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2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon – The Wrangler of Pickup Trucks

Main 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon – The Wrangler of Pickup Trucks

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    Redline Reviews

    Good evening guys! We promise that we aren’t trying to make the videos longer but there were just SO many things to talk about with this new Jeep from the off-road driving, to the exterior/interior design, and to the 2 mins of bloopers at the end. We know this video is long but it’s worth the watch! Thanks for watching 🙂

    Tyler Dorsey

    Hey I live in Sacramento 😀


    22:38 “This is like Jurassic Park but with cows.” 🤦‍♂️ If the cows were running wild and eating people then maybe, just maybe.


    Loved the epic orchestral music for the intro! It’s so fitting for a vehicle that you know is going to go down in automotive history!


    Niceeee!!! So awesome to see Soyfan reviewing this!!!

    Bobby Solorio

    This is Chrysler first mid-size truck since the Dakota

    Jake Keller

    Look up the Jeep brute…. pretty much the same thing


    Thats a lot of money 💰 for the Rubico, i would pick the 4Runner TRD Pro don’t worry about about 5 ft bed


    are you seriously wearing plastic bags over your shoes?…. WTF! be a man and get some mud on that shit…

    Paul A

    A ford ranger, chevy colorado, Toyota Tacoma competitor. Unfortunately, my area is not a big country off-roading area so I may not see one on the road but if I was a sports sedan junky I would invest in one.

    Supreme Leader Spock

    Shitty pickup for men with small penises.

    V R

    idk about those shoe covers but great review. Hope they come out with an extended cab configuration with a proper, 6.5 ft usable bed.

    tsamm revag

    dude, you need to workout… your inhales sound like your struggling just talking.

    Not Royal Skyline

    He really likes the word ass lol

    Not Royal Skyline

    9:32 Incase the battery in the key dies or the car battery dies, some times this guy acts like he knows nothing about car, almost every car has that

    Not Royal Skyline

    That’s not the typical weather in California


    I think this might be my next vehicle.

    Payton Chalstrom

    I want to see that same length and wheel base but suv version would look better than wrangler

    Charly 94

    I live in Sacramento 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Payton Chalstrom

    Yooooo Sacramento I know exactly where that place is he’s testing it at

    Payton Chalstrom

    Most other trucks are more practical in every way


    BRO your lip smack is getting worse

    John Daily

    Drinking game: take a shot every time he says “actually”

    Andrew Armstrong

    I wonder how long it took them in Italy to use Gladiator, haha.


    Ik all you Jeep snowflakes are drooling over this but that’s the ugliest car ever yo

    omar khatab

    I really enjoy your informative and detailed videos man I love it.

    Olivia Est.19xx

    But why the fuck didn’t they make a two door?


    IMO, the wheelbase is too long. They should produce a 2 door short wheelbase, shortbed version of this.

    Robert Cruickshank

    Fell asleep at 6 minutes. So this will be " available" by 2050?? And for only $150,000.00.
    Sorry, so gone beyond waiting for Jeep to ever build another real truck. Sticking with the "built not bought, then have to build it anyway"to make it capable route.

    Douglas Moran

    One ugly vehicle!

    Zach Statt

    Stupid name for a truck

    Chris Reid

    Nigel Kadye

    Save the manuals

    Colby Waltz

    The best in class tow rating is for gas motor, that’s where the “best in class” term comes from.


    Any news on Jeep Wagoneer?

    Vince TabaJ
    mike finnity

    Wonder if they'll make a cap for the bed. That'd definitely look interesting

    Jesus Espinoza

    dont know if i can trust a guy that doesn't want to get his shoes dirty because of some light rain… you are reviewing an off road truck what u think its going to happened?

    Mike Schaeffer

    Scrap METAL

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