Saturday, March 25, 2023

2020 Jeep Gladiator Mojave – Redline: First Look – 2020 Chicago Auto Show

Main 2020 Jeep Gladiator Mojave – Redline: First Look – 2020 Chicago Auto Show

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    Michael Stone

    Love the tan gladiator.

    Michael Maldonado


    Thomas King

    That High Altitude is really nice do you know when that will out?

    How To Beat A Drum

    It’s got the same engine as the Dodge Caravan…Awesome!


    All for just $60k Lol.. That red is really nice though. Theses trucks are becoming luxury vehicles for the well off people.

    Scott Symons

    The first Gladiator Mojave you were showing was the color gator or gobi?

    Andrew Hord

    This Jeep is Awesome! Really Glad they putting FOX shocks on these FOX makes best All terrain Suspension you can get! This will ride great on road and off road!! Also those tires and wheels Sweet Too!!!

    Cj Seals

    That red one is sexy


    Looks cool, but it's just a trim package.

    James Wisrik

    Fancy! Use to be for true ohv… now its for mommies mall crawlers, hiphoppers, LGBTQ, hipsters, cheerleaders! For $70,000plus. Next!


    Nice…….but I'm curious, that plug dangling under the truck, is that a part of the truck and what is it for?


    I think the High Altitude version looks better

    Cody Smith

    Love the Mojave edition i own a gladiator overland now may have to trade in this summer, love the white-gray seats.

    luis varela

    do they come in solid black

    luis varela

    im in love with mojaveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Michael Z

    The amount of "Bro'ed out" Wranglers here in Vegas is getting a little ridiculous. Apparently you're not "cool" unless spend thousands of dollars on a trendy Wrangler with the attempt to look unique and "outdoorsy/adventurous", but yet everyone does the same thing, so yeah…Also, its required that you start and end your sentences with "bro" too. You cant be a "bro" without saying "bro" at least 100 times a day….


    The high altitude is gay af


    Aww man, I just barely missed you + Alex on Autos being at the show 😔! I attended the charity premiere a couple hours ago 💪


    I took you for a Subaru kinda guy


    What’s that car next to it!

    Hemi Dave

    I'll take the Mojave over the high altitude.

    Calvin Hikes

    What does trail rated mean?


    I like the High Altitude full body colored but Id
    would get the Wrangler version. Would like to see a video of the Wrangler version


    2:05 what kind of tire dressing did they use or is it spray paint? It's super shiny.

    James Wisrik

    2dr wrangler looks best

    Daniel Hernandez

    Badass lifestyle truck!! I hope FCA revives the Dakota mid-size truck for 2023!

    Atomic Anatomy

    Are you not entertained?!?! Still waiting for a gladiator commercial with Russell Crowe

    Jonathan Thom

    I’m not a fan of fake hood scoops, but I am a fan of companies that put fake hood scoops on and tell you that you can modify it

    Tran Cross

    The Mojave is awesome! I'm really digging it. But the high altitude in that dark red color is freakin beautiful!!

    Christopher Gallien

    Love it. Needs an army green color!

    Skodz Gaming

    More expansive than a rubicon and the rubicon already is overpriced lol


    This thing is nice. The red one looks great.

Viewing 33 posts - 1 through 33 (of 33 total)
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