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2020 Kia Soul Review | A Loving Sequel

Main 2020 Kia Soul Review | A Loving Sequel

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    During the launch of the new Kia Soul we had the opportunity to drive and review all of the things that were improved. Most of the changes made were based on …


    HELL YA, I'd buy it

    For my Wife

    With her money

    Eduard van Raalte

    Why on earth would you want a CVT with simulated gears? Yes, I would like some way to control the rpm of the motor (eg high when driven sporty and low when in ecomy mode) but please no artificial gears.

    Jermaine Crump

    The last of lil box cars …

    Ken Li

    OMG, the PRICEs are some attempting


    I’m shocked that geeseman said the CVT was good- since when is ANY cvt a good thing 😳

    Rogue Yamaha

    I look forward to the full GT review.


    Great video! Great quality! Channel growing very well! Any recommendation in a tax person around Chicagoland area that know how to work with youtube deductions

    Scott Tobkes

    Beautiful Music


    The GT "performance model" is a joke, simply because twist beam suspension


    Mini review: disappointment


    You lost me at CVT / IVT. Yuck!

    Bart Mlotkowski

    who approved that back end


    Do you have a contact email? I got questions about the cvt regarding cruise control settings on normal mode in the Kia Forte and now Kia soul you have tested plenty, want to see if you had issues that I have in my 2019 forte. Maybe also you could help figure out why Kia programmed it a specific way… thanks man!


    Dude your previews and reviews are golden!

    Aviation Direction

    Any Subaru Outback review in the works?

    Dana Black

    Where can I buy that hat?

    Dana Black

    People liked the PT Cruiser too! You have to be a special type of person to buy that 25k version, when you could be getting something like a CX-5 for the same price.

    Mikey Speeds

    Heres what I have found out owning 3 Souls. They are so different and stand out from all the other cars out there that there is HATE towards them. Just like a kid in school thats different even if they are a better person/vehicle than what they have/are. People pick on the "different" in this world and the Soul is just that no matter how good this car is it just will not make a difference to most. Only that select group will ever accept this car as greatness. Right now I stepped away from the Soul and own a Forte. Took me a long time to NOT MISS the Soul but I will forever be a Soulster at heart. Those who have never driven a Soul or a Kia for that matter are the ones that usually look down at them. It is sad because they do not know the enjoyment of driving and owning a Kia.


    Classed as a wagon.


    Great Review Man. That is some crap about snow in San Diego…Didn't know that was a thing ever in that part of the country. Oh well. I really like this Soul.


    Hey if you hate snow you should definitely not come up here to Québec! Great video, I think this generation of Soul is going to be very popular.

    Hi Lot

    Great review, etc. but buyer beware… There is a recall on their engines.

    Has anyone been reading about the 4cyl. engines in Hyundai and KIA catching fire or just plain failing? The newer Korean 4 bangers quality has gone to he!!.

    Even CR has a negative article on them. That is saying something, since CR is more interesting in getting you to buy an auto thru their site, than to criticize a model.

    I would stick with their v6, if I going to get a KIA or Hyundai.

    Tesla Roadster

    It looks cool, futuristic looking without being too crazy.


    I would defanitally considered trading in my 2016 soul for the gt model. Shame where only getting the EV in the UK 😭

    Igor Lyubimov-Shootov

    What about wireless CarPlay? Is it coming or not?


    Ok KIA is stepping up their game

    J High

    I'm digging the 1960's James Bond movie inspired background music.

    Ian Steed

    Weather has been so crappy in So Cal, but it all makes sense once I found out the goose flew down.


    You didn't talk about the interior quality much….

    Korey Miller

    cant tell if its a kia soul video or an intro into a crime series drama with that music lmao

    Peter P

    it look amazing

    Podshow Radio

    Dig the Mambo music and nice ride for the flamboyant in some of us. I always think of Herman Munster when I see it on the road


    Looking forward for the ev

    Dennis lópez

    Is there a manual option? Because that would be seriously fun

    Michael Pare

    I think I want one.


    Music in video got soul 😉


    Why do they look like Camaros


    Mr Geese I have commented before about CVTs since you cover them so often. The question is the following: why do they fake shift and not hold "peak power" rpm as long as possible?

    James Allen

    The pie plate fixed on the dash was my deal breaker 18mths ago. I did however buy their Forte5 … happy with it.

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