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2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid: Long-awaited electrified SUV debuts

Main 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid: Long-awaited electrified SUV debuts

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    After three years of having a hybrid CR-V in other markets, Honda has finally brought it to the US alongside a midcycle refresh. Read the full review …

    Miss July

    They need to upgrade that interior ASAP. Honda looks now like a cheap brand compared to Subaru.


    Intrrior and exterior is fugly… Especially center dash

    Matt Smith

    How are the tail lights redesigned.

    fer na

    This is not an electric car.

    cuong phan

    Why don't you explain how is this CR-V Hybrid system works ?

    and secondly what take them so long…!

    Dark Wind Ruler

    I personally like the push button gear selecter in CR-V, it frees up spaces so you can easily adjust climate control buttons without the interfere of traditional shifter.(Especially in Park where traditional shifter get in the way of climate control buttons) and finally they add wireless phone charger, and that area just below shifter can finally place a cellphone there.

    Dark Wind Ruler

    2 liter Atkinson cycle hybrid? No more oil dilution?

    Nima Ghasemi


    Justin Xu

    Why is everything electronic…it’s gonna be as bad as the odyssey.

    dj ochi

    Just food for thought. That front end with the led fog lights has been launch in jamaica since 2018



    Sergio Marron

    Will it have a manual transmission? I would buy one if it comes with a manual transmission..

    Ivan Vojt

    The 2.4L is gone in 2020. Wow Honda messed up the lower part of that front end.

    Rajiv Mehta

    Ugly comes standard.

    Norm T

    "In a memo sent to dealers, Honda’s manager of auto campaigns and recalls, Brad Ortloff, said oil in these engines could be diluted because of software settings or potential hardware failures. Some vehicles could experience “lack of power,” leading to cylinder misfires or engine noise." Consumer Reports 

    "But if the vehicles are stalling, as some owners have reported, this is a safety issue and Honda should conduct an official recall, which doesn’t expire.” Consumer Reports

    Norm T

    Anything to get the news off of fuel dilution of Honda Earth Dreams 1.5t.

    Russell Condie

    Toyota has been in the hybrid business for more than 20 years.

    Toyota manufactures their own nickel batteries that have a failure rate during the 8 year 100,000 mile warranty of 0.03%.

    It comes down to reliability and that is why Toyota uses nickel batteries.

    Lithium is better suited for plugin and all electric automobiles and Toyota uses lithium in the plugin Prius.

    Honda CRV hybrid will use a lithium battery. It will be interesting to follow longevity of the battery.

    I test drove a Clarity and Insight before I purchased our Rav 4 hybrid and the Honda hybrid is a little different than the Toyota.

    I hope Honda addressed the gas engine revving independent of depressing the accelerator.

    I understand the gas engine powers the generator which powers the wheels and that is why the gas engine does not always respond to accelerating.

    Very weird sensation that would take some getting use to.

    I was also disappointed Honda stuck with the CVT for the hybrid.

    Everything I have read the Toyota eCVT on paper should out last the belt pulley system in a CVT

    Cog Niktive

    Not even a plug in. Cmon Honda

    M I C H Λ Ξ L J U N R

    0:37 fake exhausts? every car company, stop doing this.

    Rob L.

    I think this guy's underpants are two sizes too small.

    Bong Lim

    Let's wait & see if it can best the impressive performance of the latest RAV4 Hybrid AWD

    Felipe A

    This one will probably have better long term reliability than the trash 1.5 Turbo engine.

    A Aziz

    They got rid of the naturally aspirated 2.4. 🙁 gonna miss that engine. Nearly got to 300k before I had to put my crv down

    Daniel Webb

    I can't imagine it being better than a RAV4 hybrid


    “And a whole host of badges”

    Shows the two most normal bases on every car lol

    Frank Kwok

    No electric yet 🦅🦅🇺🇸

    Michael Polera

    Push-button gear selector; stop doing this Honda 🙄😒

    i raul


    carlos dorantes

    LOL !!!!!!!!! Honda is decades behind the electrification trend. (*PS, I've owned 2 pilots and 1 CRV, so no hate here).

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