Friday, March 24, 2023

2020 BMW 7 Series M760Li 6.6 V12 BiTurbo | 304km/h on AUTOBAHN (NO SPEED LIMIT) by AutoTopNL

Main 2020 BMW 7 Series M760Li 6.6 V12 BiTurbo | 304km/h on AUTOBAHN (NO SPEED LIMIT) by AutoTopNL

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    Do not attempt!With what? My Seat Ibiza…

    Goga Aga

    I don’t think he is very experienced driving this car at high speed. 😄


    Someone remove speed limit in the UK motorway please !?

    adeel ahmed

    I wanna see fuel GAUGE 🤣

    Mm Dd

    Amazing BMW

    Carlos Almanza

    What cell phone holder do you use? Looks hella steady doesn't move


    Soooo smooth to 150mph and 180mph! How do you NOT speed in that thing?? Somebody buy me one!


    Not fast enough fort it was slow for a 600+ hp motor

    Дмитрий Дмитрий


    soager009 69

    Love the sound!

    u kosku

    OMG that sped dial is ugly OOOOO

    I was here first

    I was waiting for the flashes after 88mph nothing 🤷‍♂️

    Luis IlI

    Mein absoluter Traumwagen!

    sb studio99

    Bmw is the best

    Scally Lad

    HI can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a backseat review of this car and other luxury cars but NOT a pov one. Could you do it with the camera facing you so you are in the picture!! I do not like the POV backseat videos as you are hiding yourself away! We want to see you chatting in the backseat of 7 series Audi A8 Mercedes Benz S Class etc. Pleaseeeee!!!!

    Sir Rob

    Моя девяточка так же едет)))

    Otown613 BK2

    Expected more…

    Shane Kelly

    And then there's the…..ALPINA B7

    Mihai B.

    I prefer this camera angle.

    J SHK

    One ugly and dated interior


    Only thing I dislike about this car is the gauges, everything else is perfect.


    2:08, Mercedes is good only when it's visible in the mirror.


    You put other people’s lives in danger by your stupid tests. This is a public road where safety of all users is top priority. Why don’t you go to a racing track?

    BS Motorsport

    Top Video 👍
    Bitte unterstützt auch unseren Kanal mit einem Abo, damit es sich auch weiterhin lohnt ein Video hochzuladen. Je mehr Abonnenten dieser Kanal hat, umso mehr interessante Inhalte können geboten werden.
    Vielen Dank für eure Unterstützung.
    Euer Team von BS-Motorsport 🚙

    Constantine Joseph

    Why aren't you reviewing Dutch brand cars. C'MON be more nationalistic! Support your own country

    Ravi Challa

    Trust me I can do better than that in a car like that

    Joseph Pacelli

    This must have the M driver package

    Ensjo 12

    S class killer…

    Ensjo 12

    S class killer…

    Montassir Abdo Rabi

    Super Car and super driving

    Craig Thomas

    Shifts just as smooth as my 2001 740i Sport. Sweetest cars for those who love to drive.

    Wessel lyrics

    1:42 is the first gear that long or does he launch it in second gear?

    ozcan hasan


    Engin Ersoy

    Still Brabus is the BEST

    Stevie Lowe

    Prefer the Bentley flying spur anyday

    Nic Nürnberg

    Bm7 dann ist cooler BMW cooler bMW 7 V12 Motor BMW

    willbur 420

    A limo that hits 200 mph



    Lipski Production

    Not so fast 🙁

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