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2020 Hyundai Palisade Limited Is A Big Deal

Main 2020 Hyundai Palisade Limited Is A Big Deal

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    Pun fully intended, the 2020 Hyundai Palisade is a big deal. This 3 row family SUV is a solid choice and brings value to those watching the finances. Tom Voelk …


    I really don't care about 7 seat SUV's, specially when it's Kia or Hyundai, I'm just here for Tom! Really like your way of presenting the product! No BS and all facts!, unlike some others that like to bitch about how round the tires are……

    Kevin MZY

    Markups on regular cars are really idiotic. There is nothing exclusive or special about having one first.

    Don Johnson

    Great job! Question is, can I get the pano roof with the 8 seater option?


    Great review (as usual), but all this 'tech' just makes me want a Suzuki Jimny that much more…

    Dwayne Rose

    Great review 👍🇨🇦


    Another high quality car review that I cannot afford but enjoy watching. Hello from Bothell.

    Ray Purchase

    it's gorgeous

    Dan Jones

    I always enjoy your reviews.

    Fluffy Kitten

    lol, it's obvious they tried to copy Mercedes' interior but hit a budget wall

    David Wolf

    I really like this Limited edition of the Palisade! Thanks, Tom!

    Jeff Sawyer

    Wait — there’s a new Karmen-Ghia?!!


    U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi, you ugly, Palisade.

    Paul de Larzac

    Tom, what would you recomed: the pallisade/telluride or a low mile 2016 GL350?


    Best color I’ve seen on the palisade

    PD Lynch

    Great work Tom!

    Mr. Pink

    Of all the 3 row CUVs out there, this and the Kia Telluride are likely on the top of my list if I we're in the market for a 3 row CUV (Which I won't be). As someone who is not very fond of CUVs, I'm still don't get why consumers are obsessed with 3 row CUVs because most of them suck. Their 3rd rows are almost completely unusable unless you're a garden doll, and when you flip all 3 rows of seats up, it totally messes up your rear cargo space. But thankfully Telluride and Palisade aren't one of those, they have reasonable third rows for normal adults while still having useable space behind the 3rd row for cargo. But still.. if you're serious about carrying people and cargo, just buy a minivan like the Chrysler Pacifica as it has a third row where are normal adults can legitimately fit in comfortablely while offering significantly more space for cargo behind the 3rd row.

    Alan Chu

    No luxury car wanna be parasite


    Love the review, you come off as real, people can connect with you.

    Farid Alghali

    Great video as always, Tom.
    I much prefer the Kia Telluride.
    The Palisade has a nice interior, though.


    Looks attractive enough but when I sat in one at the local dealer it was super narrow, and was an immediate impossibility that I could ever sit comfortably in this vehicle for any substantial length of time. I was very disappointed.


    Kia and Hyunhdai named all of their SUVs after American towns. Santa Fe, Tucson, Telluride, Palisade..


    Nah – parking brake not releasing until seatbelts? Too heavy-handed

    Jason 360

    Great little luxury competition comment at the end, you are quite right with it. Excellent review of a highly reviewed vehicle 👍

    Dennis Polyblank

    OR, Palisade, CO just like Telluride, CO


    Ahh love the karmann ghia!!


    Cool shoes Tom!

    Joe Manning

    been subscribed. love your presentation Tom. reminds me of a combo of bay area back roads and kelly blue book.

    Richard Shelton

    Nice review, thank you! I've done tons of research into the Palisade, likely my next purchase. I've seen dealer markups of between $2K to $5K. I think I'll wait a while to see if those numbers come down.


    H/K look the best in this segment, especially with the interior. The Atlas is good, but this is clearly better. The rest seem to be 2nd tier players, and the step up, lux brands just don't offer enough premium to justify the price increase over this. One car nut's opinion.


    Great review – but PLEASE talk about interior noise levels when freeway driving!


    Hyundai and Kia are upscaling themselves, kind of like Samsung and LG did in the past. I remember when all these Korean brands were considered junk.
    Just to say, watch out Ford, GM and Chrysler/Dodge!

    Stephen Hendricks

    Tom captures the difference between the Palisade and Telluride perfectly in his comment about hikers in the Telluride and spa customers in the Palisade. It's worth noting that that difference stems in large part from the different national markets to which each is aimed. The Telluride is an exclusively North American vehicle built in Georgia and meant to be cross-shopped with mainstream three row midsize crossovers. (e.g. Pilot, Explorer, Highlander, Ascent, CX-9, etc). At least equally or better equipped with a moderate price advantage. The Telliuride is not even offered in other international markets in Asia and Europe. (Not even in Korea.)

    On the other hand, though the Palisade is also meant to be a North American success, its broader mission is in other international markets in Asia and Europe where vehicles the size of the Palisade are almost exclusively from European luxury brands. Especially in Asia where the middle class is still growing owning what consumers there consider to be a large SUV is emblematic of economic success. The near luxury vibe of the Palisade is especially appealing. A vehicle aimed at camping and hiking, much less so.

    Tom is correct, I think, that in the US the Palisade may divert some sales from luxury SUV's but the line between the Hyundai and luxury brands is still an important one in North America. More important is the appeal of both the Telluride and the Palisade to mainstream buyers. But in markets where what Americans consider mainstream three row midsize SUV's are relatively rare, the Palisade is meant both to capture sales from luxury brands and to expand the market.

    The Hyundai/KIA conglomerate is especially skilled at badge engineering, offering similar vehicles with shared platforms and components to slightly different market sub-segments. The Palisade and the Telluride are the most recent and obvious examples.

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