.

    Ali Farsani

    it is a good suv and i i liked it a lot when I test drove it BUT Acura's advantage and the incentive was being 30% cheaper than BMW, Audi and Lexus. lets be honest here, Acura does not have the badge and luxury recognition as others. I got an X3 with M package for my wife for the exact same price as the RDX Aspec. if RDX was cheaper by a healthy margin we would have considered it but for same price ? this is coming from a proud owner of V6 TLX Aspec 2020( monthly payment is 30% cheaper than a 330i or A4 with similar options)

    BBB T

    Not sure if 0-60 clocks in at 7.0 secs. Im sure its in the 6.0sec range

    Norm T

    Motor Trend says the RDX 2.0T is slower than the 2019 QX50 2.0T with it's new engine from the Accord 2.0T is putting out more in the compact SUV.

    "…The 268-hp crossover recorded a 0-60 mph time of 6.6 seconds and a 15.1-second quarter mile at 91.6 mph. That's a good bit slower than the last 280-hp Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Sport we tested but slightly quicker than the 272-hp Acura RDX A-Spec."

    So C&D 6.6 second 0-60 mph was correct on calling it a Bspec or Cspec. Even Consumer Reports's 7.0s 0-60 was also correct. No sub 6-second time for RDX 2.0T.

    Norm T

    The Passport along with Acura RDX and MDX have lost their recommended status with Consumer Reports. 

    "The Passport two-row midsized SUV is an all-new model based on the three-row Pilot SUV. However, members told us that their Passports suffered from climate system problems, including refrigerant leaks and the AC compressor not working properly. The similar Pilot did not have these problems. When reached via email, a Honda spokeswoman told us that “a countermeasure to address the climate system problems was applied to vehicles beginning in June, and a service bulletin was issued in August. Passport owners experiencing problems with their climate system should contact their authorized Honda dealer as soon as possible to have the vehicle inspected.”"

    Norm T

    The Buick Envision 2.0T is putting down a faster 27.5s figure-8 time vs 2019 CX-5 2.5T and 2019 RDX 2.0T at 27.7 in Motor Trend testing.  That continues in an Emergency Lane test by Consumer Reports that has the Envision 2.0T doing 55.5 mph while the CX-5(non-turbo) did 54 mph and the RDX 2.0T can only go 52.5 mph.  

    For 2019 Envision 2.0T gets a new 9-speed and 295 lb-ft of torque, 316 lb-ft of torque on overboost.  The twin clutch and torque vectoring AWD is something that Mazda cannot match only able to use brakes on a single on a wheel for torque vectoring. The Hiperstrut, as also seen on Honda Civic Type-R as dual axis strut, eliminates any torque steer under accleration.  At a discounted $35K the Envision Prem ll offers heads up display, adaptive high beams and articulating HID, adaptive cruise control with full stopping,  tri-zone climate control, sliding rear seat, 12-volt outlet, along with Buick's longer warranty than Mazda.

    Norm T

    While(Acura RDX -14.3) 4% or so is the average decline in MSRP at auction, some cars performed much worse than average. Here are the five worst cars for model years 2013 to 2015 for retained value in the third quarter, as compiled by KBB.

    5. Acura RDX (-14.3%)

    The RDX was Acura's first compact luxury crossover SUV that showed up on dealer floors in 2006. While the vehicle has earned top ratings for safety from places such as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, sites such as Consumer Reports found it to be something of a mixed bag, highlighting its safety features such as lane-departure warnings, but also saying its dashboard controls are "an exercise in needless stupidity." USAToday

    Norm T

    Consumer Reports says:
    ● The system is confusing to use even when the RDX is parked, and it’s very distracting for drivers when the car is moving. For example, they’re forced to look at the screen to execute common audio tasks, and some adjustments are buried deep in submenus. We think it requires too much concentration, multiple steps and extended time with eyes off the road and hand off the wheel. It’s one of the worst systems that we’ve encountered recently.

    ●Braking performance is strong but the brake pedal has a spongy feel. The suspension quashes most bumps, but we found the ride to be rather firm and choppy. The cabin is quiet, barring a somewhat grainy engine noise.

    ●We got 22 mpg overall in our tests, which is average for the category, and no better than what we measured with the V6 in the previous-generation RDX. This figure also trails the performance from competitors’ small turbo engines, such as Audi, BMW, and Lexus.

    ●posting 52 mph through the course. Acura makes a big deal about its Super Handling AWD, which only comes into play when drivers accelerate through a corner.

    ●Most bumps are absorbed well, but the RDX has a jittery feel over rougher roads and on long drives.

    ●Most of the time the cabin is very quiet, but a coarse engine hum punches through under acceleration. It’s acceptable when driving aggressively, but annoying in everyday driving

    ●The brake pedal feels as if it isn’t responding at first, and it requires a bit of effort, which can make the driver feel less-than-confident.

    ●Although it’s nicely finished, the materials and build quality don’t quite match the best SUVs in this class. For example, the storage cubbies aren’t lined, there were some uneven panel gaps on the center console, and one of the dash vents didn’t move as freely as the others. Finally, there are plenty of soft-touch surfaces throughout the cabin, but the material on the upper dash and window sill is quite thin.

    ●The RDX’s controls are among the worst we’ve experienced. There is a steep learning curve to use the infotainment system, but it is still distracting and confusing to execute common audio functions even after drivers have some familiarity. The system is slow to load after the initial start up.

    Norm T

    The Motor Trend 2019 RDX 2.0T faired even worse of all formal tests with a 7.1 0-60 mph time or one full second behind the RDX v6.That follows Consumer Reports 7.0s and Car & Driver 6.6s ranging from a half second slower or more behind the prior generation with 3 5l. Even the lower power Buick Envision 2.0T with less power and four less speeds accelerated quicker, stopped shorter, and handled MT handling test better than the RDX.

    "RDX's vague braking feel and response. Given that Acura equipped the RDX with "limousine" brakes, slowing down precisely was frustrating for many. Said Scott Evans: "Trying to make a stop sign is much harder than it needs to be." 

    "Acura's wide net leads to confusion about what aiming to be. "It's torn between being luxurious and soft like a Lincoln, sporty like an Alfa, or techy like an Audi, and those things sorta cancel each other out…on winding roads in Sport+ mode, but we didn't feel the emotion we expected."

    Allan Desmond

    do we need to raise money for a Microphone..

    marcus simmons

    Great looking SUV! I would like something a little more powerful though…

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