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2020 Jeep Wrangler EcoDiesel First Drive | Oil Burnin' Off-Road

Main 2020 Jeep Wrangler EcoDiesel First Drive | Oil Burnin' Off-Road

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    If you’re looking for the Wrangler with the most torque to support future mods, the longest range for going farther down the trail, or if you simply want the most …


    rather buy gladiator .. for 60k

    Wowa 75

    N. American small diesels are a joke with all the emissions hardware needed. All adds up to worse performance, mpg and engine longevity than was ever intended. Finally through my 2014 ecodiesel 1500 warranty! Decat, reflashed ecu and exhaust mod coming up for the real diesel experience.

    Shane T

    There’s gonna be LOTS of pissed owners when they have to deal with that POS engines high repair bills

    sonny baldwin

    Oil burning??????

    Sim Ba

    Too complex and expensive ….I wait for the full electric…no rush to buy

    Andreina Rangel

    Not a "spendy option". Diesel is a "tax-you-to-death option"

    rick baker

    Should have been a Cummins instead of a cheap Italian engine


    Still a fiat

    darren white

    If they come to Australia they'll be $100k

    Jonathan Derise

    still can only tow 3500 ,

    Daniel Brix

    Will it be sold in Europe?


    First they screwed up vw and audi, so now they're advertising a new diesel. To be clear, no one can make a better diesel engine than vw, Audi and Mercedes. Everything else is rubbish.

    Denys A

    Don't forget, the Grand Cherokee also has a V6 diesel. I own one. It's terrific!

    Mike P.

    Now. Put power seats in it so we can get a comfortable ride, or at least offer it as an option.

    Chris Gleeton

    Holy crap, was this filmed at Sand Hollow recreation area?  I recognize it from Matt's towing and recovery…

    Mike D

    12:15   very poorly made statement… no difference?  town 3000# with each and look at your fuel economy..  there may be "no difference" in towing capacity..due to frame etc, sure… but "no difference" I would bet strongly that Is not the case

    Mike D

    8:00… is it just me or does anyone else fell like they would have been better off with some kind of quick release for the rear glass as opposed to the sides?  I always thought that would be a nice option for those that prefer the hardtop but want to go more open air. I think Freedom tops off and rear glass out would be nice going down the road at any speed.

    Mike D

    I know its not really what this video is about, but I really like the tan seats…

    Blake Swan

    Wouldmbe so much better and $2k cheaper with a manual gearbox option. Really dissapointed you can't even get the diesel in the 2 door version as well. Jeep has officially sold out

    Roger Moore

    I still prefer gasoline over diesel engine.

    Topgun 86

    If you would pay $57,000 for a Wrangler over what else is out their, more power to you!

    James Mastroianni

    Towing is going to be more for the Gladiator diesel since it was built with towing in mind. Now we know the limit of this engine is around 11,000lbs with the RAM 1500, so the Gladiator will definitely be break/chassis limited, although Ford F150 with a 4200lb curb weight advertises you can tow 13,000lbs, so considering the Gladiator weighs at LEAST 4,650lbs, you could see 9-10k towing out of a midsize if FCA really built the Gladiator based on the 1500 and not the Wrangler.

    Also so many FCA haters in the comments. Best part is is that most probably never owned a Chrysler/FCA vehicle at any point in their life and just go by online forms or what their buddy who does 20k mile oil changes says.

    Jason Herrlich

    Get a Roxor for the real Jeep experience.

    Mark C

    This review could be over in 0.5 secs. It's a Jeep so it's the worst 4×4 lemon you could buy


    People who spend $60k and justify it by claiming fuel savings really have no clue…

    Chadd Thompson

    If you are thinking of getting one of these do your research on the Ecodiesel. Even ecodiesel issues aside with the emissions on new diesel engines, idling is one of the worst things you can do to them due to the DPF/DEF system and if you off road much you are going to be spending a lot of time at or near idle.


    Most Jeeps wind up being a pavement princess.  My 2015 Rubicon was bought strictly as an off-road toy.  I see no advantage to having a diesel for most off-road applications.  Most people I know do a 2.5 to 3.5 inch lift and put on 35 inch tires.  The unmodified 3.6 gasser is more than adequate for off-roading in the vast majority of off-road trips.  I think a 4 cylinder diesel would have made much more sense.  If I were to buy a JL, I'd consider the 4 cylinder gasser over the diesel.  But, then again, I'm using mine as an off-road toy.  And the 4:1 transfer case in the Rubicon will let me go anywhere a diesel will.  Probably even more places, due to the much lighter weight.

    Rick Sizemore

    it's suh-hair-uh.

    Oto Sere

    "miles ahead of the 4Runner in refinement" HA! Even jeep owners know you are wrong

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