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2020 Kia Telluride | The SUV and Minivan Merger

Main 2020 Kia Telluride | The SUV and Minivan Merger

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    We review the new 2020 Kia Telluride a new SUV with 3 rows that promises most everything for less money. There are so many SUV options you could literally …

    Waldemar Ishibashi

    AWD Sedona for me, please. Unfortunately, car manufacturers forget about AWD option…
    There is ample choice of minivans in Japan – all sizes. They sell very well. My next vehicle will be an MPV. It is easy to see the utility advantage of an MPV for road trips to the mountains.

    Brian Howell

    Why the constant reminder of Turbowski's absence? It's like seeing a Jeep with a windshield applique across the top that says "NO 4WD."

    I don't enjoy the video more by being reminded of what I'm missing. Whatever the reason, Turbowski's either there or he's not.

    Okay, announce when he's there. That's fine. It's a positive. But when he's not, that's a negative, so don't announce it. I don't need I don't need it highlighted that I'm getting less.


    I don't get this. How is this a crossover and not a full sized SUV?

    Ashish Patel

    if you need 3rows. just get a minivan.
    and if you get one of these i hope you have a good extended warranty.

    Jared Remillard

    The random little jokes you throw in your videos is hilarious!


    I have watched tons of reviews of this car. This is the best one yet. Honest and personal opinions, nailed it.


    2 things: 1) you have a talent for picking intro music. 2) cover the Kia badging and most would never guess this is a Kia.


    am I the only one who noticed that he looks like Maynard from Tool?

    Ricky M.

    Is it me or is the beat at the beginning come from the shooter game "raiden"?

    Mike Konkle

    What a joke – 45 grand for a Kia? Are you joking? Rides worse than a Sedona, gets worse gas mileage, and handles like a casket on wheels. And people are on a "waiting list" for this? I have lost faith in humanity. Goose man, I appreciate the editing and video angles you incorporated into this vid (as always), and I understand that the masses (sheep) are obsessed with SUV's and Crossovers, but this thing is all looks and hiding it's true identidy – which is yet another soft-roader designed for a fool with too much money. I'm sorry while the video quality of this review is great as always, the actual content is … at its core, indicative of the naivety of the buying public, and the greed of the corporate machine. As a long time viewer, I will hope and pray you get back to reviewing the enthusiasts machines we so long for. Again, I understand you get these in from time to time, but don't forget your base. Thanks Goose man.

    Fidel Bañuelos

    Waiting on your 2020 Explorer ST or Platinum review. I like the Telluride but want more performance.


    The Don Julio bit itself is worthy of 1000000 new subs! LOL! Great vid as always.


    Not impressed. I just see another lame poser SUV


    you look tiny in that thing.

    zachary paris

    plenty of room to bang your fat mom in that thing.


    Mustang GT Performance pack wheels


    I want to get rid of my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee now…

    Matt Noble

    I like having the 4.6L V8 in my Borrego. Makes a big difference. This would have been nice with their Tau 5.0.

    Jay Jrvibe2

    This is what happens when a car manufacturer actually gives a damn about their customers.

    Supreme Leader Spock

    You say value, I say useless gadgets for morons.

    Andrew T Dunsworthy

    Listening to your reviews makes me feel like I'm fully nude and up to my neck in warm honey.

    Grace L

    Thank you for another great video. Would you please review the Subaru Ascent?


    "Three-row crossover"

    So, like…a full-size SUV? 'Cause this fucker is massive. Not unless the auto-industry has changed the term thinking to ruse upon some rube-ish consumers for some reason.

    Daniel Alcaraz

    Killed it with the don julio


    Kia went bold and it worked well for them. See tons of them. Not bad looking either


    I was always hoping they would use better they already have…You have rain sensing wipers even in trucks like Ram does? Well use the sensor and roll up the windows if necessary


    Your content gets better and better. And I'm not the least bit shocked. 👌


    hey sg why dont you review any teslas? (you probably get this question a lot)

    1099 Deus Vult

    Just couldn’t spend 40k on a Kia.


    If I had a family, this is what I would get. The Telluride is made in the USA and the best 3 row SUV you can buy for the money.

    Alexander Popa

    I'd say the power is MORE than adequate, I don't know why everyone expects a GT car out of a damn people moving SUV 🙂 But great review, we're leasing one next week 😀

    GarySAK _

    Booz while I’m driving! Haha

    Nexus Hexus

    Somebody watched stranger things and decided they wanted 80's music.


    Kind of reminds me of the family truckster from National Lampoons Vacation!!

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