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2020 Jeep Gladiator Review | The Technical Breakdown

Main 2020 Jeep Gladiator Review | The Technical Breakdown

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    We take a look at the 2020 Jeep Gladiator truck, a brand new take on the Wrangler turned hauler. There are many claims that this is just a simple cash grab and …


    Who else waits til the end of every video to watch how to get rid of savagegeese ? 🙂

    Mario Mateo

    I'm still waiting for Toddd to show me how to get rid of you.

    G-Misc 59

    Guess you have to be a "Jeep" person to justify paying $50K for this abomination.

    Mario Mateo

    New savagegeese video. Whatever it is. Is it a Jeep? Is it a truck? Who cares?


    What's with the recent surge of videos about FCA piles?

    s Smit

    Jeep wave is fucking autism

    s Smit

    That seat leather looks like trash

    ominous thoughts

    33k for the base? um no

    Vlad Vladimir Vladinovsky

    Oh man no joke about how many hookers you can jam in the bed of this Gladiator?

    Mark Tourtellotte

    Solid front axel is ancient tech….stagecoach ride guaranteed. Looks like expensive crap to me.

    m m

    How was a Cannibal feeling about himself after he ate his nagging & complaining wife ? Glad-He-Ate-Her. Thanks I will show myself the door.

    Calvin Hikes

    Tell us what happened to Turbowski or we'll all stop watching your videos!

    greggy weggy

    The reason Navigating though traffic in Normal vehicles is difficult is that there are dick heads driving things like this Jeep in the cities.

    Jeb Bush

    2:52 Amazing timing, must've taken a lot of planning to pull that off

    Jay Weber

    Typical chrysler quality control, two major issues HVAC and Infotainment not working properly on a brand new premium vehicle…


    All those rubber bushings will crack and fail after seven years.

    guy proulx

    Another Fiat shitbox

    Taylor Rhodes

    Mr. Goose writes better music than the composition students in my music department.

    DDC ll

    endless money pit

    user 59802

    You are great at what you do. I watch lots of car reviews and you do it without being quirky and random but is still entertaining and informative


    You didn,t test how many blow up dolls and cases of Viagra could fit in the bed.


    Finally a vehicle for the person who buys a convertible but never puts the top down, buys a 4×4 but never takes it offroad, and buys a pickup but never uses the truck bed.

    Omega Beta

    SoOoOoOo many damn choices and so expensive. My money will still be safe buying a 4 runner or a Tundra.


    Thanks for your insight into this but Jeep needs to introduce the blue two door featured recently, this thing is prohibitively long for many people. I’m sure it’ll sell because there are many vehicles of this length being sold but there is a market for a shorter one.


    Nobody seriously offroading with the spare under the bed. Good chance you get in a spot where you wont be able to get that tire out from under there. lol

Viewing 26 posts - 1 through 26 (of 26 total)
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