Thursday, March 23, 2023

2020 Diesel Truck Shopping!

Main 2020 Diesel Truck Shopping!

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    I’m ready to buy a NEW Truck! What should we go with?? Thanks Ring for sponsoring todays video! Get your Ring Welcome kit now at …

    King Midget71

    I would recommend the new ford diesels beacuse from what i’ve been told Ford really wanted to improve the image of the power stroke and put the best people on them


    Get a 2020 Tremor!

    Luke Slater

    No offence TJ but the Ram and the F-150 look SO MUCH BETTER than the 2020 Chevy Silverado🙄.

    James Bradfield

    Get a faking tundra you nugget


    He called a Trail Boss a Trail Blazer lmao

    Super Slow

    Get a chevy color match it drop it clean tow rig you are not going off road just a go getter and tow rig thats it bags and everything some nice nice acuair spention man

    p m

    Tj your current chevy looks way better than the new Chevy trucks you were looking at. My vote is to keep your current Chevy

    Matthew Paino

    Plz get the 2020 gmc, not the Chevy

    Uziel Reyes

    Come up to riverside and let me show you why you should pick a Ram truck 👌🏼

    Eli Gow

    TJ prerunner build

    Brian McMillan

    GMC denali 2500HD

    Kabir G

    Nether Ford nor Chevy buy Tesla

    A "car" that I used to draw when I was in 1st grade


    They are so ugly


    2020 truck build (;


    Imagine just imagine! Color matched c8 with the truck 🔥


    Your gonna buy the Chevy but FORD has the good good

    Tyler Henry

    Get that 2020 high country in black teej 🤤

    Elevated Motions


    Keland Sparks


    soccer boii

    Damn tj is about to buy a mamalona & be sayingg cuhh , no quema cuhh shauuu cuuhh purroo codiciado loco

    Luis Villa

    Your the first person i heard actually say you like new chevy & blazer looks lol

    mak roob

    Should of got a ford or dodge 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Eli Kaye

    Tesla Cybertruck

    Doug Howting

    Sabrina been hitting the gym? She's looking GOOOOOOOOOD!!!

    Ben Lovrien

    who else was trynna stay patient while tj called his truck a car like 90 times 😂


    Hey TJ, before you commit to any truck do a video on Ford and Dodge.

    Scott Stangler

    And if you are looking diesel can’t beat a Cummings

    Scott Stangler

    My 2002 Durango looks sick compared to that shit box emphasis on box

    Scott Stangler

    Chevys are so ugly ugh and I’m a Chevy guy. Sad

    harry evans

    tj make a discord and let the boys join.

Viewing 31 posts - 1 through 31 (of 31 total)
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